Report: Brandon Marshall accused of “slugging” a woman

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Annnnnnnnd now we know why Brandon Marshall was available for two third-round picks.

The New York Post reports that Marshall is accused of “slugging” a woman outside a New York City nightclub on Sunday.

The woman claims that she was punched in the eye by Marshall as a group of her friends were arguing with Marshall and another football player, both of whom allegedly had been thrown out of the club for fighting.

A lawyer for Marshall told the Post that Marshall was not involved in the fight.

“While attempting to leave to avoid the melee [Marshall’s wife] was struck in the face by a thrown bottle.  She suffered serious injury,” the lawyer said.  “While attempting to leave and take his wife to the hospital, the mayhem continued outside. Mr. Marshall is hoping to assist authorities in regards to this matter.”

Via, Jay Glazer of FOX posted a similar statement from lawyer Harvey Steingberg on Twitter.

Technically, it’s unknown whether the Dolphins knew about the incident before trading Marshall.  If they did, however, the decision to dump him makes more sense.

The question then becomes, if the Dolphins knew, did the Bears?  And will the Bears care?  There could be some rule or bylaw somewhere allowing the Bears to bail on this one if the Dolphins were aware of pertinent information and failed to share it.

It’s the latest incident in a long line of off-field problems and incidents involving Marshall.

61 responses to “Report: Brandon Marshall accused of “slugging” a woman

  1. Mike! Man get some sleep!! This free agency stuff has just started rolling and we need you fresh for the upcoming days.

    But speaking of a player hitting a female (notice the segue there?) what’s your take on the Chris Cook trial? From the little I’ve read I could believe either version of the incident. Get some sleep and then give us your take. Thanks!

  2. Instead of going to court maybe Marshall and
    this woman can parlay this into a reality series.

    I’ve got the perfect name for it, too:



  3. WoW!!!! Well, as I recall Marshall suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, what I can tell you about this disorder is that it is a nightmare….I was married to a gal that had it and it was horrible…..Ive done a lot of research on this condition and there aren’t very many positive things to say, ya cant deal with these kinda people…Everything is black or white and they are the center of the universe, everybody is out to get them, and everybody owes them something…..a piece of advice that someone should give anyone in dealing with marshall is RUN, RUN, RUN like there is no tomorrow…..Ive had tooo many therapists tell me that this condition is very hard if not impossible to treat…..The bottom line with Borderline is that the person can never really maintain any kinda relationship long term, they constantly have problems….Marshall certainly has shown some pretty bizarre behavior throughout his career …..

  4. Lets see, he was sued for assault against by his ex girlfriend, then he was arrested for a physical altercation with his fiance, and now he’s accused of assaulting another women. Women of Chicago watch out.

  5. He found out he got traded to the Bears. Looks like the Dolphins just got a steal..

  6. The New York Post is a rag…Every other report I’ve seen of this story says Marshall was not involved in the fight and was trying to leave when his wife was HIT IN THE FACE WITH A THROWN BOTTLE. No mention in any other account of this incident of Marshall slugging anyone, male or female.

  7. Hold on…. I wanted to jump all over Marshall on this too until:

    “[Marshall’s wife] was struck in the face by a thrown bottle. She suffered serious injury,”

    If his wife really did suffer a serious injury and he slugged the bi!ch that threw the bottle – then I’m all for it. I don’t care if the person is a female – you throw a glass bottle at my wife and seriously injure her then I’m going to give her a broken nose. If, and its a big if when a lawyer speaks, this is the actual case, then I hope Marshall doesn’t get in trouble for this.

  8. I really hope the Bears were told about this. Marshall’s remaining contract is basically 2 one year deals at 9M per and they can bail out at anytime though, but if Miami failed to disclose this, something should be done. Maybe Brandon does not “pass” the physical given in Chicago.

  9. We need Mike… Now more than ever. Let’s break the single day record again. I don’t know how those hamsters keep up.

  10. It doesn’t say anywhere she was the bottle thrower. Didn’t his wife stab him last year? Live by the sword, die by it. Both of them sound like they need rubber rooms.

  11. Hell fit in just fine in Chicago. I can’t wait to watch him drop some balls twice a year.

  12. I’ve never been anywhere close to hitting a woman. Ever. But lets not pretend that the lady that got punched was innocent. Theres a good chance that if Marshall did hit her, she probably deserved to be hit. Again, I don’t condone it, but I highly doubt this is a real tragedy. I just think about the bitches we see on MTV or TruTV acting like they’re bad as hell and don’t take sh!t from anyone. They deserve to be hit, i’m just not capable of being the one to do it.

  13. I would have punched her too, nothing wrong with that.

    But he’s still too dumb to realize that those clubs are getting him in trouble all the time. We lost Darrent Williams because of that. Stay out of those clubs you toolbag.

  14. bears fans had a sign that said they would finish what katrina started, when they played the saints, so i think they’ll welcome this kind of character with open arms

  15. And Earl Bennett breathes a sigh of relief, in Chicago.

    You HAD to see this coming, right.

    And it don’t matter if he was ‘not involved’…He’s contracted for two years, and two years is waay too long for Marshall to spend in Chicago, wife or not.

    The over/under is January, 2013…end of the season so he goes out to ‘relax’.

    Any takers?

  16. Pretty boring. Vick, Plax, Big Ben (he used his bodyguards, that’s up there). Those are today’s solid NFL screw ups.

    C’mon, this won’t even get jail time? However, slugging a female does tip the scales back a bit. I’d give it a 7.8

  17. As an NFL fan I tend to give most players the benefit of the doubt in cases like these; but not in Brandon Marshall’s case. I have almost NO doubt that Brandon or his wife is directly responsible for the melee, and here’s why:

    1) The trade. If Marshall had a good explanation and it was obvious he didn’t do anything wrong, the Dolphins wouldn’t have traded him for two third round picks.

    2) Have you SEEN Brandon Marshall!? He’s NOT the type of dude people just randomly pick on or want to fight. He’s tall, built, and tatted up – there are softer targets to bully.

    Why can’t BM control himself?

  18. “They deserve to be hit, i’m just not capable of being the one to do it”

    A lot of men and woman feel this way, just not politically correct to voice it. Not like it used to be where it was always the mans fault in fights.

  19. Maybe Josh McDaniels knew what he was doing trading him away 3 years ago. Neither Marshall or Cutler have been to the playoffs since the trade. Unfortunately McDaniels really sucked at drafting with the picks he received.

  20. If it looks to be good to be true it probably is.
    I don’t care if the woman did throw the bottle at his wife. You don’t hit a woman. That’s why they have security there for. You tell them.

    SN: If seems to good to be true…it usually is.

  21. Maybe he could hang out with Chris Cook and Chris Brown and take on a bunch of cheerleaders in a death match.

  22. FYI – I’m 68+ and I’ve been watching pro football for more than 50 years. When I was younger I went to more than one.

    Reasons I’ll NEVER go to another one –

    stories like this – do I want my hard-earned money lining the pockets of slugs like this? No

    the comments – I might get stuck sitting next to one of you and if your old lady had a headache last night you’re just as likely to take it out on me

    The prices – beyond absurd. Driving to the stadium, 1 ticket in the nose-bleed seats, a $25 parking place 1/2 mile away, a souvenir, a hot dog or two and a beer or two will run me an easy $250.

    Have a good time

  23. Come on, Mike–everyone knows you have to spend time in prison to get some street cred in today’s NFL Thus far Marshall has been a pantywaist in the felony dept.

  24. bearsstillsuck said

    “Hell fit in just fine in Chicago. I can’t wait to watch him drop some balls twice a year.”

    Is that because it’ll give you fond memories of the 2011 playoffs?

    1 and done. 🙂

  25. Wow. In 5 hours Bears fans got to enjoy the full Brandon Marshall experience.

    No take-backs.

  26. Hey if someone smashed your wife in the face with a bottle I don’t think you could restrain yourself. I know I couldn’t.

    With that being said… please be innocent! Please!

  27. 1historian says: Mar 14, 2012 7:42 AM

    “FYI – I’m 68+ and I’ve been watching pro football for more than 50 years….”

    I bet you have issues with kids playing in your yard?

  28. I’ll never understand why married multi-millionaires insist on hanging out at “the club”. Between the fights, gunshots, thrown bottles and what not…………… can you really be having that much fun?

  29. LOL! Where are all you loudmouths today?… “The Bears raped the Fins”, “the Dolphins are the dumbest team inthe NFL.”

    Looks like they opened up $12M in Cap, have a better chance at Manning, if not will get Flynn( who I want all along) and he comes cheaper now that Browns have no interest, but most of all get rid of a lockerroom, tweet’n moron, that WILL have Suspension coming as a repeat offender and drops critical passes. Yup, any Receiver can catch 6 TDs. Good Riddance! What a waste of talent. I for one am prouder today of the Dolphins and having kids that follow this Team with me got a good lesson here. My Son literally cried yesterday over the Fins letting Marshall go. He went to School today with his Pennington ( don’t laugh) Jersey on, all smiles after our talk this morning. Ah, Values… It means something more than a Game.

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