Panthers retain Derek Anderson on one-year deal

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Derek Anderson’s history with Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski is keeping him in the NFL.

Steve Reed of the Associated Press reports that Carolina has re-signed the big-armed passer to a one-year contract.

Anderson, 29 in June, spent last season as Cam Newton’s primary backup after beating out Jimmy Clausen for the role in training camp. He knows Chudzinski’s system and is a scheme fit because he can throw deep.

The Panthers won’t want Anderson throwing at all in 2012, however. Newton is coming off an NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award, and should benefit from offensive continuity. The sky is the limit for last year’s No. 1 overall draft pick.

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  1. Clausen has been a goner here since 9/11/11. He was inactive in all 16 games. I’m guessing we are waiting on cutting him depending on if we get a #3 QB in the draft to run the scout team (we would like Russell Wilson if we can get him). Other teams have enough tape on Clausen that no one would give up anything more than a bag of field turf for him. He is a classic example of sunk costs. The sooner we release him, the better for everyone.

  2. Laugh all you want, but Anderson’s record and abilities *coming off the bench* are pretty damn good. It’s only when he’s been handed a starting job that things have gone horribly wrong. If you never need this guy for more than 2-3 games in a row, maximum, he’s not a bad back-up QB to keep around.

  3. I watched Clausen’s whole college career closely, kid was sick with the ball, footwork, reads, touch, timing, played in all weather, hurt, with a terrible defense, made clutch comebacks, he had it all …. Brady Quinn I could see his skiddish flaws, hesitations, force throws, but I am shocked that Clausen is so bad in the NFL thus far ….

    I thought Clausen had the skill set of Drew Brees, maybe he does, but he doesn;t have the heart or work ethic seemingly.

  4. td40 – I’m totally with you. I’m not at all upset that we re-signed Anderson.

    mullman7675 – We Panthers fans were asking the same question in 2010 when the village idiot decided Brian St. Pierre, he of 4 days of Panthers tenure, was a better idea as a starting QB than Pike when Matt Moore and Clausen got hurt. He allegedly suffered a shoulder injury, so we could stash him on IR and keep developing him. However, unlike Cam, he never managed to convert from college spread to NFL offense. He’s big, but he never had a big arm. Having to live in Fox’s 1965 offense, instead of the likes of a genius like Chudzinski, didn’t help him any.

    He was let go when the new coaching staff came in.

  5. Clausen and Quinn…Sanchez and Leinart the best SC and ND the HasBeen schools have to offer. Isn’t it time someone else is talked about? How about the winners?

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