Report: Browns not pursuing Matt Flynn

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Reports that free agent quarterback Matt Flynn is talking to the Browns are being debunked in Cleveland.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns have not pursued Flynn, and that they’re not planning to make him an offer.

The person who should be happiest with that news is Colt McCoy. The Browns didn’t trade up with the Rams to draft Robert Griffin III and aren’t pursuing Peyton Manning, and if they’re not after Flynn either they may think going with McCoy as the starter for another year is the way to go.

The person who should be unhappiest with that news is Flynn. Although he was perceived as a hot prospect in free agency after his tremendous performance in Week 17 against the Lions, he has fallen by the wayside a bit in the last couple of weeks as all the attention on quarterbacks has been focused on Griffin and Manning.

For the Browns, a wild card in all this is Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Most draft analysts view Tannehill as a reach at No. 4 overall, where the Browns are drafting. But if Cleveland thinks he’s going to become a good NFL starter, he could be an option — and that option could be a reason they’re not pursuing Flynn.

Flynn has to hope the Dolphins don’t land Manning. Miami is Flynn’s best landing spot, thanks to his familiarity with coach Joe Philbin’s offense, and if Manning doesn’t end up in Miami, there’s a good chance that Flynn will.

And if Flynn doesn’t land in Miami, we’re not sure where he’d go.

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  1. If the Packers end up lockin this kid up for 4-5 years it will be a great disservice to him, and the NFL as a whole. He deserves his shot and I think his upside is enough for one of these 24 horrible teams to take a chance on him.

  2. Last night there was a post saying that the Browns were pursuing Flynn. Now we’re told that they’re not. It’s hard to know what to believe.

    Welcome to the NFL’s free agency period, I guess.

  3. Welcome to Miami Flynn. It don’t look like Manning is coming to Miami. That and I don’t think the Phins are going to wait on him to make his decision.

  4. It’s not so much that the Browns don’t want Flynn as it is that the Browns don’t know what free agency is.

  5. I find it hard to believe the Browns aren’t interested. Flynn is still a bit of an unknown but that’s better than the mediocre you’ll get from Colt McCoy. My guess is that Flynn and his agent are trying to get too much money and that most likely turned the Browns away. For the sake of the Browns I hope they pick up some reasonable competition for QB and that they don’t draft Tannehill. I don’t see much more of an upside with him than what they already have with McCoy

  6. Flynn to the Colts. Trade rights to Andrew Luck for a booty of players and rebuild the team fast.

    Or, draft Luck and watch him try to stay vertical behind that offensive line and have no one to throw to.

    What makes more sense for the Colts?

  7. Teams are more caustious after seeing what happened with the Cardinals and Kolb last year, Flynn has only played a few games with a great offense and lots of weapons, what makes people think he will succeed at the Browns or Dolphins

  8. This makes me want to puke. These two sparkplugs are making me miss Art. The percentage of Clevelanders becoming Stillers fans keep continues to rise.

  9. Browns still have two RD1 picks they can work a number of different ways. They could take Blackmon at 4 and package their other pick at 21 to move up for Tanneyhill – or they could trade down a few slots from 4, still take Tannehill in the top 10 and get Stephen Hill with the later RD1 pick.

  10. Um, OK. Did not realize that Flynn a sure path to winning, upyours. Might be the team feels otherwise. But I trust your insightful analysis over the paid professionals.

  11. Matt Moore is a good option, but Miami needs one more Matt and one more Moore. Sign Matt Flynn…draft Kellen Moore (practice squad competition with Pat Devlin).

  12. Even though Browns fans may not like it, the Browns missed out on the only shot they had on getting a franchise QB in RG3…

    So the smartest move at this point is to build around McCoy by grabbing Blackmon (and maybe a TE later). If McCoy improves that’s great, if not, then at least you’ll have some targets for a new guy next year, and give him a chance to succeed.

    Flynn is Kolb 2.0, and Tannehill is Blaine Gabbert 2.0… I wouldn’t touch either of those guys.

  13. What’s the point being in position to draft Justin Blackmon if Can’t McCoy is your QB?

    If they draft this Tannehill guy too early at #4 then Holmgren has lost his mind.

  14. Anyone who follows the packers knows that Ted Thompson took a huge amount of flak for not slapping Flynn with the franchise tag and then trading him. The assumption was that Flynn was a hot commodity and that Ted could spin a 2nd rounder or maybe even a 1st rounder out of a sign-and-trade.

    The market for Flynn seems a lot softer than any of the talk radio or newspaper “experts” might have guessed. It’s looking increasingly likely that had the packers actually offered the franchise tag to Flynn (which he would have signed in a new york minute), they wouldn’t have been able to trade him for much, and might very well have been stuck paying a backup QB $14.4 million this year.

    It appears that Ted Thompson is not, in fact, a moron, as was suggested around these parts for the last week.

  15. As a Browns fan I guess I have no choice but to trust Holmgren’s judgment; he’s supposed to be a QB guru, so if he says Flynn isn’t worth the money, maybe he’s right. But I don’t see any benefit to another year of McCoy, and we’ve got no shot at Andrew Luck or RG3, so what exactly are we doing? Being content to stay at 4-12 forever? The last 13 years would seem to point to that conclusion.

  16. Not blowing millions on a backup w/2 career starts is good business. Solidify the OL. Draft a WR. Resign Special Agent Hillis. Give Colt another year in the same system see how he fares. If it doesn’t work make a move for Barkley next year.

  17. Philbin knows Flynn as good as anyone, his going after Flynn speaks volumes imo. If he didn’t think Flynn had what it takes, I don’t think he would hitch his reputation and Dolphin career on chasing Flynn and giving him a starters contract. But as with anything in Finland, its a roll of the dice……

  18. In a block buster deal of the century, Brees will be shown the door for gouging my Saints and Matt Flynn a local product will be the air-appearant to the throne. Flynn could step right in and continue Paytons assault (Hic) on the NFL without skipping a beat. And this could be done without breaking the bank so Brees would have to go else where to extort money from someone else. You heard it here first !!!!!

  19. Good! As a Browns fan, I would rather suffer another year of Colt McCoy than see the Browns destroy any chance of improving the team on Kolb 2.0. You see how that worked out for the Cardinals. It worked so well they’re chasing a 36 year old, one hit away from being in a wheelchair, Peyton Manning.

  20. I think they are more interested in filling out NCAA tournament brackets in Berea than in NFL free agency. Tom and Big Mike are worried about losing the office pool to Betty in reception yet AGAIN ! Betty also kicks their butts fantasy football also. Go figure!

  21. As a Packer fan I want to see him go to start elsewhere.
    If he comes back I hope its only for 1 year to show his stuff in the pre-season, and at the end of the season like last year when The Packers have the north all wrapped up.

  22. To me this is good news.

    Not a thing against Matt Flynn, but 2 games is not enough to judge and to determine spending millions of dollars on the next great hope.

    We havent honestly given the last hope a fair chance. A year ago Colt McCoy was seen as the face of our future, and I havent seen him LOSE that hope yet. People say he has no arm strength but seems I recall seeing some wonderful deep passes that he has made. Every time they happen it is shrugged off as luck or such. He spent half his time running from these sequoia-like front linemen and the rest watching as his offerings bounce out of the hands of his intended receivers. I havent been showed that Colt has any less heart, grit, or skill than we were all sold on before.

    He needs tools to play.

    We need a couple good strong receivers. A good running back since Hillis may be gone. Resign Lawrence Vickers since he is suddenly available. We need a right tackle BADLY. Protect Colt, give him tools to work with, and lets see what he can do. If hes as bad as the naysayers claim, we will be drafting high again next year, and if he isnt…then look out world!

    Our defense was top ten last year and we intend to improve. Cornerback and safety, Lineman and linebacker. This years Browns will be a different critter from last year.

    I can see why people doubt. But This front office is only three years in this year, and the changes are just starting to show. Look out Steeler fans…Look out Raven fans. Here we come. And Bengal fans…you can watch too:)

  23. Its because he wants too much money. If they don’t draft Claiborne or Blackmon expect them to trade back to get Tannehill. However if they don’t sign Hillis back I expect Trent Richardson to be their primary target.

  24. Flynn is this year’s Kevin Kolb. This was the right (and smart) move by the Browns. Build up the offense in the draft. Just because some ESPN analysts think Flynn would be great doesn’t mean he actually will. Ask Matt Cassell and Kevin Kolb how that is working out for their teams.

    For those Browns fans that are quick to write how terrible a decision this is and how terrible Colt is, you guys need to realize that Colt was under pressure 99% of the time he went back to throw. Why? Because NONE of our receivers were able to get open. You can’t expect a QB to be decent if his WR drop every pass and can’t create seperation.

  25. Flynn and his agent are probably looking for too much money right now. I think Peter King is right. As much as it stinks, Flynn is probably better off signing a 2 year “show me” contract with a team where he will walk in as a starter. That may be a disappointment for him, but he still has lots to prove.

  26. …. and this is why you don’t trot out re-treads to be your President/GM when you have a football club entrenched in a run of failure.

    If he takes Tannehill at 4, he should be fired immediately.

  27. Seattle probably has lukewarm interest in Flynn. There is a GB connection thru John Schneider the Seahawks GM who was in GB when Flynn was drafted. I don’t think Seattle would get into a bidding war with Miami, but if he’s available for the right price…..

  28. Flynn IS a good QB. The problem here is with all the FA hype he might have received crazy money.. With a limited market now his price is more Starter money and not Superstar money. Fins get their man, some new weapons on O, Winston (T), Nelson(SS) and for once not with a mortgaged future.

  29. Who is MF going to throw to? Where’s his running game going to come from? What about that porous offensive line? Will MF have a lock-out shortened adjustment to Shurmurs offense and game planning and in game calls? Come on, Colt regressed last year. It wasn’t Colts fault. MF will get the same results.

  30. First, 7 million for Jake Delhomme and signs Seneca Wallace. Then he drafted Colt McFrye and hired “training wheels” Pat Shurmer to be head coach. Mike Holmgren is a joke. Go away and let Heckert run the show himself.

  31. I’m not surprised the Browns aren’t interested. I’m surprised to hear Miami may be? Philbin was going after Manning and if Miami is showing interest in Flynn it can only mean they know Manning ain’t going there.
    I’m also surprised Seattle hasn’t made a big push for Flynn. Afterall they have Travaris.

  32. Translation – the Browns reached out to Flynn’s representatives. Flynn said “no thanks” unless everything else falls through. Now it’s all spin.

    As far as Barkley goes – if they’re drafting high enough next year to get Barkley, none of these guys will be here to get him.

  33. I must’ve missed the report that stated paying a career backup who has started 2 NFL games $10 million a year was a sure-fire path to success.

  34. Flynn is just too much a roll of the dice and I suspect that neither Tannehill or Weeden are the actual QB goal for the Browns. Heckert praised both WAY to much last week and that is totally out of character for him when FA or draft is happening.
    I am hoping they do a blockbuster FA sign & trade to move up 3 spots or they actually do as they appear to be doing…grab McCoy some weapons and protection.

  35. My contention is that Heckert knows more about player evaluation than any of the posters, including myself. The truth is Mangini’s drafting set this team back for years. With selections of Massaqoui, Veikune, and Robiskie (all in the second round) it sets u back years. You have to give Heckert its only his third year buliding the core. U can’t do it over night.

  36. He should get starter money in the range of the ranked starting QB’s from postion #20-#32….no more, no less. Enough with winning lottery money before accomplishing anything.

    Signed: Unimpressed Packer fan.

  37. The fans in Cleveland are desperate for a winning team. However we get there, there will be naysayers until we have wins.

    Is Flynn the answer? Is Kolb or Hasselbeck (if their teams sign Manning)? Do we surround Colt McCoy with real offensive weapons and see what he can do then?

    I don’t profess to know the right answer, by H&H better figure it out. We’re restless and out of patience, and this is all just so difficult to watch — and we are all too used to watching bad stuff. And we are sick of it.

    The Israelites had to wander lost too, but they got to the promised land after just 40 years. We’re coming up on 48 here in Cleveland.

  38. As I see free agent after free agent get signed by other teams, I wonder whether the Browns are going to sign anyone other than their own free agents. Forget making a big splash; I’d be happy with a ripple at this point. They have too many needs to just build through the draft.

  39. They need to do something. If I were a Browns fan, I think I’d throw in the towel if they head into the season with McCoy as their starter. Everything about him just screams career backup, not sure why it’s taking them so long to see it.

    I do see them being in on Kolb if he gets cut though, but he’s not that good either.

  40. Holmgrom is not ready to admit the drafting Colt McCoy was a mistake. His weak arm doesn’t fit well in Cleveland for November and December.

  41. Can’t fix everything with one offseason. Frustrating. I agree with the RG3 decision, hoping they do something to address at least rt position. Wait and see I guess, but it is year three for H&H and I want to see marked improvement.

  42. @audient: I totally agree with everything you said in your post. I’m even considering accusing you of reading my mind.

  43. So the Browns believe that Colt McCoy is better than RG III, Matt Flynn, AND Peyton Manning, huh????

    What are they seeing that 31 other teams and 50 million NFL fans are NOT?

  44. As a Browns fan, I am being sincere when I say all of this:

    I have come to the conclusion that we are reaping the opposite end of winning, which is utter cellar dwellar infinite losing.

    Paul Brown and THE STORIED CLEVELAND BROWNS under his watch, where the juggernaut high flying act of pro football from the 40’s, 50’s 60’s and now we are experiencing the duldrums, its Karma – plain and simple.

    You can’t be the hot item forever or all the time.

    But this is brutal and down right freakin’ depressing – the assault of injuries to the roster, the ultra conservative drafting for the last 4 years of Mangini and H & H, after the disasterous drafting under Clark, Davis and Savage.

    When the freak will there ever be a happy medium!!!!!????? This building through the draft stuff is spot on, but gotdamn – you can’t rely on that totally in this day and age of the NFL, if you do – you are seriously looking at 5 to 7 years before the benefits will start to kick in? Hell its already been 12 years of bad football then add in 5 to 7 more years to that!?

    In a football crazed town like Cleveland, 17 to 19 years to put a decent product in place, will start warranting death threats from the faithful!!!!

    After the terrible season we just had, the onous was that the front office better have a sense of urgency and make something happen and right now – its like watching paint dry, while everyone else is working on building there guest homes!

    C’mon – let’s get it together!

  45. All this over 1 game?!? Really? The Browns should overspend on a guy who’s played 1 great game?
    Let’s forget he started 1 season in college and completed 56% that year, hence the late round draft pick. There was a reason the national championship qb was taken in the 7th rd. I’d much rather have Colt, and I’m not all that crazy about him.
    Howabout some actual offensive weapons to support #12? You know, give him a real chance before we dump him.

  46. The Browns are playing for a top draft pick in 2013 Draft! @OfficialBrowns… always looking ahead!

  47. I don’t think it’s that the Browns don’t have an interest in Flynn, but they don’t have an interest at the price tag he is likely to carry (approx $50 mil). Yes, he looked amazing in the one record setting game last year, but he’s not that different on many levels than McCoy, arm strength, size, etc. And how much of that perofmance was related to how much of a well oiled machine the Packer’s offense is. He certainly didn’t play poorly and was well prepared, but plug him into the Browns last season and would he really look much better than McCoy. The answer is a definite “maybe.” Is that worth $50 million. Maybe not so much, when rookie salary limits make it considerably cheaper to take a risk with a draft pick, than a free agent. Does missong out on RG3 sting, yeah it does. Though I can’t say I’m disappointed the Browns didn’t give up the farm for one player. He looks really, really good and in hind sight he maybe another one that we let by, but talk about risk and pressure. We’ll all be watching the Redskins a little more closely for the next few years to see what might’ve been, though we’ll still never know for sure. Different teams, different outcomes. I think the trick at this point is to accept what has happened as recent history and figure out how to best adjust move on, without panicking and making a knee jerk reaction. Keeping in mind that the best option maybe playing with Colt another year, surrounding him more weapons and more pieces of the puzzle in place and then if we still need a new QB come this time next year, find a way to make it happen, MattBarkley or whomever that may be. Just saying the Browns lack of activity in free agency should not come as a surprise. If we ever reach that point that we’re 1 or 2 pieces away from the SB, then they’ll make the big splash FA acqisition, but until then it’ll just be low cost, low risk additions and primarily continuing to build through the draft. Boring, predictable, but also smart and sensible. And lastly, slow. Asking us Browns fans to be patient is laughable, but I think the current regime is doing it right and this time our patience will be rewarded before it all gets blown up again. Time will tell. I mean I really going to stop rooting for your Browns, you haven’t yet. So we’re kind of stuck anyway. Go Browns! They may be Clowns, but they’re my Clowns! My factory of sadness! I love ’em. Live and die by ’em.

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