PFT Live: Bears loading up on offense

Mike Florio talks with John Mullin of CSN Chicago about the Bears recently acquiring Brandon Marshall of the Miami Dolphins and Jason Campbell of the Oakland Raiders as a back up quarterback for Jay Cutler.

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4 responses to “PFT Live: Bears loading up on offense

  1. is there a free agent O lineman you would like sign? Teams tend to lock the good ones up early, unless they have injury or other concerns.

    Carimi is our solution for RT, Lance Louis has played well at RG, Chris Spencer is supposed to be our Center, but Roberto Garza did to well last year to allow the change. So we have an extra guard (not to mention Johan Asiata, who also graded well in limited playing time)

    It gets worse from there. Chris Williams was a temporary solution at LG and now they are talking about him as a swing tackle. J’Marcus Webb showed flashes, but his lack of consistency makes him hard to count on.

    So by my estimation, the Bears should sign a LT. And the draft is the best place for that. Should be plenty left in the 2nd round in case the Bears go for a value pick at #19 (most likely for a WR or D lineman) .

    Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t think you should criticize unless you know what you’re talking about. especially if you are just regurgitating from op-ed columns and message boards.

  2. Loading up on offense? BM is the only starter on offense…still need OL and TE! Last I checked K Davis was a FA and Cutler still has protection nightmares!

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