All eyes on Buffalo

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On Wednesday afternoon, the Bills persuaded defensive end Mario Williams to change his plans and spend a second night in town, even though other teams are clamoring to bring him in.

And by promising publicly that Williams would be back at team headquarters on Thursday, the Bills may have boxed themselves in when the time came on Wednesday to try to hammer out a deal.

One way or the other, the process soon must end.  Either Williams will be getting a deal done in Buffalo, or he’ll be moving on to the next team that wants to meet with him.

As a source with knowledge of the situation said, “We are finally at the critical point. . . .  No more time left.”

And so we should know something today.  Hopefully, this morning.

28 responses to “All eyes on Buffalo

  1. Bring on the negative Buffalo comments. We can handle them. Mismanagement, and a myopic owner put us here. Maybe Ralph realizes if you can’t take it with you, you might as well spend it. I hope this is a deal!!

  2. I would think another night in Buffalo is a good sign, along with meeting/wining/dining with one of his (hopefully) future line-mates. Buffalo is not just old, decaying mills. He won’t face the scrutiny that he would in larger cities, and I hope that he sees that. Buffalo loves a winner.

  3. If he is having trouble escaping Buffalo now imagine what it will be like later. Get out while you can man. Run!

  4. So what’s your point? Williams wouldn’t of agreed to stay if he wasn’t interested in the Bills. This is just another example of so called media “experts” ragging on the Bills for trying to improve their team as if no player in their right mind would want to come to Buffalo. And whether he signs or leaves, no one can say the team didn’t make an extrodinary effort to sign him.

  5. The Bills are like that ugly girls whose feelings you don’t want to hurt but who won’t take “No” for an answer either.
    Mario just might have to gnaw his arm off just to get away.

  6. No doubt he’s using his time in Buffalo as negotiating leverage with the other 31 teams in the league right now. I just hope in the end he chooses Buffalo, even if only for the money. Once he’s here, he’s here.

  7. Come to Jax. You won’t need a shovel or an ice scraper and if we offer the same deal you’ll save about $4M in taxes alone. Plus you get to see your old friends twice a year.

  8. Why would a #1 overall pick who has never played in a playoff game want to go to a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in over a decade?

    At least wait to see what real teams are offering.

  9. swagjag says:Mar 15, 2012 8:29 AM

    Come to Jax. You won’t need a shovel or an ice scraper and if we offer the same deal you’ll save about $4M in taxes alone. Plus you get to see your old friends twice a year.
    If Mario Williams were to sign with Jacksonville, that would just mean that he would be moving to LA in two years. Say goodbye to that whole “no state income tax” arguement.

  10. Just take your fiancé to Niagra falls once you’re married. Really not much left after that other than a day trip to toronto. But then you could possibly be playing there…. Decisions decisions.

  11. @ SWAGJAG:
    When you make $15-20mil a year your car is getting parked in a garage therefore you won’t need an ice scraper.
    MARIO – come to Buffalo over Jax. You won’t see a stadium full of tarps and you will play for the most dedicated fans in the league. Plus you don’t have to deal with the ignorance of people like SWAGJAG.

  12. All this time I thought you guys were talking about Buffalo Texas…
    Buffalo NY.. omg Mario what are you thinking man!!!

  13. “Swagjag

    Come to Jax. You won’t need a shovel or an ice scraper and if we offer the same deal you’ll save about $4M in taxes alone. Plus you get to see your old friends twice a year.”

    Yeah right. Because:

    1. Real men are not scared of snow, which you clearly are.

    2. In the grand scheme, when you are making over $100 million… is losing 4% really going to change your mind?

    3. See #2. I think he could fly his buddies wherever he wanted to, whenever he wanted to.

    But yes please do go play for a team that has to drape huge swaths of their stadium seating in tarps so as to not look as pitiful as they really are.

  14. Hoping that he has a chance to come to jacksonville but after two days in Buffalo he almost HAS to sign with the Bills…cause if he doesn’t and he does get here to jacksonville…well once Gene Smith gets them in the Stadium…they walk out signed…and that is exactly what would happen here…anyone remember Poz?

  15. go to BUF & keep having to help build a playoff caliber team but get paid to do it…..or stay in H-town for a little less dough & know for a fact you’re back to the playoffs & poss a SB??
    Use your head Mario, you’re a Texan for life!

  16. i have a question–considering the only time i see him play is when they are on national tv, is he that good or they picked him instead of reggie bush and we see how reggie bush’s career has turned out thus far.

  17. gmen1987 says:
    Mar 15, 2012 8:28 AM
    Mario, you wouldn’t want to be stuck on a loser city like Buffalo.

    Frowned Upon in many Crazy Kingdoms.
    You Of all should Understand!!
    -the love is in a capital world-

  18. I bet the vast majority of people who are criticizing that city have never set foot in it. I hope they sign him and he help the bills knock the pats off their perch and shuts up the jets.

  19. Poz was smart to sign with Jax. As a bills fan I am happy he did. Mario or his agent know he is a key cog and they are testing Buffalo’s patience. Milking them. They can walk and get paid but the real gold is in Buffalo. He will like playing there no matter the weather. In November there will be a PFT article about Mario not knowing how great of a place Buffalo is to play and how much he loves it. The Bills are on the upswing. The Dolphins and Jets seem to be going in reverse and it is a division for the Pats and Bills.

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