Richard Marshall has three-year agreement with Dolphins


Free agent defensive back Richard Marshall revealed on Twitter late Wednesday that he has agreed to terms with the Miami Dolphins on a three-year deal.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has the numbers on Marshall’s deal: It’s worth $16 million, with $6 million guaranteed.

We mentioned Marshall’s visit to the Dolphins on Tuesday night. The Fins closed the deal, convincing Marshall he wouldn’t need to meet with any other teams.

Marshall was a top-35 player on the PFT Hot 100 because he is versatile, young, and an efficient tackler. The 27-year-old secured three interceptions and racked up 78 tackles last season, starting 9-of-16 games for the Cardinals.

He is probably ticketed for nickel back in Miami, but also could emerge as a starter at free safety.

37 responses to “Richard Marshall has three-year agreement with Dolphins

  1. Targeted a good free agent and landed him with no problem. Where are all the dolphin front office haters.

  2. They didn’t also sign Rashard Mendenhall, too – right?

    Cuz that’s what I thought when I first saw the headline (after several glasses of wine).

  3. Nice signing! This gives Miami a replacement for Will Allen, at worst, and possible competition for safety or slot corner (or even to challenge Smith, if he continues his tepid play).

    This is a big need that could not be well satisfied in the draft. Other than Boykin and/or Iloka, there are few safeties that will be there in the 2nd-4th round with legitimate upside, and those two will need 1-2 years of coaching at the next level to pick up NFL schemes.

    Marshall helps in several ways, and does so immediately.

  4. the only marshall i care about is brandon. and now hes gone :'(

    nah but this is actually a good sign for my fins. we desperately needed an upgrade at both free safety and the nickelback. ill take it.

  5. Not a bad signing, always thought Marshall was just ok. I can’t wait to read “Ross sells Dolphins”. That would be the best move for this team…

  6. something tells me his new jersey will be #19
    Something tells me cornerbacks can’t wear #19

  7. Why is this a bad move by JI? Marshall (Brandon) is a head case both on and off the field and he drops way too many passes (2nd in drops in NFL) especially near the goal line. Richard, welcome to Miami.

  8. Ok everyone…Marshall had 6td’s…what makes that so special, when he dropped so many td’s in the endzone that could have changed the game our way…this Peyton thing is old and you’ll see when Flynn gets here, he was the better choice

  9. Manning to Miami. Big deal. Who the &$@; is he going to throw to? Davone Bess!! There are no quality Wr’s left in FA that will make D coordinators lose sleep!! Big Phin fan but Miami to me are years away from a Superbowl!! Keep up the great work front office clowns!!

  10. Miami had 14 million in cap space yesterday. They spent 6 million of that on Soliai and now 5 million on Marshall. Why they would assign a 5 million dollar cap hit to a nickel back is beyond me. The only thing that makes remote sense is that they put Marshal at FS. At this point it’s obvious Peyton isn’t coming to Miami. I’d expect more roster moves and restructuring too. Miami doesn’t even have enough to sign their draft picks now. Much less Flynn and another WR.

  11. Stop it with the brandon marshall non-sense…can you all at least give free agency a few days??there aren’t many nickle corners better than this guy or with a full offseason could be a decent safety.Marshall is gone…I’m sure they have somethin in mind Debbie downers

  12. On Monday the fins had $14 mil in cap as announced by all of the south Fla papers. They dumped Marshall saving $5.2 mil last night.

    After the two signings today I believe they have $8.2 mil left without any restructuring.

  13. To premium free agents lost today for the Bengals. Glad to see them putting that extra cap money stolen from the Redskins and Cowboys to good use.

    Great job by the NFLPA going along with the NFL illegally taking money from teams that love to spend it on players and giving it to teams that hate spending money on players.

    They would have been better off denying the league’s extortion attempt and let the cap settle at 117m instead of 120m. The two teams most likely to go 120 can’t now.

  14. Marshall’s a good player. I really was hoping the Cards would somehow re-sign him, but I knew based upon his performance last season he would be a hot commodity. AZ’s DC Ray Horton named him his defensive MVP last season.

  15. Why are most Dolphin fans upset about the Brandon Marshall trade? He just punched a woman in the face at a nightclub, he is a head case! Even with a new team (at the time Miami) a nice new contract (one of the best for receivers) he still could not manage to stay out of trouble. It’s only a matter of time before Goodell suspends him for an entire year.

    It’s true that the rest of the WR’s in the FA class are nothing special but there is still a draft don’t forget!

    I can honestly see Miami using the 8th overall pick to select Michael Floyd from Notre Dame. He reminds me a lot of Jordy Nelson from the Pack.

    In Philbins offense there is not a #1 receiver, they spread the ball around and I’m sure if Marshall was not getting his 15-20 targets a game he would have made a scene.

    Like I said look for the Dolphins to go after Michael Floyd and Tommy Streeter in the draft. It’s not the end of the world and in all honestly I think Ireland did the right thing and he has also made some pretty good moves (Soliali, R.Marshall) in FA so far. If he can manage to land Matt Flynn and Eric Winston I would call this offseason a success!

  16. all we have to do is restructure bell and dansby and resign long and starks for more cap room

  17. The Fins got a good player. He filled a big need for us in the D backfield and was a very good special teams player. Watch some of the Patrick Peterson punt return Td’s and you’ll see Marshall leading the way on quite a few. We’re gonna miss him in AZ if Toler doesn’t fully recover from his knee surgery.

  18. Lets see…Will Allen played fantastic last year, wanted to come back, and because of his age would have commanded far less money.

    Umm…limited cap space and huge holes to fill, including the recent trade of our best player.

    Got it.

  19. I guess they signed this guy to replace culver which is probably a slighty better upgrade but this FA period has been sad. There is not one place besides maybe the secondary, and its going to stink as long as sean smith continues to drop picks and side step to avoid tackling players, that the phins have gotten better.

  20. Sounds a better class of player and can IMPROVE our secondary.
    I think losing Brandon Marshall was not that disappointing but the gaining of two third round picks is too lean a price to pay,two seconds at LEAST.

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