Titans to visit with free agent Peyton Manning on Wednesday


Titans owner Bud Adams informed WSMV-TV Tuesday night that the club will be meeting with free agent quarterback Peyton Manning on Wednesday.

Adams told the television station that he believes Manning is “really interested” in the Titans, and expects a “quick decision” from the future Hall of Famer.

“I think he’s … wanting to sign up with somebody pretty quickly,” said Adams.

The Titans will meet with Manning at a secret location.

Adams has not been shy about his desire to acquire the four-time NFL Most Valuable Player. The Titans are trying to sign free agent guard Steve Hutchinson, a friend of Manning’s, and Adams told the Nashville Tennessean earlier this week that he’d be “disappointed” if the club didn’t sign Peyton.

29 responses to “Titans to visit with free agent Peyton Manning on Wednesday

  1. I thought the Manning Race was down to 2? Either way, I hope he goes to Tennessee because the people love him there, he plays the Colts twice, and Bud Adams is a “flipping” bad ass.

  2. I’d be surprised if Manning signed with the Titans but it would be awesome. I wouldn’t think he’d want to play against the Colts…but maybe he does.

    Getting Manning would be HUGE for TN and the Titans.

  3. He won’t sign with the titans, just wants to show their owner respect. I don’t see Payton handing the ball to Chris Johnson. Heck I don’t even think Manning can understand CJ when he speaks!

  4. Hutchinson and Manning should both sign with the up and coming Seahawks. Seahawks have some incredible young talent and the addition of two veteran guys could make them a Super Bowl contending team once again.

  5. Thank God! We hadn’t had a Manning update in a while. I was getting worried his story was going to get buried.

  6. OK. Houston didn’t want Manning? The Jets didn’t want Manning? Thought it was a good fit. I said Reggie Wayne to go with him. I was Wrong. If Peyton wants to play with a star WR aren’t the Cards now the only choice?
    Really don’t want to see him as a Titan, or Dolphin, or Bronco but it is beginning to look like no dark horses just those three now.

  7. If Peyton watches any film of Matt Hasselback trying to survive behind the Titans line last year, his turkey neck will run screaming to any of the other cities.

  8. As a die-hard bronco fan who supports the name on the front of the jersey and not the back, I think ultimately its for the best that Manning will sign with Tennessee.

    1. Broncos are not “one player away” from a legit superbowl run. Manning makes them a helluva lot better but not unbeatable.

    2. Tennessee is a homecoming of sorts for Manning where he can ride off into the sunset beating the Luck out of the Colts twice a year over the next three years.

    3. Tebow has earned a legitimate opportunity to start. NOT as a sideshow ticket-selling attraction for Shaka Kahns franchise but as a starting QB given a full offseason and season in the same offense.

    Now Elway can get back to what HE SAID he was going to do and build this team with defense first!

  9. Prepared to be disappointed Adams. Instead of chasing Mario Williams you are chasing a 35 year old QB with 4 neck surgeries. Good Luck!

  10. I love how you had to clarify that Peyton Manning is a free agent in the headline.

    Because I forgot. That Peyton Manning is a free agent. I forgot. So, thanks for the reminder.

  11. I mean honestly when did Manning become a free agent because I’ve been living in a pineapple practicing my saxophone skills for the past several weeks and last time I knew he was not a free agent. Did I miss something?

  12. A very thorough title. Did that get edited down from “‘street free agent Peyton Manning'”?

  13. This is about as likely as the Colts resigning him. He wants to go to a contender. A word that hasn’t been used when describing the Titans since……….well since they were in Houston. Chase the dream I suppose tho.

  14. Locker for Tebow straight up. Titans fans ought to be cringing. Locker is one of the more intriguing young QB prospects who can actually throw….

  15. All the hate for Tennessee from the Denver people, I love it!how many times can I read “not going to happen” or asking why Peyton would want to play for Tennessee? Well I go to the university of Tennese and I will give you a few. first Peyton comes to every season opener at UT so dude loves it here. next manning is from the south so I am guessing a bunch of skiing yuppies are going to turn him off. third because the titans have a better team than Denver. let me repeat that. the titans have a better team than Denver. manning has no connection to Denver at all. none!

  16. Manning is probably signing papers right now. sorry world, sorry ESPN, we know y’all don’t think much of Tennessee but that is why your network hires class b stars instead of the good players because you all are bias and people get sick of your hot air. have fun with t bone. I am sure he will always he ok

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