The Mario Manningham tour begins in San Francisco

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It was widely believed that the Redskins would target Giants receiver Mario Manningham once free agency opened.

They didn’t.

And so, with the Redskins signing (for now) Josh Morgan and Pierre Garçon, Manningham had to look elsewhere.

The tour begins in the place where the Giants won the 2011 NFC title.  Per a league source, Manningham will visit the 49ers on Thursday.

On Monday, the Niners added Randy Moss.  They also could be bringing back Brandon Lloyd.

Manningham became a hot commodity via a clutch, 38-yard catch in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, which sparked New York’s game-winning touchdown drive.

Manningham also had been linked to Tampa, but the Buccaneers signed Vincent Jackson away from the Chargers.

UPDATE 5:57 p.m. ET:  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bills and Dolphins also are interested.

46 responses to “The Mario Manningham tour begins in San Francisco

  1. He does make big plays but also disappears for a lot of them. Lloyd is the more interesting free-agent prospect for the 49ers.

  2. Everything begins in San Fran and it always ends in The Big Apple!

    Manny a Jet by Friday next week…..

  3. I’d rather have Lloyd but if I have my way we draft someone instead or draft early and sign Lloyd

  4. Moss, Manningham, Davis, Crabtree, Walker, Gore and Hunter that could be a solid Offense. I just hope we can get the QB situation taken care of

  5. Here’s hoping Baalke and Harbaugh don’t get sucked in by one catch and remember he’s a baaaaaaad route runner. Every super bowl has a Larry Brown and Mario’s just the latest one.

  6. Mario will be an asset to any team lucky enough to sign him. Blazing speed … good feet … excellent hands.

    He’s the ‘odd man out’ in NY, but he’s still a fine receiver … and a legitimate deep threat.

    Don’t believe all that garbage about running bad routes. That was way overblown.

  7. I would love to sign Manningham.. has had some solid numbers as a #2 and #3 Wide out… bring him to SF to compete with crabtree as a #1.. move moss to #2 and either put Crab or Mario in the slot… id prefer Lloyd over moss tho

  8. “I jussd wunt me dat munny mayne … E-lie iz gud n all but i wunt 2 get me dat munny”

    Line this guy up with Randy Moss and Crabtree?

    Wow, thats a reality show in the making.

  9. If the niners can get one more receiver, a guard, and a cornerback, and re-sign Grant, they can go into the draft looking for the best available player.

    That assumes they re-sign Alex… (and we keep fingers crossed that a full camp helps him develop into a better decision maker).

  10. im a giants fan, i love mario and wish we coud have re-signed him. with that said….the knock on him was that it took him close to two seasons to digest the giants offense. this may be the main reason why we’ve seen so many wr’s get signed before him. the guy is good at what he does, but a) it will take him a while to digest a new offense and b) he is definately a complimentary receiver….and should be paid like one.

  11. Why are the Vikings tagged in this story? Although it is our style to over pay for average receivers, I personally hope we don’t sign Manningham. Despite him being an upgrade from our current corp of WR trash, I don’t wanna pay him what he is going to ask for.

  12. OK, if he doesn’t run bad routes his pre-snap reads are awful; I’ve seen plenty of Giants games over the last few years and at least twice a game or more he and Manning aren’t on the same page at all. Why? Because Manningham missed the pre-snap adjustment.

    It happened in the Super Bowl? Did you notice it? It happens every game. I really hope they don’t sign this guy! How long does it take to get in sync with your QB…2-3 years, half a decade? Didn’t take Cruz long…No Thanks!

    G-Men fans would largely agree with me.

  13. Trust me he is a good #3 and it was a good catch of a great throw
    One thing you will not have Eli throwing the ball Alex Smith is not Eli Manning

    So good Luck with that

  14. Manningham 39 receptions 6 dropped passes. Lloyd 70 receptions 4 drops…. Think I’d take my chances with Lloyd when we are talking about hands

  15. Mike Wallace for the #30 pick overall looks pretty good to me at the moment. Who you thinking Manningham, Lloyd, Robinson? Pass, Pass, Pass…

    I’d rather see the 9ers sign Jerome Simpson; he should be visiting already! They need a speedster though, got to be something out there that they can mold.

    Like I said, Mike Wallace…jump on it!

  16. Go three wide with Moss, Crabs, and Wallace with V.D. on the opposite side… Who do you cover?

    Depends is Harabaugh or Smith is under center.

  17. This guy is the next David Tyree. He came out and said he has no interest in Cleveland. That maybe true but you just don’t say it. With Moss on the team he will be a small fish in a big pond. Hope you savor the catch.

  18. Manningham is a good WR, but he does make mistakes. At times he may not know his assignment and/or do the wrong thing. Another thing about him can be his route running. While he is guilty of the occassional wrong route, he also can run routes too close to the sideline.

    He is a decent blocker for his size and a willing one. He’s great at sideline catches (the footwork in the Super Bowl may not be common to many football fans, but Giants fans are fully aware of this). He can get deep and can be pretty elusive. That being said, any team that signs him would be getting a good player, but not a great one so don’t overpay.

  19. goldrush36 says: Mar 14, 2012 6:23 PM

    Jerome Simpson is gonna serve a nice chunk of jail time….
    I thought those charges were dropped?

  20. “Jerome Simpson was charged with Marijuana Trafficking, a Class D Felony. However prosecutors dropped the trafficking charge to ‘Prohibited Acts relating to Controlled Substances’, still a Class D Felony. A sentence of 60 days in jail was recommended and a Judge in Kentucky will later accept this sentence or reduce it. Simpson will also have to serve 3 years probation, 200 hours of community service, complete a drug treatment and more than likely suffer a suspension from the NFL for violating the Substance Abuse Policy.”
    60 days in the pen + 4 game suspension, not bad. Harbaugh will straighten him out. Not great, but he might be worth it.

    Hell, if they are willing to take a chance on Perrish Cox…

  21. Please don’t sign him unless we cut crabs. Mario has avg at best hands and is a burner who will be way overvalued.

    Our FO is smart and they won’t overpay. I’d like to see a guy with possibly the best hands in the league back on our team: Lloyd. He would make a great slot receiver.

    fingers crossed x

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