Vikings do five-year, $25 million deal with John Carlson

The Minnesota Vikings hosted tight end John Carlson for a free agent meeting on Wednesday, and they didn’t let him get out of town.

Adam Caplan of reports that Carlson has agreed to terms with the Vikings on a five-year, $25 million contract. The deal reportedly contains $11 million in guaranteed money.

Per Caplan, the Chiefs wanted to sign Carlson “badly” on Tuesday, but the Vikings swooped in and blew him away with Wednesday’s offer. It’s a lot of money for a tight end who underwhelmed before 2011, and then missed all of last season with a shoulder injury.

Look for Carlson to play alongside fellow Notre Dame alum Kyle Rudolph in Minnesota’s two-tight end sets.

58 responses to “Vikings do five-year, $25 million deal with John Carlson

  1. Wow…that’s a lot of cash for a tight end who missed all of last season. Are children running the front office for the Vikings?

  2. And this is why Rick Spielman got fired by the Dolphins…that much for a #2 TE? Rudolph better not lose 1 rep after drafting him in 2nd rd last year. As a Vikings fan this team has no sense of direction

  3. As a lifetime vikings fan all I can say is “have you lost your mind?!?!?!”

  4. good signing by giving ponder 2 reliable pass catching tight ends, still need a wide out and a corner to go along with him for this free agent class. Id be real happy to see a couple guys like landry and webb come in on defense, along with a guy like brandon lloyd or laurent robinson to give ponder something next to ponder, i understand the draft is an option but they need to make moves now to be on pace to have a good team for 2012

  5. It’s a good pick up for when they are in a two TE set, but i think they still need a good veteran WR.

  6. When you were not picked by Pete Carroll, you need to go. Good luck Carlson!!! You’ll do well there!!

  7. Nice pickup for the Vikings. Carlson had a great rookie year, but regressed a little due to the offensive line issues Seattle had during the later years of the Ruskell era – namely, he had to stay in and block a lot more.

    While a dual TE set with Miller and Carlson would have been sweet, Carlson was ultimately expendable. Seattle has some younger talent that can grow into the #2 TE position.

    And wow, Minnesota didn’t even need a “poison pill” contract to make it happen. Wonders never cease.

  8. its only $11 mil guranteed over 5yrs so its not a huge gamble he might turn out to be a good compliment for my vikes but we have bigger needs let’s go!

  9. kylexitron comment on S. Rice gear…perfect!

    Carlson’s a MN guy who should do well on the plastic tundra of the dome, until the new digs are finished of course.

    I suggest the Vikings immediately start reviewing Patriots film to see how to best use two pass catching tight ends when you don’t have a WR to stretch the field.

  10. Over those next 5 years, Rudolph and Carlson will be utilized similar to New England 2 man sets……Rudolph is a dynamite athlete that probably is more talented than Carlson, but Carlson bring some experience and strong ability.

    Good signing…….time to get a DB and OLINE help!!!

  11. As a Vikings fan, this doesn’t make a ton of sense. They just burned through a good chunk of their cap space to get a 2nd TE. They desparately need to pickup at least 2 options in the secondary, and even if they draft Kalil, they’d need more help on the line. I’m not against a good move, but this makes little sense.

  12. Good move, but too expensive and flies in the face of Spielmans whole younger team at value prices mantra. If they are willing to spend this kind of money on a TE, they should be putting up 8 mil/yr+ on a CB.

  13. The Vikings offense is based on 2 TE sets. It’s becoming the newest fad in the NFL. If they like him that much, I’m fine with it. Now they need some defensive backs!

  14. Based on Seahawk fans dismay at this guy leaving town, and the fact that the Vikings are going to part ways with Visanthe Shiancoe, this is a very good move by the Vikings.

    Rudolf and Carlson will be an outstanding TE duo.

  15. That’s crazy, the Vikings O-line has gone to crap with the loss of McKinnie last year, the release of Hutchinson this year and the insistance of Loadholt to play tackle when he is clearly a guard. What will they do about their wide-out situation? or how about the Defense, they cut Griffin this week, what is their battle plan for the secondary? Are they ever going to attempt to replace P. Williams? Well atleast they have a recieving tight end to pair with their starting tight end.

  16. Yeah…cuz with glaring holes at offensive Line, and defensive secondary, we pay big money for another TE. Brilliant!

  17. Can’t wait to see the Joe Mauer-like deal they throw at Jeff Dugan now that they’ve locked up Carlson. I wonder who’s making these decisions…it has to be some sort of goblin or mad hobbit from space. No reasonable human would do these sort of things.

  18. An MN native coming to play for his hometown team! This is awesome. MN has their equivalent to the Gronk/Hernandez duo in New England. Can’t wait to order a purple Carlson jersey!

  19. springy619 says:Mar 14, 2012 1:23 PM

    good signing by giving ponder 2 reliable pass catching tight ends, still need a wide out and a corner to go along with him for this free agent class. Id be real happy to see a couple guys like landry and webb come in on defense, along with a guy like brandon lloyd or laurent robinson to give ponder something next to ponder, i understand the draft is an option but they need to make moves now to be on pace to have a good team for 2012
    Being a Vikings fan, you’re ok with them giving up the #3 overall pick in the draft for Webb? You realize he’s coming with the “restricted 1st round tender” don’t you? Vikes would be better served trying a sign and trade with the Ravens for him.

  20. Anyone who watched the Vikings last year should not complain about them signing anyone who can catch a damn football.

    They were down to the fifth/sixth/seventh string WR’s at one point.

    A pass catching TE like Carlson should help tremendously for whoever is QB.

  21. I was stoked about Allen Reisner last year, I guess this move will make it tough for him to make the final 53. So that makes me a little sad, but still, this is a good move by the Vikings.

  22. Bet This is more like $11MM over 3 years. A fair price for a TE. He will never see the end of a backloaded deal unless he becomes a star and even then they would look to rework the deal. Less than what they were paying Shaincoe! Good move for a younger option!

  23. I like the player and he will be a good fit for the offense. But 25 mil for 5 years on a guy who missed all of last season and was underwhelming prior? Is he even as good as Shiancoe?

  24. Horrible move. Shiancoe was at least as adept a catching TE as this guy, and the Vikes hardly ever ran double TE sets. Squander $5 mil on a non-need position while need position FA’s (such as WR) aren’t even bothering to schedule visits? Wow.

  25. kiaracer says:
    Mar 14, 2012 1:25 PM
    he diddnt really underwhelm the hawks had garbage at the qb and it got worse once hass was let go

    UMMM he never played with another QB, he was on IR all of last year.

    Carlson never lived up to hype or expectations. He drops way too many passes he should catch, and catches a few he shouldn’t. We paid $4 mill a year for 2 years for TJ, you paid $5 mill a year for 5 years for Carlson. TJ probably will be a back up this year, and Carlson will be a back up every year. That is a real nice signing for you guys, have fun pulling your hair out.

  26. 5 years $25 mil??? LMAO…

    Vikes just need to ink Contra to a deal and they’re contenders

  27. thankheavenfornumberseven says:
    Mar 14, 2012 1:59 PM
    He’s from Minnesota. I hope his family members buy enough season tickets to offset that $11 million.


    I doubt if his family can afford both the increase state fees on trailer park lots that will be applied to help pay for the new stadium (MN monument to stupidity) and season tickets.

  28. Or maybe Kyle Rudolph is too unhealthy to play.

    I wish no bad luck on Rudolph, but if he was injury prone in college how is he going to be healthy in the NFL???

  29. Good Lord, why would this team spend $25 million on a TE, when they’ve got two young studs in Rudolph and Reisner? It makes zero sense. Meanwhile, the team’s secondary, OL and WR continue to be virtually vacant of talent.

    $25 million with $11 mil guaranteed for a backup TE? Really?

    Is Bill Polian still unemployed? If so, will someone PLEASE tell him to send his resume to Zygi Wilf? It has become painfully obvious that Rick Spielman is not up to the job of GM. The team just burned a great deal of cap space for this year’s FA, and didn’t address a single need in the process.

  30. You can do one of two things:
    1. Get an offensive line to protect your QB
    2. Get two pass catching TEs to catch those 2 step dumps the QB will have to do because your offensive line sucks.
    I guess we know which way the Vikings are looking.

  31. makes no sense. they are paying him more than their best tight end? that is ridiculous.

    Rudolph is the future. you can get a 2nd tight end cheap.

    why not spend that money on a position you don’t have, such as CORNERBACK! SAFETY! LINEBACKER! OFFENSIVE GUARD!

    good god this franchise continues to prove it’s ineptitude.

  32. Solid signing. A Guard would be a nice addition next or DB (Landry in my dreams)

  33. Boy, I sure love it when people who are not employed by the Minnesota Vikings claim to know better than people that are now and have been in positions of authority and decision-making for years. It’s pretty cool to judge those that actually MAKE decisions, isn’t it? Especially when it’s not your money…but hey. Wait. It IS your money. You buy the tickets, the beers, the jerseys, the thongs for your girlfriends. Just don’t tell the wife, right?

    All your bitching isn’t going to change what Spielman does. The Vikings gave him the job for a reason. I don’t think Spielman reads or cares what you think or say.

    Yes, I wanted Minny to go out and buy Nicks, Jackson, and every other top-line stud. But how often does that happen and WORK? It doesn’t. We all know the names of teams that have mortgaged years and millions with nothing to show other than spots on some dumb ‘top 10 worst _____ list’. You and I don’t know how many internal, invisible deals get made before the bell even rings on Free Agency.

    The Minnesota Vikings are not in contention for anything except a new stadium right now. Chill.

  34. Any Vikings fan that doesn’t see the value in this deal is an idiot!
    We are 30 positions weak! We have glaring holes everywhere and spending big $$ on a few bug names is foolish at this point! This will take 3 years to fix. They blew it in 09′ when we should have had our super bowl. But fact is, it’s going to be a complete overhaul and they will not add big names until the foundation is set!
    Adding Kahil at #3 pick will be the only mistake they can make going forward. It’s Blackmon or Bust with this pick!
    Adding a future star with a rookie contract is the way to go! A lineman at #3 is foolish, hopefully they don’t get caught up in the Kahil drama

  35. Carlson’s a decent TE. Had a great rookie year and showed potential to be a great player. Then started dropping a lot of balls and mostly disappeared. Injuries to the line didn’t help, but when he did get opportunities to make a difference, he just wasn’t consistent.

    If he goes back to his performance as a rookie and doesn’t continue with his case of the dropsies, this is a good pickup for the Vikes. However, he was expendable in Seattle. Miller and Morrah are both better than Carlson and McCoy’s got more reliable hands.

  36. You guys need to stop hating, John is one of the best tight ends in the game today. His ability to make plays is instinctual and his hands are second to none in the league. Maybe you have not read up on his stats, he set records in Seattle that were untouched since Largent!!!! He will continue to create mismatches in the secondary and burn linebackers cause that what’s he does. John is an extremely athletic 6-5″, 250 pound future Hall of Fame tight end!!!! Take that to the bank along with his 25 million dollar contract! Haters always have to throw rocks at things that shine!!

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