Saints “making a push” for free agent Ben Grubbs

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The New Orleans Saints seem resigned to the fact that they are losing free agent guard Carl Nicks. Nicks was in Tampa Bay as of late Tuesday, and it’s considered likely that he’ll sign on to join the Buccaneers.

The Saints aren’t without a fallback option, though.

Per NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora, the Saints are “making a push” to sign free agent Ben Grubbs. Nicks is the top offensive guard on the market. Grubbs is No. 2. Both players have been left guards throughout their careers, so the transition would likely be natural for Grubbs to go to the Saints.

Jahri Evans is New Orleans’ right guard.

Bang it here for the rest of this year’s top-100 free agents.

10 responses to “Saints “making a push” for free agent Ben Grubbs

  1. This may have been their plan for some time. Grubbs won’t get Nicks’ money. He may get reasonably close, but the net gain in dollars versus drop in talent would work in the Saints favor.

  2. This would be a smart move for both the Saints and Grubbs. Grubbs, a star at Auburn, also considered LSU. He has strong ties to the South.

    For the Saints, losing the best guard for the #2 guard isn’t the worst scenario.
    Let the Bucs spend spend spend, that always seems to bring about championship teams right? Just ask the Redskins and Eagles.

  3. Still hoping the Ravens are able to resign him. Michael Oher tweeted that he talked to Grubbs last night and it looks good that he’ll come back.

  4. Maybe Vilma and the rest of the Saints defense will put a bounty on him if he doesn’t sign?

  5. Im not convinced this is real yet. If they couldnt spend to keep Nicks how could they spend enough to attract Grubbs?
    Grubbs is almost as good as Nicks so the market value should be somewhat similar.

    In fact if i were the Bucs id try to find out and overshoot the Saints offer to Grubbs instead of signing Nicks to more. Just to keep Grubbs away from them.
    conspiracy mode: This might even be a smokescreen from the Saints to confuse the Bucs.

  6. Maybe Vilma and the rest of the Saints defense will put a bounty on him if he doesn’t sign?
    Wow, what an original and witty post. Go back in your hole loser

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