Dolphins keep Paul Soliai on two-year deal

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Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post reports that the Dolphins have re-signed defensive tackle Paul Soliai.

While it was commonly believed Soliai would exit Miami because he isn’t quite as good a system fit for the club’s new 4-3 defense as the old 3-4, the Fins still valued Soliai’s run-stopping ability.

And they got him at a price they liked. Per Volin, Soliai’s deal is for $12 million over two seasons, with $6 million guaranteed. Soliai will reenter free agency when the NFL’s new TV money kicks in, in 2014.

Soliai’s return to South Beach takes the top pure nose tackle off the free agent market. Aubrayo Franklin is a distant No. 2, coming off a subpar season in New Orleans and set to turn 32 this summer.

The Dolphins could still use an explosive left end, but they have some quality pieces in place to execute new coordinator Kevin Coyle’s defense up front. Soliai, Jared Odrick, top pass rusher Cameron Wake, and active defensive tackle Randy Starks form an impressive nucleus. They will be very difficult to run against.

37 responses to “Dolphins keep Paul Soliai on two-year deal

  1. Oh, so the Dolphins do know that free agency has started- I was beginning to wonder if they thought it was next week. That said, I thought we were going to be playing more 4-3 this year and $9m is a lot for what is esssentially a 2 down player.

    One question: can he drop 6 touchdown passes? If he can, then we have filled the gap caused by BM’s departure as well. If he can also throw 20 interceptions, then we’re covered at QB too.

  2. This is great news! Now sign Winston. We need to either trade up and get a Blackmun in the draft or give up our first round pick for Mike Wallace. Not sure what to think about the QB situation. If we are not getting Peyton, I think we should give Matt Moore another year. Not sold on Flynn.

  3. Good to keep your own…Now get Eric Winston signed & worry about QB in draft, he can work behind Moore this year.

  4. Great Player. Met him @ the probowl, most friendly and nicest player to interact with fans. Big Samoan boi.

  5. @realnflmaster

    Your no “master” at all.

    Ignorant comment, quietly one of the best interior D lineman in the league.

  6. I am so happy that I was NOT born a Jets fan. They are so obsessed with our beloved Dolphins, they might as well just root for them.

  7. Sit down realnflmaster. If you really don’t think he’d make the crappy Jets then you might need to see an eye doctor or psychologist or both.

  8. realnflmaster says:
    Mar 14, 2012 6:11 PM
    Who? This guy wouldn’t even make the JETS roster.

     Yea, if he was mediocre and talked a bunch of sh@t, then he would be on the Jets.

  9. Looks like jets fans aren’t very smart you don’t remember this guy stuffing your run twice a year or did you forget because you have a sad excuse for a run game that you pretend that it isn’t a part of football

  10. The colts got a DE pass rusher u can trade for Freeney and it’ll only cost u a 2nd or 3rd round pick……u listening Miami or anybody out there

  11. Nice work Denver. Who wants to stop the run anyway. 40 mil to spend and nobody. Lets save it all for Manning and have him sign with the Titans. Better yet let’s go into the Draft again this year and not come out with any DT.

  12. I’m glad to see we addressed our biggest need this offseason. Who needs offense? Not the Fins. We may need to start playing ironball, if we plan on landing any points this year.

  13. Good move for the Dolphins to maintain their defense. They have to realize that Peyton Manning is most likely not coming to Miami. Moving forward is the best option now.

  14. And the crowd goes wild. Our Fins finally did something in free agency. Maybe the floodgates have opened. To realmasterba_ _ _ or whatever your name is. Your own roster doesn’t belong on your roster. Biggest Joke in the NFL.

  15. anyone know if fins can acquire a late first round pick from a third party and use that pick (rather than our #8) to acquire wallace? if so, would be doable and would make sense considering we have a high 2nd round pick and an extra third rounder this year.

  16. Who cares if you can’t run on them, you can throw all over them & they can’t score!
    Please sell the team Ross!!!

  17. marinofreakout says:
    Mar 14, 2012 7:02 PM
    anyone know if fins can acquire a late first round pick from a third party and use that pick (rather than our #8) to acquire wallace? if so, would be doable and would make sense considering we have a high 2nd round pick and an extra third rounder this year.


    No. You have to use your original draft pick on a tendered player.

  18. Damn, I really wanted him to be a 49er. He definetly could have gone elsewhere for more money but he obviously loves it in Miami and took a 2 year contract instead. Got to respect that!

  19. Way to go realnflmaster! 0 thumbs up vs 87 thumbs down…that may be the most universally derided comment in PFT history!

    Only a Jet a fan!

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