Sam Hurd fiasco complicates Bears’ decision to trade for Brandon Marshall

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For any other team, trading for receiver Brandon Marshall would be viewed as a calculated risk, with a potentially high reward.  For the Bears, still only a few months away from the embarrassing revelation that receiver Sam Hurd was signed to a multi-million-dollar deal while firmly on the federal government’s radar as an aspiring Tony Montana, acquiring Marshall takes on a higher level of potential peril.

Marshall has a long history of off-field misconduct, most of which has come from his rocky relationships with women.  But he also was a central figure in the fracas that preceded the shooting death of Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams, and Marshall disclosed last year that he has borderline personality disorder.  (While the Bears shouldn’t avoid him for that reason, they’d better be sure that it’s under control.)

With the Bears missing what any competent security department should have easily discovered regarding Hurd, the question of whether the Bears should take a chance on Marshall now takes a back seat to whether the Bears knew or should have known about the new allegation that he punched a woman in the face over the weekend.

The league makes certain otherwise confidential information regarding players available — on request — if a team is considering adding that player to the roster.  Presumably, the Bears asked all the right questions.

Regardless, they now look foolish.  Either they knew about the latest off-field issue and decided to make the trade anyway or they didn’t know and appear to be even more incompetent given what happened (or, more accurately, didn’t happen) with Sam Hurd.

And so, even if there’s a way to argue that the Dolphins knew and failed to share the information with the league or the Bears, the Bears will simply be drawing more attention to their ineptitude on these matters by trying to annul the trade or otherwise demanding a partial refund or some other relief from the Dolphins.

Either way, it should make for some interesting questions at the press conference.  Perhaps the best move would be not to have one.

UPDATE 8:53 a.m. ET:  And, of course, three minutes after this item was posted, the Bears issued a statement acknowledging they knew about the situation.

14 responses to “Sam Hurd fiasco complicates Bears’ decision to trade for Brandon Marshall

  1. The fact that Miami traded Marshall for 2 3rd round picks after trading 2 2nd round picks for him last year should tell Chicago a lot about the guy. Big time damaged goods.

  2. Bears fan here. I’m not stupid enough to condone hitting a woman under any circumstances. But there seems to be conflicting information here. Just cause somebody accuses somebody of something doesn’t mean it happened. Julian Edelman’s fiasco is a good example. Not saying this isn’t a story, but maybe it’d be wise to let the facts come out before jumping to conclusions.

  3. One heck of a calculated risk. But, innocent until proven guilty. I guess they hope Cutler can help turn him around (a majority of the incidents happened while he was in Miami.)

  4. Of course the Bears knew about the situation, the price tag told us all that much. It surely would’ve sent alarm bells ringing in the eras of the Chicago front office, if not the average fan.

    Chicago knew of Brandon’s latest embarrassing public meltdown and did the deal any way. I admit the numbers Cutler and Marshall put up together in Denver look sweet on paper and the paltry asking price was obviously too tempting to turn down, but it says a lot about Chicago’s decision makers and their stance on character.

    Watch them try to rectify the move by cutting the first scrub to get a speeding ticket in camp to “send a message.” What a joke…

  5. To all of you Bears Fans and or Dolphins Haters. Two 3rds and dumping BM’s salary and all of his baggage (on field and off) doesn’t look like such a
    bad trade on the Fins part now does it? I didn’t think so. Keep hatin. Go Fins!

  6. while in denver with cutler, marshall did alomost nothing to make news… I’m gonna have faith

  7. He wanted to play for Chicago to get closer to the drugs. It was getting tough to mail that stuff to Miami, now he can just move a couple blocks from Sam Hurd. “Of course the Bears knew about the situation …” Which situation are you refering to? The Sam Hurd situation?

  8. 18 days without an arrest…. looks as though the police have just as much evidence as the story teller.

    Not saying I won’t eat these words in time, but facts are facts.

  9. Smart move on Miami’s part regardless of the fans.
    If your a new coach with a new staff, positive attitudes all around help make the transition better.
    Marshall is a fester on the team, talented yes, but a negative fester that had to be removed.
    If you had gang green on your foot, you love the foot, but cut it off to save the body.
    Miami cut off the fester. Good move.

  10. Different GM, different procedures. I’m thinking this Emery guy vetted it pretty well. From what I’ve read about him, he seems pretty thorough.

  11. I see absolutely nothing that would change a person’s opinion on this deal one way or another today. Everyone knows that Marshall is a very talented, huge, productive WR. Everyone also knows that he’s got a lot of off the field issues involving domestic violence and mental health, and that something like this could or would happen. If you liked the trade yesterday, I doubt this would change your opinion. If you didn’t, this would just put you further into your position. No one thought he was a choir boy/upstanding citizen before this.

  12. Brandon’s attorney wrote that Brandon’s wife was hit by a bottle thrown in a fracas that did not involve Brandon. I would have to punch someone too if that happened to my wife.

    Let’s face it people; this guy was an All-Pro, not just a Pro Bowler. These guys don’t come available that often.

    The Bears now have Marshall, Forte, Peppers, Urlacher, Hester and Briggs. If they can’t get to the SB with that group, I give up.

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