Reggie Wayne says his return to Colts shouldn’t have been a surprise

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Many were surprised by the decision of receiver Reggie Wayne to sign a new three-year deal with the Colts, the team with which Wayne spent 11 prior seasons.  Wayne doesn’t get it.

“Why would they be surprised?” Wayne said Thursday in comments distributed by the team.  “This is where I’ve always played at.  What’s the surprising part?”

Well, where do we start?

First, he had been trying to get a new deal for the last couple years.  At one point, he held out of an offseason mandatory minicamp to illustrate his displeasure.

Second, there had been no effort to keep him until very recently.

Third, the team is in full-blown blow-it-up-and-start-over mode, bidding farewell to multiple big-name players.

Fourth, Wayne sounded like he wanted to get back together with Peyton Manning, preferably with the Dolphins.

It’d be great, it’d be fun,” Wayne told Michael Irvin of WQAM in Miami.  “Exciting.  Now you got me visualizing it.  I see the visual, it is there.  I see it.  It would be great.  It would definitely be a fun time, and an outstanding journey in South Florida.”

It won’t be happening.  Wayne has recommitted to the Colts.

“Colt for life,” Wayne said Wednesday.  “I’m going to get that tattoo put on my back. . . .  I’m here in the 317, which is Indianapolis and I’m here for the rest of my career.  Let’s go ahead and win while we can.”

That last statement implies that the team has been winning.  Last year, it wasn’t.  Next year, it will be just as challenging.  If Wayne is lucky, the Colts will become competitive again just in time for him to retire.

38 responses to “Reggie Wayne says his return to Colts shouldn’t have been a surprise

  1. They cut Manning, Clark, and Addai and let Saturday walk.

    I’ll be surprised if they keep the beer men. This was a house cleaning.

    Wayne is a surprise.

  2. As a Patriots fan, I’m happy Wayne stayed in Indy. He’s about the only thing left in that implosion of our once great rival. Feel bad for the Colts, but if Luck is good right away, they’ll be fine…

  3. Props to Wayne for sticking out in Indy. Sure they will take their lumps next season but if they draft solidly they wont be down for long. Let’s be honest with the exception of Garcon all the players they let go were all injured this year. Keeping veteran leaders like Wayne, Freeney, Mathis, and Bethea should help smooth the transition. If Luck proves to be the real deal they have a chance to win 6-8 games next year with a bright outlook in 2013

  4. I read right here on these pages Wayne saying he would welcome the opportunity to play with a young quarterback and help the team rebuild. It was about a month ago.

    I think ppl should take a look at the roster. The team isn’t as far away as people think.

  5. Wayne was offered more by other teams and stayed in Indy out of loyalty. You won’t see THAT out of many players these days. Classy, Reg, we’re glad to have you stay home!

  6. Or maybe he has the inside scoop on Peyton and knows his career is over and that Manning is just going for one last payday so might as well follow suit.

  7. Luck needs someone to throw to. Irsay figured the fans had lost enough. Anyone would do, but Wayne fits the circumstances. Wayne gets to retire a beloved colt. That’s worth something towards his local legacy, and it’s something that’s not a possibility if he goes somewhere else for just a couple of years.

  8. Maybe he knows that Manning isn’t as well off as people think, and it would be a bad idea to try to follow Manning.

  9. My guess is that the front office didn’t want to see a Manning/Wayne reunion

    This doesn’t make sense from a football standpoint – but from that PR vantage, it makes perfect sense

    And it’s a heckuva lot easier for Wayne – no real pressure, run out his career with the same team and retire as one of the most beloved Colts from this era

    Could he have pulled an additional million out of another team? Maybe. Would it be worth the extra work, pressure, stress of moving, and damaged future income should he be looking for Indy-based endorsements when full retirement comes?

    Probably not.

  10. “Why would they be surprised?” Wayne said Thursday in comments distributed by the team. “This is where I’ve always played at. What’s the surprising part?”………….so we should expect Peyton Manning to resign with the Colts too then huh Reggie???? He signed for peanuts with the colts which means that no one else was interested period……right Reggie.

  11. I think you have to give credit to batman for being loyal. He’s a Moron because they will lose and lose bad, but still loyalty to me trumps all so I have a great amount of respect for mr Wayne

  12. Straight cash homey…’s ALWAYS about the money…..Wayne and his agent nearly fell on the floor when the colts offered up the 17 mil. deal, because no other team was even close to that…..pretty simple.

  13. The only re-signing by the Colts that would have surprised us more would be Peyton himself…

    “Why’re y’all so surprised? This is where I’ve always played at. What’s the surprising part?”

  14. “That last statement implies that the team has been winning. Last year, it wasn’t. Next year, it will be just as challenging. If Wayne is lucky, the Colts will become competitive again just in time for him to retire.”

    You should stop giving your readers perfect examples of how you are a blogger and not a reporter.

    Report the facts. Do not speculate and misdirect his words. The last statement implies that he wants to win games while he can. Can’t see anywhere where he implied they were winning last year….

  15. “Shouldn’t be surprised”? Reggie…. I’ve followed this team long enough to see it win a Super Bowl, lose another, and listen to you say things like “I shouldn’t have even suited up” when you couldn’t shake Revis in 2010. You constantly said things regarding your future in blue and white like “we’ll see what happens” this past season, when all was lost (literally). I love you man, and respect you all the more for deciding to stick around…. but PLEASE don’t insult this fanbase and say we shouldn’t have been “surprised”. Once again, thank you for sticking around… Andy’s going to need all the help he can get and having a potential HOF WR veteran will help him grow.

  16. Very clear now that PM isn’t going to sign with the fins. My guess is PM and RW spoke and Wayne took this route after the talk.

  17. Obviously Reggie deserves to get paid and has been patient but he wasn’t gonna get more money anywhere else and he would have made less money in a package deal with Manning. Made more sense to stay with the Colts and I’m not surprised at all. Manning and Wayne connection was overrated, not to take anything away from Wayne but Clark, Harrison were more valuable receivers in their hayday. Wayne was never above those guys and Manning made lesser talent famous like Collie, Stokely, and Garcon. I never bought into the “Manning will go where Reggie goes” dance.

    Garcon getting signed to the Redskins was the biggest surprise to me. The worst thing you can do to a rookie quarterback(RG3) is give him the most unreliable receiver in free agency and that’s Garcon, who in my opinion had the worst hands in the NFL the past 2 years. The Colts were thinking this exact same thing and made the right move here, keeping the most reliable receiver in free agency to use for Andrew Luck.

  18. I wish the Jets went after him but this was a great deal for both sides… He may not be the receiver he used to be, but he’s still very good. He nearly had 1000 yards and he had arguably the worst starting QB last year (I know gabbert was bad). He can still make big time catches (game winner vs Hou) and now he will be Luck’s go to guy. Good jon colts and I wish the best of luck to you…

  19. @conbro8 says:Mar 15, 2012 4:47 AM
    I believe he was stating his opinion about the media and not the fan base.

    Get the hard hat ready for camp Reggie. Glad you are still a Colt.

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