Jaguars give Laurent Robinson five-year, $32.5 million contract

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Jaguars have signed wide receiver Laurent Robinson to a five-year, $32.5 million contract.

Per Sirius NFL Radio’s Adam Caplan, the deal contains $14 million guaranteed.

Robinson has always been long on ability, but incredibly short on durability and consistency. He enjoyed a breakout season during his fifth year in the league in 2011, catching 54 passes for 858 yards and 11 touchdowns. Robinson fully capitalized on the opportunity to start when Miles Austin and Dez Bryant went down with various injuries in Dallas.

But Robinson had never cleared 500 receiving yards entering 2011, and he’s now going to a team that very arguably has the NFL’s worst quarterback play.

You’re probably not going to want Robinson back on your fantasy team this year.

Caplan also reports that the Jaguars have re-signed defensive lineman C.J. Mosley to a three-year, $7.5 million contract with $2 million guaranteed.

96 responses to “Jaguars give Laurent Robinson five-year, $32.5 million contract

  1. Once he found out signing the dotted line meant catching passes from Blaine Gabbert, he immediately demanded 10 million more.

  2. Thanks for the bashing. Everything in its proper place.

    Hopefully this guy makes a difference.

  3. I realize the Jags are going nowhere, and they have no QB, so perhaps they can only attract lesser name players at overvalued prices; but wow this is a lot of money to give someone with only 1 good season behind them.

  4. That’s an awful lot of $$$$$$ for one productive year that you would still like to see him improve upon.

  5. Why wouldn’t I want Laurent Robinson on my fantasy team next year? He is coming off of a good year and going to be a starter. Every year he is always creeping at the bottom of the fantasy receivers list and someone always drafts him. By that logic, I predict a Chaz Schilens breakout in 2012.

  6. As a Patriot die hard fan I just laugh at some of these teams an the crazy money they throw at some real mediocre guys. I’ll stay happy with the way the hoodie does things up here in Beantown even though I long for a splash in free agency just once

  7. Overpaid! This guy had one good season with the Cowboys and he was the second or third receiver. Jaguars expect him to be their #1. I don’t think so. Good luck doing anything with Blaine Gabbert.

  8. I think they jumped the gun a little with this one. One productive season and you throw 32.5 million at the guy. Dont get me wrong I loved his production as the #3 receiver but that’s all your getting.

  9. He will instantly become Tebow’s favorite target … once Denver dumps him for Manning and trades him there.

  10. But Robinson had never cleared 500 receiving yards entering 2011, and he’s now going to a team that very arguably has the NFL’s worst quarterback play.
    Yeah whatever troll. It’s called a rookie QB. They are suppose to struggle. Get some damn perspective for once.

    Good signing Jags. Now go get Lloyd or Manningham. I can live with that 1 and 2 WR duo.

  11. I understand the moeny is right in the eyes of Robinson, but seriously, who in their right mind would want to catch passes from Blaine Gabbert???

    Oh wait, I get it now, perhaps the joke is on me. This is actually genius. In 2 years when he gets cut because his production doesnt match his salary, he can get another pay day using the argument that “I am better than my numbers, Gabbert was my QB”…and he can get paid again…

  12. What in the world is going on with what these teams are paying wideouts??? Garçon, Jackson, Jackson, Robinson and Calvin Johnson. All are solid players but come on….is Calvin Johnson a wide receiver more important than Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or even Matt Stafford?

  13. Good for you, Robinson. You will be missed in Dallas, but you earned yourself a big contract. Good luck in Jacksonville.

  14. Must have been about the money. Who would want to play in Jacksonville? I’m sure he had other options.

  15. Congratulations Laurent. Thanks for being one of only a few bright spots for Dallas last year. I wish they could have afforded you but you deserve what you got. The bad news is you are now a Jaguar and Blaine Gabbert is your QB…

  16. Wow. $8.5 mil/year for a glorified 3rd Receiver.

    This Free Agency period has been nuts. You could wheel Paul Warfield out there right now and probably get the Skins or the Bucs to offer him a 3 year, $18 mil contract with $8 mil guaranteed.

  17. So Gabbert has a bad rookie season after coming out as a true Junior, is the youngest QB to start and you automatically know how his career is going to turn out. Nice reporting.

  18. He said he always wanted to be a Cowboy – lol – all about the money. He had a good rapport with Romo and will most likely be Alvin Harper part 2. Good luck!

  19. jag2425855 says: Mar 14, 2012 7:06 PM

    Great! We got one! Now will will sign super Mario and watchout.


    Who do you expect to throw to either of them?

  20. It’s amazing how you’re cut from a team one offseason and the next off season you get 14mil garaunteed! He does nothing great but everything very well. Hope he continues to play at a high level lord knows the jags need it.

  21. Jags making moves that will solidify a run happy offense. Blaine better be ready to come in and be a top 10 pick. I hope we get Henne to push Blaine, and possibly take over if he gets the chance.

  22. I hate to say it, but kinda reminds me of taking Jimmy Smith from the Cowboys owe so many rodeos ago

  23. Talk about a reach! I like this kid, but he was playing with some amazing talent in Dallas, Jacksonville doesnt have the weapons, OL or QB to support him.

  24. Last time the Jags signed a Little known FA WR away from Dallas he turned out to be Jimmy Smith! Hopefully Robinson can be at least half that good for half as long!

  25. towniesman says:Mar 14, 2012 6:55 PM

    As a Patriot die hard fan I just laugh at some of these teams an the crazy money they throw at some real mediocre guys. I’ll stay happy with the way the hoodie does things up here in Beantown even though I long for a splash in free agency just once

    More than anything..Free Agency proves why the winners win…and the losers lose

  26. interesting post…I notice that PFT forgot to mention that Roberson was on their big hot 100…strange how biased these reports are…not to mention that the Jaguars have signed three of the PFT hot 100…oh well…here’s to a great year for the Jaguars and a great career for Roberson with the Jaguars

  27. I understand LR craving financial security, but in order to catch, you need a QB that can throw the ball. Does Jacksonville have a QB?
    What an idiot! Epic fail LR!!

  28. Jags have 60 million to spend. Do you think paying him 6 mill puts a dent in their cap? The guy ran a 4.38 40 and had some injuries early in his career. He was the best receiver Dallas had on the field last year. You can say anything you want but until the season happens we won’t know how it will turn out.

  29. Anybody who has watched the jags would know Gabbert has potential. He just needs receivers. He didnt have camps or an offseason. You can argue well look at would cam newton did, but he had weapons like Steve Smith, and Jeremy Shockey. Im telling you f Robinson breaks out and has a great year, will be superbowl contenders. We have a great D, and maurice jones drew. So please stop hatin on the jags when you have necer even watched them.

  30. Sorry to burst your bubble Jags fans, but you didn’t get Jimmy Smith from Dallas. He was in Philly briefly after Dallas.

  31. It appears at times teams believe paying a player like he’s a top performer is equivalent to the player being a top performer. If the latter doesn’t come first its not likely to be achieved through a big pay day (or osmosis for that matter).

  32. :[

    b..bu..but I thought you and Romo were cool man?


    Good luck I guess, but I don’t know why you’d want to go to the Jags when you were becoming a superstar in Dallas.

  33. After seeing all these average WR’s get big deals Green Bay got a steal for Jordy Nelson last year. John Clayton of reports it’s a three-year, $13.35 million extension through 2014. $5 million is guaranteed

  34. Not the best WR the Cowboys have based on physical ability but he was the healthy one and the only one who knows how to run a route.

    This hurts the Cowboys much more than helps the Jaguars. Why didn’t they go after Kyle Orton?
    Why didn’t they… ahh forget it. It’s the Jaguars.

  35. Overpaid….Really? So looking at the money Calvin Johnson got 16 million a year and Robinson got 6 million. So thats 2 1/2 times more money so if Laurent Robinson ends up with 1000 yds. and 8 TDs. I want to see Johnson put up 2,500 yds. and 20 TDs. Whose overpaid now!!!

  36. They would have been better off signing Brandon Lloyd or Mario Manningham for less money then what they gave Robinson. But they are the Jaguars for a reason

  37. Love the bashing of Gabbert, a 22 year old kid thrown in as the starter early in the season after a lockout shortened offseason. Writing him off this early is beyond ridiculous. Maybe he will be a bust, but I’d give him a few more years now that there is a new coaching staff, including head coach Mike Mularky (who helped develop Matt Ryan) and the best WR coach in the league (Jerry Sullivan). Chill out self-acclaimed pundits, and let things play out, after all they did have the 6th ranked defense last year.

  38. Seems like the Jags LOVE to sign mediocre receivers who had 1 decent season to fairly large contracts and say THERE I FIXED IT!

    Jerry Porter, Mike Thomas, Troy Williamson, Matt Jones, Mike Sims-Walker (I know the last 2 were drafted by the Jags, but still).

    They need new WR scouts BADLY. You’d think Andy Reid pre-2008 draft was doing their WR scouting.

  39. Jags would have been slammed even harder if they didn’t sign a receiver, so whatever. Robinson had better numbers than Garcon last season (twice as many TDs) and he signed for $10 million less. He will be catching his passes from a better QB than Pierre will next season as well. Contrary to the constant heat coming from over at the Rotisserie World.

  40. I don’t know what everyone is blabbing about but Blaine Gabbert is only 22 years old… He average over 3,000 passing yards, 20 TD’s, 9 pics and 60+ completion percentage in 2 years of college. He has yet to establish himself in the NFL with any WR’s. He obviously has good accuracy and can make good decisions. I bet he has a breakout year if the Jaguars add another decent wideout.

  41. Coming from a Cowboy’s fan, the only reason that Robinson had a breakout year is because the other teams focused on Austin and Bryant. At best Robinson is a complimentary receiver and not a #1.

  42. Based off his production from last season he deserved what he got paid. That being said, I doubt he will repeat it with either Gabbert or Tebow being his QB.

  43. Coming from a Cowboy’s fan, Congratulations kid! Your living the American Dream! Unless your playing the Cowboys I’ll be rooting for you….

  44. Did anyone see who sunshine was throwing too…no one and he’s 22 with a sub par o line Robinson will help and word on the street is jags are trading first pick for mike Wallace, that’s a fast receiving core with mike thomas. And jville is a great place to live why would he want to go there with 30 mill and build a castle on the ocean? Haters going to hate it’ll be our time soon

  45. Coming from a Cowboy’s fan, the only reason that Robinson had a breakout year is because the other teams focused on Austin and Bryant. At best Robinson is a complimentary receiver and not a #1. ??????????????

    What… sorry but you are not a Cowboys fan, because you never watched their games obviously… because had you watched Austin was out, thats why Robinson was getting as much time on the field as he was getting! If the Cowboys’ opponents were “focusing ” on Austin he was easy to stop cause he was eating cookies on the bench.

  46. Whole lot of people saying robinson was overpaid because theyre using old standards. With the new CBA veterans started getting “overpaid” last season. All the money previously spent on rookies is going to veterans. So what Laurent got was just what the market demanded. Meachem got 6 mil a year too. Id rather spend that money on Robinson who has played great for one season as opposed to Meachem who has never had a great season and he played with Brees and Colston

  47. Every WR got paid. Point blank!

    Oh & the bashing is good news Jags fans, don’t take any of it to heart, enjoy it while its there. You have “the usual” Cowboy fans crying over the loss in their forums & some of them taking time to google Jimmy Smith’s time as a Cowboy where he ONLY saw the field & was brought in as a camp body to Philly before being released. Nice one to that idiot!
    Clearly the Jags have alot more to do & oh btw, to all the bashers, when was the last time your team showcased a Lombardy? Even the playoff bound teams if any? Easy to bash when your team barely has any money to spend but extremely easy to bash every player that has signed with other clubs, especially the Jags, right?
    What’s the difference btwn this contract & that of Robert Meachem? Both played as #2-3 WR’s in 2011, what’s the bashing for? Ohhhhhhh, we have Blaine Gabbert & no Rivers, I get it. Difference is: We’re finalizing our rebuilding mode while they’ve been “in the hunt” & still neve capitalized.

    Talk about too much dollar signs,
    Cortland Finnegan- 5yr- 50mill? Really? 1 less mill than a younger, much more talented Brandon Carr..
    Keep bringin’ it punks!!

  48. The Jags have plumb list their minds. 6 mil a year and 14 guaranteed for a guy who has proven himself year after year to be mediocre, save one decent year. Gabbert is no Tony Romo. Bad, bad decision.

  49. for all u hatred out there, who else were they supposed to sign, at least he started games last year, and with the money that was getting thrown around out there the market had been set. Give gabbert a chance to fail, put some weapons around him, give him more than 2 seconds to look down the field and I think the kid can be good. when u are throwing to jarrett dollars and chastin west your numbers are not going to look good.

  50. One decent year in Dallas and the stupid/desperate Jags shell out all that money? Robinson is laughing all the way to the bank.

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