Bills, Mario “getting closer to a deal”


In Buffalo, there will be white smoke at some point on Thursday.  The question is whether it will be coming from the chimney at the team’s facility (if, you know, it has a chimney) or from the jet that will be carrying Mario Williams to his next destination.

For now, the smart money is on the chimney.

A source with knowledge of the negotiations tells PFT that Williams and the Bills are “getting closer to a deal.”

Stay tuned.

37 responses to “Bills, Mario “getting closer to a deal”

  1. Every year the same six or seven teams go “ape” during free agency. How many titles have these teams won??? NONE! Champions are built from within.

  2. Been hearing this for (quite Literally) DAYS!!! If the Bills don’t make it happen…then quite a black eye on the Bills Front Office

  3. It is 11PM here in Taiwan, and I am staying up because I really want to see this happen. This would be the biggest signing for Buffalo since Jim Kelly came to town in 1986. Let’s Go Buffalo!

  4. Over / under for wins for Buffalo if Mario signs? It’s gotta go from 5.5 to at least 7.5, right?

  5. Bills fans, you deserve this….it would be great for the NFL. Great fans in Buffalo, just like us in Philly.

  6. I think it’s clear that Mario had just painted his car blue and red and didn’t want to have to get it re-painted.

  7. We’ve been hearing the same thing for the past two days. Bills beat reporters are saying he’s back at Bills HQ but mention nothing about a deal being close.

  8. Goes to show you how awful the prospect of living and playing in Buffalo really are! He’s been there for how long now and still hasn’t signed? Sounds like they are pretty much holding him hostage until he signs.

  9. Glac1.
    when was the last time Buffalo went Ape in FA. Terrell Owens 1 year deal? Is that bananas?

  10. An I actually believed Williams when he said (paraphrasing slightly) that money would not be the deciding factor in his next move. He’s not going to Buffalo to win SB’s, let’s face it!

  11. ebeg420 says:
    Mar 15, 2012 11:02 AM
    Bills fans, you deserve this….it would be great for the NFL. Great fans in Buffalo, just like us in Philly.

    Does that mean we’d boo Santa?

    Kidding….Thank you.

  12. I think we can all agree that the Bills are severely going to overpay, like big time.

    Having said that, he’s only one player. How does a massive deal like that affect other positions of need?

    Something to think about.

  13. Maybe Mario is having problems signing his name.

    Mr. Wilson: Just put an “X” on the dotted line, Mario.

  14. snowpea84 says:
    Mar 15, 2012 10:55 AM
    Who would ever choose to sign with the Bills?


    Last time that was heard….Reggie White/Green Bay. That turned out to be pretty good.

  15. To every ignorant poster who says that this proves he’s “all about the money”.

    Not everyone is a little b—- frontrunner who just wants to latch onto an already-made champion.

    A true leader MAKES someone a contender.

    Let’s go BUFFALO.

  16. Mario Williams is an oft injured player, and the only reason the Texans wanted him back was because Wade Phillips wanted him in the 3 -4 which Williams originally whined about because he had never played standing up.

    Once he got into Wade’s system, Mario was like a kid in a candy store… Until he got injured again!

    Check his chart:
    Sports hernia
    Turf toe
    Torn pectoral muscle

    It’s hard to find a season where Mario didn’t have an injury which slowed down his momentum.

    Good luck with that Bills’ fans!

  17. Dallas morning news is reporting Mario to visit cowboys Thursday afternoon. Its hard for teams like Buffalo and Pittsburgh to compete in free agency. The cities are so dreary and the franchises are poorly managed.

  18. I’m sure his fiancee is the one most excited about the money.

    Lock down that pre-nup Mario, don’t need to be giving her half in a couple years – ala Kobe and Strahan.

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