Broncos to host free agent cornerback Marcus Trufant

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Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos have scheduled a meeting with free agent cornerback Marcus Trufant.

Released by the Seahawks on March 7, Trufant has battled a recurring back injury for the past three years. He turned 31 in December, and it’s unclear whether Trufant has anything left in the tank.

Broncos right cornerback Andre’ Goodman struggled mightily last season, and figures to be released at some point during the spring or summer. He’s going on age 34 and due a $4.62 million base salary.

Trufant could compete with a younger player for Goodman’s old job.

10 responses to “Broncos to host free agent cornerback Marcus Trufant

  1. Damn good move in my opinion, Marcus would upgrade the Bronco secondary mightily. The youngin Chris Harris did pretty good last year, Champ was solid as usual, Goodman got torched time after time and was obviously a liability.

  2. But what does Tim Tebow think? Isn’t that all that matters in Denver? In the NFL? In pro sports?

  3. A 31 year old with back problems…. there we go Broncos! Come on…. we have the $$$ spend it! Stop waiting for Peyton, we’ve already missed out on enough Free Agents.

  4. Just because the media shoves it down our throats 24/7 it doesn’t mean that all Denver fans are like that. I think you will find that most Bronco’s fans are just that – Bronco’s fans and if Tebow can help us win then we’re Tebow fans too. But this blind allegiance to him is, imo, just stupid.

  5. Trufant is a solid CB, when healthy that is… Goodman is garbage, pretty pathetic how he only managed to get 2 INTs last year when the ball is thrown towards his side 20 times a game…

  6. Living in the Seattle area my whole life I’ve gotten the chance to see Marcus since he got drafted. Most of his career was spent behind terrible lines and average linebackers. Thinking what he can do behind a excellent pass rush gives me a woody.

  7. Trufant is never healthy and has lost a step. I’ve watched his entire career in Seattle. Those saying this would be a great move from Denver don’t know what they’re talking about.

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