Vikings to meet with John Carlson on Wednesday


Florio reported Tuesday night that free agent tight end John Carlson had lined up a visit with the Kansas City Chiefs. He also mentioned the Vikings as one of the teams showing interest in Carlson.

That interest appears to be genuine, as Adam Caplan of reports that Carlson will visit Minnesota headquarters on Wednesday.

The Vikings are in danger of losing free agent tight end Visanthe Shiancoe. While 2011 second-round pick Kyle Rudolph is ready for a full-time role, Carlson could slide in as the Vikings’ No. 2 tight end.

Carlson missed all of last season with a shoulder injury, but he was highly regarded coming out of Notre Dame in 2008. The Seahawks made him the 38th overall pick in that draft.

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  1. ooooh i get it.. we drafted our future tight end last draft so why not bring in another one when all these WR/G/CBs are all being picked up… my lord the vikings are so stupid

  2. That’s great news considering the Vikes made no noise on Tuesday while the rest of the league made alot of moves (including our own division) Two great ND tight ends would be a nice complement for our young QB. Still a little upset we didn’t pursue a top notch wide out , who would be on the field every snap. Musgrave didn’t seem to utilize many 2 TE formations last year and seems like a waste of talent to use Carson as a backup. Either way, I hope he walks out of the facility with a healthy new contract #Skol

  3. He would be a welcome addition but why aren’t the Vikes pursuing positions that they desperately need like OLine. Go get a gem like Carl Nicks, Ben Grubbs or Evan Mathis Vikings!!!!

  4. It sucks that the Pete the cheat is willing to let JC walk. But he will be a total stud for whoever picks him up! The idiot here who said that he is injury prone, is just that, an idiot. Carlson has some of the softest hands I have ever seen! He missed one game while active in his career…. On IR last year…


  6. A TIGHT END??? Yes a tight end if you think Kyle Rodolph is ready he is not plus the Vikngs only real threat is Percy Harvin bringing a 2 tight end set scheme for Rudolph and Carlson is nice threat.Notice this is coming from a Vikings fan and it would be nice for a corner but isn’t there this year vikings will select Kalil and cornerbacks this year is crap free agency and draft cause Clayborine will be gone by the Bucs and 2nd round corners have off field issues all of them this is why this year is to upgrade Ponders protection and his core he can throw.The Vikings won’t take more than 1 reciever this year and thats the third round consider the vikings will take a corner in the 2nd round hopefully the off field issues get fixed so the vikings can work on wide recievers next year

  7. great. we have holes all over our oline~corner~safety~wide recievers~hell even linebackers and we go after a guy thats a tight end. wth yo rick i had faith in you but you’re already upsetting me!!!

  8. see #4 below. Most free agents signed thusfar — cough — Redskins — cough, don’t meet this definition. Two pass catching TEs is the new normal. We get him cheap off injury and for hometown discount. That’s value. PS- Jim Leonard is next.

    val·ue   /ˈvælyu/ Show Spelled [val-yoo]


    1. relative worth, merit, or importance: the value of a college education; the value of a queen in chess.
    2. monetary or material worth, as in commerce or trade: This piece of land has greatly increased in value.
    3. the worth of something in terms of the amount of other things for which it can be exchanged or in terms of some medium of exchange.
    4. equivalent worth or return in money, material, services, etc.: to give value for value received.

  9. Carlson is being pursued for several reasons

    (1) Musgrave runs a 2 TE offense a significant portion of the time. Therefore, they need 2 quality TEs.
    (2) Shaincoe will get a big offer from another team and is gone leaving the Vikes with only one decent TE.
    (3) Carlson is from the Minneapolis area and likely wants to play for Vikes. Few players want to play for a 3-13 team.
    (4) The Vikes have only $23M for free agency. If they went for one of the over priced WRs and CBs signed yesterday, it would eat up nearly half of that money on one guy. Putting all thier eggs in one basket is not a good idea.
    (5) New GM is building the team for long term success through the draft like perenial winning teams like New England, New York Giants, Pitts burgh, Philadelphia etc. That means not spending too much on free agency.

  10. It’s very frustrating that there hasn’t been any news from the vikes pursuing any free agent receivers, if they stick with who they have at wideout it will be a long disappointing season again. Percy is great but what will he be able to do when he’s double covered all the time? John Carlson would be a nice addition at TE with Schiancoe probably on the way out. They better start making some moves considering they want a new stadium when the taxpayers need to pay nearly half. That’s my 2 cents and the Vikings are my favorite team.

  11. Who? Great thing about the Vikings, you never have to wonder why everyone looks down on us and laughs. How is it the Cowboys and Redskins get punished by taking away money in their salary cap and still go after high priced free agents, yet the Vikings are still worthless? As a lifetime Viking diehard-I can tell the truth…………

  12. Good move (I’m joking), this is the LARGEST hole on your team (sarcastic). I guess no WR, CB, or OLinemen wanted to come in for a visit. That hurts…

    Nothing against JC, he’s a stud but…

  13. Guys you need to come down off the ledge. It’s barely the second day of free agency.

  14. As Ticey would say, “Calm down, calm down…it only matters after free agancy is over.” Sure, there are more pressing needs. But…free agancy just started, and the draft is still to come. With the new focus on attacking from the TE position and creating “match-up problems” (works pretty good for a couple teams…) I wouldn’t mind seeing the soft-handed Rudolph and Carlson line-up together a few times, lets see how this play out before we judge…

  15. I don’t know why the Vikings are spending time on TEs. They’ve already got Rudolph and a promising second year player in Allen Reisner.

    Meanwhile, the team continues to lack quality at DB, OL and WR.

    I don’t get it.

  16. As a “mature” Viking fan… I’m good with this move and not throwing a temper tantrum about them not blowing their whole free agency coin on guys like Garcon and Vincent Jackson… I would like to see some aggressive moves happening on the defensive side of the ball, specifically in the defensive backfield but again, I’m a mature Viking fan and will wait the process out and not slam on my keyboard and post in all caps to show how frustrated and immature I am.

    Skol Vikes!

  17. ottoriff
    -Vikes better persue some big free agents or they’re not going to get a stadium.


    what a child.

    grow up.

  18. As a Vikings fan all I can say is calm down! The teams most involved in FA/trades are teams that are already playoff contenders, such as the Bears. The Vikes are in total rebuild mode which means shed older expensive players and focus on the draft. They really have to wait until after the draft to know where to go in spending big money in FA. This is a good two-year process, so get used to it. The Vikes are also suffering from being over the cap in the uncapped 2010, then being unable to do much last offseason with the lockout. So, be patient, and in two seasons the Vikes will be competing again.

  19. I like this. If we can land Carlson, we’d have a good 1-2 punch at TE, like Gronk and Hernandez in New England. Both Rudolph and Carlson have great hands in comparison to Shiancoe who dropped a lot of sure passes last year. This makes me think more and more that we’ll draft Kalil at #3 and work towards building a new, young o-line in the draft.

  20. Kalil must be crapping his pants knowing he might be coming to a team that is not making any strides to get better. Please at least sign LaRon Landry, we need another lumber layer besides Winfield.

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