Mario takes physical, brings fiancee to Buffalo, but deal not done

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Signs are looking good for Mario Williams in Buffalo, but there’s no done deal yet.

Williams remains in Buffalo this afternoon after having dinner with potential future teammates and coaches last night, and he has taken both a visit of the Bills’ facilities and a physical, according to reporters in Buffalo.

Perhaps more importantly, Williams has brought his fiancee to Buffalo. Paul Peck, a sportscaster at WIVB-TV in Buffal, reports that Williams picked up his fiancee at the airport and then headed back toward the Bills’ facilities. If Williams wants his fiancee to see Buffalo, that would indicate he thinks there’s a good chance they’re going to be living there.

However, a league source cautions to PFT that a deal is “absolutely” not done.

So it remains to be seen whether the Bills will succeed in their quest to make a big splash in free agency, nearly 24 hours after the best defensive player on the board made the trip to Buffalo.

56 responses to “Mario takes physical, brings fiancee to Buffalo, but deal not done

  1. the suspense is killing me, mario come to buffalo and form one of the best d-lines in the league pleeeeeaaaase

  2. Super Mario + Kyle Williams + Marcell Dareus +(Merriman, Kelsay or high draft pick DE) = Be afraid, be very afraid. Bills can’t afford to let this guy near any airports until he’s signed.

  3. ahh! go to the Bears. The combo of Peppers and Williams would have been so epic! Of course the Bears would have to want him, but man would that be interesting (provided one of them doesn’t mind switching ends/sides).

  4. Yes and all those smart as*es on the Jaguars MB still think he’s going to visit JAX…. lol

  5. Ferchrissakes, don’t let him leave town! Shut down the airport if you have to! Go Bills!

  6. Get it done! Growing up when the Bills were losing four straight Super Bowls I’d love to see them back to prominence.

  7. I like mario…but…its gonna be hard for him to say “its not about the money” if he signs with buffalo…cuz it certainly isnt about winning

  8. The only reason Mario would bring his fiancee’ to see Buffalo, is if he wants her to call off the engagement. Once that’s out of the way, he’ll leave and sign with Miami.

  9. He didn’t bring her to Buffalo to show her the city. He brought her to Buffalo to show her that big $100m check he is about to cash…as Kyle Williams told him last night, “If you sign, we’ll have the best D-line in the NFL” GO BILLS

  10. What torture. Being mega-rich and living in a dump like buffalo, with no place to spend your money.

  11. Even people in Buffalo don’t want to live in Buffalo. It’s so bad that teams owner is actually trying to move the Bills out of the country. I feel bad for Mario.

  12. Mario,

    You would live in Buffalo. You would probably never make the playoffs as you would still be 3rd IN YOUR OWN DIVISION. Your DC would be Dave Wannstache!! You know him, he ruined 2 franchises before before you were in the league. Did I mention you would live in Buffalo?

  13. It’s one thing to trash another team, but lay off of other cities. Not cool.

    Not every town in America is New York and L.A., and I wouldn’t want them to be. We need Buffalo and Jacksonville and Seattle and Kansas City and Charlotte……..

    Sorry, tangent, my apologies.

  14. Not a Bills fan… but wow. They are moving in the right direction.

    Watch out AFC….. Bills started hot last year and their inexperience killed them…. this year they may just turn some heads.

    ….that defense front 4 will be great if they stay healthy.

  15. Have any of you morons been to the suburbs of Buffalo where there are $400-600K homes.

    Why don’t do you do some research instead of blasting an area you know nothing about!

  16. Besides, who would want to live in NYC? Place is a craphole. Or in LA. Or Miami. Those places are a mess. Fun to visit but not to live in.

  17. Commenters are so stupid – All the players are pretty much in Buffalo only from July to January – So the weather is outstanding for 5 out of the 7 months you are there.

    As far as living in Buffalo? They all pretty much live in mansions in the suburbs near private golf courses, like 99% of all millionaires in the US. You think Drew Breese lives in a flood damaged house just cause he lives in New Orleans?

    The lifestyle during the season of a football player is pretty much the same where ever you live, UNLESS, you want really hopping night clubs during the week.

    But if thats what you want during the season you dont take your job seriously anyway.

  18. Raidermark, go on google and do some research on some of the best architecture in the US.

    Its not all like Oakland!

  19. Can we get Mario and Stevie together for an afternoon? Talk about a guy who loves Buffalo, Stevie is our best spokesman.

    Oh I’m dreaming here. Williams, Williams, and Dareus. Can’t hit refresh fast enough.

    Ralph, please bring us some more good news soon.

  20. “Is this enough money to convince you to move up here? If so, let’s get down to the law office and sign a pre-nup and call it a day.”

  21. In order to leave a better impression, Mario is flying her into Cleveland, and telling her it’s Buffalo.

  22. Hilarious all the people who trash the city of Buffalo who most likely haven’t been there. Why does it suck? Because it doesn’t have great nightclubs? Are nightclubs the most important thing about a city? Half the people crapping on Buffalo couldn’t even get into a decent nightclub to begin with, so save your “my city is better than your city” horse—t. Maybe some people like growing up in friendly neighborhoods with nice people.

    All you fat mouths (raidermark, jmcgoblue, portnoychunk, bluvayner, randygnyc, crazycane) who think you’re being clever or provocative crapping on smaller cities: you’re not. You’re being ignorant a-holes. Shut your mouths.

  23. for all you idiots who hate on buffalo saying there is nothing here to do bla bla bla need to shut the hell up! buffalo is no different then boston, pittsburgh, philly it is NOT sibera plenty to do and see guess what? it’s 70 degrees and sunny today!!! also this is a diehard football town and and mario and his family will love it here just like all the other players on the bills team do. when the ralph is rocking with 75000 screaming fans there is not a better place in the NFL to be, GO BILLS!!!!!!!

  24. raidermark says:
    Mar 14, 2012 12:39 PM
    What’s to see in Buffalo???

    A lot.
    -A city built on blood sweat and tears, as blue collar as they come.
    -Some of the most bold, gorgeous, straight laced, give ya all they got, sexy women in the country.
    -Restaurants that should be called food heaven because there is nothing like Buffalo cuisine and lets not forget the Zweigles hot dog or them Buffalo wings.
    -Good schools and college’s.
    -Great place to raise a family.
    -10 minutes from Canada and Niagara Falls and two Casino’s.
    -Right on Lake Ontario and Lake Erie-Boating/Jet-ski.
    -Near some of the best parks and recreation/camping.
    -Some of the best Clubs and Bar’s in the U.S.
    -Buffalo Sabres.
    -Most of all Bills Mafia and the Buffalo Bills!!
    Buffalo, NY is a great place to live.

  25. Buffalo is a great place to live. It’s not flashy but everyone here is kind to each other and most athletes who come here stay here after their careers end. It’s a great place to raise a family and if his wife wants to be a part of the community and help people like most of the wives of athletes do.

    All of the negative comments about Buffalo are from people who have never come here and never will come here and have no idea about the sense of community and fellowship everyone has with one another. If he signs here he will not regret it.

  26. raidermark sez….”whats to see in Buffalo?” Well, certainly not the bright spot Oakland is, thats for sure. How about Niagara Falls? Less that 20 miles away. One of the 7 wonders of the world. Olmstead parks, Frank LLoyd Wright architecture, Albright-Knox(one of the greatest art museums in the world), 2 of the Great Lakes, Mountains, National Forests close by, Canada a whole 1/4 mile away. Hunting, fishing, skiing, summer festivals every weekend, multiple lakes, streams. The Finger Lakes and wine country.(you’ve heard of Lake Niagara wines, right? better than California) historic buildings, Shea’s theater, Kleinhans music hall….I could go on but It’d be tedious. Did you know that many ex Buffalo athelete’s(and some who never even played here still call Buffalo home? Kelly, Thomas, Scotty Bowman, Harry Neal, Marcel Dionne. The late great Yankee manager Joe McCarthy lived here til he passed. But we all know Oakland is the place to see senior citizens beat up street punks, who then need an “amberlance” after “they leakin'”

  27. Bringing his fiancée to buffalo was not a smart move. I live in Toronto and I can safely say buffalo is a dump, the only reason people go to buffalo is for the anchor bar, cheap flights out of buffalo and military road for good shopping. I’m not a bills fan but the thought of him going there would be good for buffalo though

  28. All of the people calling Buffalo a dump has never been there in their lives. Some of the most ignorant statements I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading are on this blog.

  29. I don’t understand all the hate for Buffalo. I don’t live there but I think it’s a very nice city. 1,000,000 dollar homes would be $3,000,000 in any other state. The best part apart western new york is the housing market.

  30. Niagara Falls really is beautiful, on the Canadian side though.

    I can’t believe how crazy the city of Buffalo is about this possible signing, it’s wild. I turned on WGR550 on the way home today and they actually bumped the Jim Rome show to talk about this.

    I think he’s a good player, but man, everyone’s going on like he’s the 2nd coming of Christ.

    Whatever, if it makes everyone there happy, I hope you get him.

  31. @joetoronto – It’s easy to see why. Mario Williams makes our relatively good D-Line suddenly so much better. We have had problems getting big name FA here because of Ralph Wilson’s tight grip on his wallet. Finally the wallet is open and the Bills are going after the second biggest name in free agency. We see playoffs after 11 years of drought. We see Tom Brady getting sacked over and over again.

    It’s hard not to get excited about that prospect.

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