Peyton’s Tennessee visit includes Titans’ doctor

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Quarterback Peyton Manning spent enough time with the Titans on Wednesday to get a paycheck.  According to, Manning put in eight hours visiting with team officials.

Part of the time reportedly was spent with the team’s doctor, Burton Elrod.  (What, Dr. Cletus Moonbucket was too busy?)  Important questions remain regarding the status of Peyton’s neck, and the strength of his passing arm.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that none of the four teams with which Manning has met (Broncos, Cardinals, Dolphins, Titans) have been eliminated.  Mort also reports, apparently passing along the message that the Manning camp wants communicated to the rest of the league, that Peyton hasn’t closed the door on meeting with other teams.

In other words, “No one has offered me the kind of money I want.”

At some point, Peyton needs to start handing out roses, or bags of poo.  The delay is making him look indecisive, and indecision is going to make him look like Brett Favre.

Actually, when it came to picking a team, Brett was never indecisive.  Sure, he hemmed and hawed about playing for the Jets or Buccaneers in 2008, but only because he wanted to play for the Vikings, Bears, or Lions.

Peyton could be turning into the mirror image of Favre.  Brett couldn’t decide when he wanted to stop playing; Manning is coming off as a guy who can’t decide where he wants to keep playing.

Then again, if anyone offered him enough money, he’d make up his mind pretty quickly.

31 responses to “Peyton’s Tennessee visit includes Titans’ doctor

  1. The pressure ain’t on Manning to hurry. The pressure is on the team to hurry. Its in Manning’s best interest to stall until the money starts to flow.

    Man, I should be an agent.

  2. Holy over-reaction batman! He was released only 1 week ago and has crammed a bunch of meetings with a bunch of teams.

    The comparison to Favre is a joke. Favre was indecisive on IF he wanted to play. Manning has ALWAYS wanted to play with the Colts. Now that that is not happening, he’s got a lot of figuring out to do.

    I doubt this goes one more week… if it does, then let the backlash begin… Until then, you’re just looking for a story

  3. He waiting for a champion team to offer a starting position, but that probably won’t happen until he shows the world he can throw the ball. Just because someone says they know someone that saw him throw, isn’t enough to put a decent starter aside for a potential great QB.

  4. The man deserves the time to search for his future team. This is a new process to him and it’s extremely personal. Would you rush to join another blog in another part of the country if PFT was all that you and your family knew? Why should he rush the process? So media outlets like your stop having to post updates about it?. Your comparison to Favre is ludicrous and ignorant.

  5. Maybe he shouldn’t have turned down the Skin’s if he indeed wants more money….

    Oh well, having a young, talented, smart RG3 instead is a nice consolation prize.

  6. COME ON MAN…The guy has been at this for one week. Deciding were he plays for the rest of his career and WE are complaining? Yea do it fast, make a mistake and then we can blame him for making a choice to quickly

  7. Holy cow its only been a week since the guy was released, and his next football move is more than likely his last move unlike Favre. Why wouldn’t Peyton take his time? Whats the hurry? He has to make the best decision for him, the comparison to Favre is ridiculous. Thats like comparing a Geo prism to a Ferrari, just because they are both cars. Cut the man some slack, he knows what is the best for him, we (you, me, and the media) can only guess what’s best for him. Good luck Peyton, your a class act who deserves to go out like a champ.

  8. Manning is not grandstanding like Favre and I don’t think money is going to be the #1 issue with him at all. He has made plenty, including a lot last year for not playing. His main objective is to find a team, that wants him, that can win immediately. He has every right to take his time and choose the best fit and like a previous poster wrote – he has been on the move for the past week. I think Manning is handling this decision well. That being said, the assumption that whatever team he joins will be a SB contender is foolish. He has won 50% of his playoff games, equal INTs/TDs in the playoffs, and didn’t come through with a big game in the SB that he did win. The only teams, that have been slightly mentioned, that he possibly go to the SB with are the Texans and Niners.

  9. I wasn’t really taking the Titans talk seriously, but now …. hmmm. Maybe Peyton would rather play in Tennessee, where most people still think of him as a god, than in Denver, where they think of Tebow as one.

  10. Here we go again. He’s not trying to decide which team. He doesn’t care which team. He’s merely playing poker with them until the pot gets big enough. And guaranteed enough. Then he will announce the winner, which will in actual fact be … Peyton.

  11. Isn’t he too tired to visit new teams? That is what was reported as to why he didn’t meet with Seattle – so you’re rested up and ready to ball now? haha

  12. Denver also had their doctor at his visit last Friday so don’t read too much into that.

  13. “Peyton is turning out to be the mirror image of Favre.”

    That is absolutely ridiculous…as others have noted he has been a free agent for ONE week and has met with multiple teams. He’s nothing like Favre because he’s not holding any team hostage with his indecisiveness (he’s not currently in the plans for any one of these teams, like Favre was). He’s a 36 year-old quarterback who probably only has a few years left and wants to make sure he makes the decision that is best for him. Oh, and do you think he’s possibly waiting to see if some teams upgrade via free agency? It might be of particular interest to him to go somewhere that is stabilizing its offensive line so he doesn’t get paralyzed by a blindside hit. He has a ton of things to consider (playbook fit, fit with coaching staff, overall team strength and ability to compete now, offensive skill-position players, offensive line, etc.) yet of course to you, Mike, it’s all about money.

    Manning has been nothing but a class act for nearly his entire career (Super Bowl week attention grabs notwithstanding) and I think he deserves to take his time with this decision…

    As a side note: sounds like someone is still a little bitter over Favre holding THEIR favorite team hostage…

  14. “What we’all did here to make sure the boy was fit as a fiddle were to attach this anvil to one end of the rope, with t’other end coiled around his neck, y’see… Holding the wieght up tests his arm strength, when it gives out, the anvil drops and the rope tightens on the neck area, liftin’ ‘im offa the ground. This tests neck strength. When we get back from breakfast, if he is still alive in there, we got us a quarterback.”.

  15. peyton has every right to take his damn sweet time. he didn’t asked to be released. are you surprised that he wants to make sure he’s making the right decision? and if it is about the money, well let him get what he can. we all know it can be taken away in an instant.

  16. This is a complete joke. I had tremendous respect for Manning until this whole fiasco. I’d pass in a heartbeat and sign a kick@ss defensive end to kick his @ss. Peyton, you are negatively impacting a solid reputation by playing Ho to whomever will talk to you. Be a man and pick a team. You already have more money than you will ever need. Be a man and quit jacking around the fans!

  17. Mike, I think your generally spot on with your assessments, but I think Mr. Manning’s moral conscious is bigger than peices of paper. It’s a bit of low morality on your part to suggest that’s the driver of the soul of a man whose being was football. This is a guy whose father pulled his son from the chargers drafting him, and whose name symbolizes the face of the league. I’m holding out hope the man of men isn’t the dirt bag.

  18. At this point there is no parallel whatsoever to Farve. The guy spent his entire career in one place and wanted to stay but was cut. His desire to continue playing is not in question. He should take as long as he needs to make as informed decision as possible to help achieve his goal which I’d guess is more about winning potential than earning potential.

  19. Hasn’t been a week yet I’d take some time too. Favre comparison is bad…UNLESS he’s trying to figure out which team he can run, THEN you can compare him to Favre.

  20. Isn’t there enough REAL news going on in the NFL right now, with free agency and all, that you don’t have to contrive this commentary because Peyton isn’t making his decision as fast as you think he should?

    At least let him visit with each of the teams he’s considering. Traveling takes time, and he’s been around the country, from Arizona to Miami and in between, in a week. That’s not unreasonable.

  21. This is stupid, it’s HIS career and he should take his time. It’s been a full week since he was declared a free agent. Oh how the media tries to make something out of nothing.

  22. Doc, “Alright Peyton, just need you to turn your head and cough.”

    Manning, “Aaaaggh!! My neck!”


  23. Matt Hasselback better start looking for a clipboard, cause Tennessee will win this rodeo.

    Makes too much sense:
    Solid WR corp, division familiarity, 2 layups against Indy each year(Until Luck gets lucky), good climate, Fisher is gone, only 1 true competitor in the division in Houston, can teach Locker the ropes, etc, etc

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