Norv Turner on newly acquired Meachem: “He’s a No. 1 receiver”


The Chargers are paying Robert Meachem like a top-15 NFL receiver. And they expect him to play like one.

He’s a No. 1 receiver,” coach Norv Turner said Wednesday night. “He’s a guy that has big-play ability. He can be a complete receiver.”

The biggest knock on Meachem in New Orleans was that he played more like a one-trick pony deep threat, capable of taking the top off a defense but getting little production over the middle and underneath.

“I think he’s a guy that will get really excited about the system, what we do, and get excited about having Philip [Rivers] throw to him,” Turner added. “I see him as a guy that can really improve in a real short period of time.”

Meachem’s strength in New Orleans was his ability to get vertical in a hurry. He runs a sub-4.4 forty time. But the Chargers will need Meachem to do more than be a straight-line speedster.

They’re paying him $25.9 million over four seasons to be Rivers’ go-to wideout.

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  1. I don’t see why Meachem really needs to be a No. 1 receiver. If Malcom Floyd can stay healthy, I think he’ll be the No. 1. When he was at full health last season, he showed of being the best WR on a team with Vincent Jackson. The Chargers probably overpaid for Meachem a tad, but it’s not like he’ll be the only option in the passing game.

  2. I wish Rivers could be the Dolphins QB but that wont happen, they should get Flynn now since they wont get Manning. I would be fine with Flynn and Moore competing for the starting job, or drafting Tannehill also! Go Fins!!

  3. With Gates, Matthews, and Floyd, the #1 WR still isn’t going to see a ton of balls his direction, especially in the red zone. This is why Jackson only had 9 TDs last year and why he never put up monster numbers like Fitz or Megatron. He just didn’t see the ball enough. Gates is the #1 target in the end zone, and rightfully so.

  4. I’m a true Saints fan, I watched Meachem grow since we drafted him. He does have the ability to became a #1, I will personally miss him, he will always be a who dat, but im still deleting him from facebook

  5. Norv knows his business and his business is offense. Meachem was one of too many receivers to be the #1. He also got out before NO gets Bitch slapped.

  6. We haven’t really had an opportunity to see Meachem in a number one role to judge is he is truly a one. But one thing that has always inpressed me with the Saints receivers is how they are able to step right in and make a play at the drop of a hat. Whether that is on Brees, the system, or the receivers is unknown but nevertheless impressive. I believe with a QB like Rivers and an already established Malcom Floyd, Meachem might be able to live up to the billing.

  7. Norv Turner thats why you are a lousy h.c. and AJ.Green is even worse as a g.m. and your owner has no use in life.
    San Diego is not even going to make the playoffs next year and you don’t deserve to you are to stupid and ignorant. I don’t mean to be insulting but I have no use for stupidity, Robert Meachume is a damm good reciever a second or even a third reciever don’t you know the difference you morons.
    Please I beg San Diego fans don’t be stupid enough to buy any San Diego merchandise this year until they get rid of this morons like Norv Turner who is a great offense coo, but not a h.c. and AJ Smith has not use in life like the owner

    JD Mastermind
    Has approved this message
    Just Calling it like I seezzz em like always
    JD Master Mind

  8. No Robert is not a #1…he can probably catch 50-60 balls for you and score 8-10 TD’s.

    He could never crack the Saints starting lineup. I am interested in seeing if he can make the next step.

  9. Seemed to me that Meach has the same problem as Floyd, the dropsies. The only reason Meachem looked so good was because of Brees and all the other, better options. He was never covered by a #1 or 2 CB nor was he ever considered to be anything better than the 3rd most dangerous threat by opponents. Gates has been injured and hasn’t played as well while Floyd drops balls. Wasn’t he benched at some point this year?Maybe I’m wrong about that.

  10. He’d be a no. 2 in Cleveland. And the no. 3 and no. 4. Definitely the no. 1. Heck, we could use him at HB, RT & DE.

  11. You wait and see people, breakout year for Meachem next year. The reason he never put up big numbers in the past is because he had Brees in a dink and dunk offense. He’ll see way more targets and will be able to match VJax’s inconsistent production, wait and see.

  12. The times he plays – Floyd looks good about half the time. Mecacham has never drawn the primary attention of the opposing D and we shall see if the Saints made a mistake letting him go – which I doubt.

    Norbert the Dull just keeps kissing the Arse of the Lord of NO Rings. Plain and simple.

  13. dobberdubinsky says:
    You obviously watched little of the Saints over the years. Meachem was used almost exclusively in a vertical attack and Brees airs it out as much as or more than most QBs in the NFL.

    Does Meachem have the physical tools to be a #1 WR. Yes! Is he – no, not if past history is any indication. Will he be? Likely not.

  14. the only way this guy works out for the chargers is if they bring in wide receivers coach curtis johnson who constantly have to motivate him and make him into the receiver he is today.. I can remember drew brees working with him every single day after practice during training camp ..he is just a product of sean paytons system

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