Cowboys sign Brandon Carr for five years, $50.1 million


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Cowboys have signed cornerback Brandon Carr to a five-year, $50.1 million contract.

The contract is worth $100,000 more than Cortland Finnegan’s reported deal with St. Louis.

Just moments after longtime Cowboys reporter Charean Williams wrote on Twitter that Carr was “close” to signing with Dallas, Schefter broke the news that the contract has been finalized.

Carr, who turns 26 in May, is a big, physical press cornerback with playmaking ability. He has safety size at 6-foot, 207 and set a career high with four interceptions last season.

In Dallas, Carr will book end Mike Jenkins on the perimeter of the Cowboys’ secondary.

58 responses to “Cowboys sign Brandon Carr for five years, $50.1 million

  1. Sounds good. Hopefully our defense this year can hold teams off after Romo builds a lead on them. We still need top upgrade our interior offensive line, Romo puts up awesome numbers, but gets the hell beat out of him every week. No more broken collarbones, ribs, collapsed lungs, or disgustingly bruised hands.

  2. About time! Maybe now they can draft Decastro. Dan Connor needs to be signed tomorrow to play inside with Sean Lee. Also thinking Harrison Smith in round 2 to play opposite Sensabaugh.

  3. Goodell should have taken more cap space away to help save themselves from these bad contracts.

  4. Finally…We fill a major need at CB and we also got a Guard and a Backup QB in Orton. Now we just need Connor and Davis to sign and our draft board is looking alot clearer. Maybe Robinson will give us a look after he visits Jacksonville. Who would you rather catch passes from Gabbert or Romo? Romo threw 11TD’s his way and the 3 years prior he had 4 TD’s.

  5. Thank god! Offically one person better then last year lol

    Glad we locked him up. Hope he works out. Pretty happy so far with Carr and Orton…Now sign Conner and address the O line and D in the draft.

  6. I was hoping the skins would get carr now they gotta deal with him. I think this kid has tons of potential. good sign for the cowboys. I would be happy with that

  7. From Shefter: “Over past two seasons, new Cowboys CB Brandon Carr has knocked down 28 passes, second in the NFL, behind only Joe Haden and his 30.”

  8. Another dumb move by Jerry Jones. He signed a big physical CB in a division loaded with shifty, speedy type WRs. Expect more salsa dances Dallas fans.

  9. Everyone on here talking about how bad the Stanford Routt signing was for the Chiefs….let’s see how Carr fairs at #1 CB.

    Routt was just as good as Carr when he was playing the #2 to Nnamdi.

    Just sayin….

  10. hows his speed? cause on madden they have him at 87 that is super slow…but I saw a clip of him keeping speed with wallace from the steelers who is blazing fast so I want to kno how fast he is?

  11. Don’t get me wrong, I love the signing but you can have 4 Darrelle Revis’ out there but with no pass rush it won’t matter. Teams know that if you put 3 people on Ware no one else can win a 1on 1. A strong pass rush makes decent CBs good and good ones look great. Ask the Giants.

  12. When Dallas gonna sign a New Head Coach?

    Big problems in Big D until then..getting a QB would help the problem as well….

  13. I hope this guy is as good as advertised. They now need a ILB and a saftey in FA. If they can do that, they can draft decastro and a pass rusher.

  14. Maybe it’s just me but signing a guy who is more press and less speed in today’s NFC east may not have been the way to go. I don’t not like Carr, I just think he’s not going to do well in Dallas. Not to mention he has played with a pretty good safety over the top and now, well, not so good.

    Anywho good luck with Jackson , maclin, nicks , the French waiter and Cruz.

  15. Is it just me or is the NFC grabbing all high profile FA’s this offseason and paying them all very highly !!! Unless I am way off, only the Charges have really done some spending in AFC so far and who they got wasnt anything to really go crazy on….Im glad that the NFC is doing all this and not AFC….

  16. Cowboys needed to make a splash and they did with Carr. They missed out on Nnamdi Asomugha last year and it showed (although they almost won the NFC East). But Carr fits better in Rob Ryan’s scheme.

  17. Fairly easy to look good as a DB in the AFC West – not a lot of great QB/WR combos for Carr to deal with. Phil Rivers to Vincent Jackson was about it.

    And to the fan who said they should sign Jimmy Leohnard because he “knows the Ryan system” he played for Rex Ryan in Baltimore – not Rob.

  18. This is risky money and a smart move for the Chiefs not to pony up 10 million a year. Carr operated as a #2 corner – he will now be a potential #1 and subject to more responsibility covering top WR’s. Flowers is a #1, Carr might be as well – but nobody knows until he lines up for a season. Case in point, Ruott was awful the year after Asomugha left…some guys are very good #2’s and not #1’s. 10 million a tear is lot of money to find that out. Time will tell.

  19. Finnegan’s contract drove the price up. That’s what was taking so long. It had to get done. Even if he’s just average, he’s better than T-New. For this money, he better be more than avergage.

  20. From a Chiefs fan….

    Cowboy fans are in for a big surprise. Great kid, good player, lots of potential but he’s in no way worth that much money. He’s a great #2 guy but don’t be surprised if his first attempt at being a #1 ends simillarly to Routt.

    1M$/year less then Revis, 1.5M$/year more then Flowers….it’s laughable really.

  21. I see alot of people saying these guys are overpaid this season… Look at the new CBA. Rookies make half of what they used to so the vets can get paid.

  22. carr is a #1 corner
    For that kind of money he better be. Although Carr doesn’t have any #1 work to prove your point. It’s a crapshoot really, I hope for your sake and his that JJ guessed right.

  23. starfan79 says:
    Mar 14, 2012 5:21 PM
    I see alot of people saying these guys are overpaid this season… Look at the new CBA. Rookies make half of what they used to so the vets can get paid.

    Well stated.

  24. Dallas is signing people like they have a lot of cap room. Makes you wonder if they have talked to the Redskins about their call with league officials and now realize the NFL has no case against the two teams.

  25. For those saying Carr is a #1 corner, if that were the case the Chiefs would’ve extended him this past season instead of extending Flowers. Two younger guys, and the Chiefs kept their #1. He wasn’t a #1 for the Chiefs. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good young corner, but he won’t by any means shut down a good #1 WR. Not by any stretch. I agree with previous posters that 50 Mil is way too much to spend on a #2 corner, who spent last year covering the other team’s #2 WR.

  26. As a Chiefs fan, I love Carr. But I’m here to tell you that he has been seriously over rated by this whole process. One of the top CBs in the league? No. A solid starter? Yes.

    This is just one of those cases where a variety of circumstances has made a player look better than he is… like Aubrayo Franklin last year..

    Having said that, you are gonna love him (as long as you have realistic expectations!)

    Good luck Brandon! No one in KC has ill will, thanks for the years of service!

  27. skinsdiehard says:Mar 14, 2012 5:13 PM

    Overpaid!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the Cowgirls!!

    You would know seeing how you’re team won’t be picking in the first round for a while… Loser!

  28. This signing shows one thing through and through. Jerrah is still willing to make stupid deals with players that aren’t as good as the contract that is accepted. QB’s in the NFC East are still going to have career days against that terrible back field.

    Completely over paid, and probably won’t make it under the cap. Cellar meet cowgirls.

  29. skinsdiehard says:
    Mar 14, 2012 5:13 PM
    Overpaid!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the Cowgirls!!


    Hahahahaha…really??? A skins ‘fan’ talking about other teams overpaying ppl???? Laughable. Hopefully he can cover that stud you guys just got a bargain on in Garçon. I mean after all he’ll still have Peyton Manning throwing to him right. Come out in about 20 years maybe ppl will know who the redskins are by then.

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