Browns announce signings of Cousins, Smith, Schaefering

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The Cleveland Browns announced Thursday that they have re-signed offensive tackle Oniel Cousins, tight end Alex Smith, and defensive lineman Brian Schaefering.

All are believed to have signed one-year deals.

Cousins (pictured) has annually struggled in pass protection since the Ravens selected him in the third round of the 2008 draft. He made one start at right tackle for Cleveland last season and was benched during the game.

Smith has spent the past two seasons with the Browns, catching 15 passes. He is primarily a blocker.

Schaefering was an exclusive rights free agent. He will earn $540,000 if he makes the Browns’ 53-man roster.

20 responses to “Browns announce signings of Cousins, Smith, Schaefering

  1. was that te the te for the eagles before the browns? If o, he sucks just like the rest of the ex eagles dingleberries the browns caught from the eagles ass. LOL what are they? the redskins of the afc?LOL

  2. Yippie! This should now without a doubt help fill the seats at Cleveland Browns Stadium. A bunch of back-ups that couldn’t start on any of the other 31 teams. This organization is a complete joke, can’t wait to hear the chants of who’s going to be the next GM/Pres/Head Coach of this poorly run organization.
    Time to address the worst offense in the league and they announce a bunch of 2nd string defensive players and a back-up tight end.

  3. the Clowns have been sucking down the Ravens sloppy seconds for years. Cousins is HORRIBLE. He was a waste of a draft pick but the brass in Cleveland seem to think that they know personnel better than Ozzie Newsome.

    This is what habitually bad organizations do. And they get in these circular patterns that never change.

    The hardest thing to do as a franchise is to stop losing. The Orioles in Baltimore are mired in it. The Browns in Cleveland are as well. What do the two have in common? Bad ownership. Truth hurts, but it is the truth. Peter Angelos is directly responsible for the state of the Orioles. And frankly Randy Lerner is for the state of the Browns. He cares more about soccer than football. And the product that they put out on the field shows it. While everyone thinks Holmgren was such a great hire, no one bothered to look at his record as GM of the Seattle Seahawks. It was putrid. Why then would he be given the keys to the car again? Because you have an owner abdicating responsibility for making sure that the team is run by qualified people.

  4. Wow,..I’m so impressed Browns….

    Terrrible management running this team. Thw Browns need a RB, WR, RT, CB, LB at the very least and they do NOTHING in free agency.

    There is a minimum cap amount you must spend. Quit ripping off the fans of Cleveland and put a friggin’ competative team on the field!!!


  5. That picture of Cousins says it all . . .

    It also pretty much sums up the fans enthusiasm level for this regime.

    So, we let Hillis leave rather than even attempt to top the KMart offer KC made; we cut Steinbach; but we resign Cousins, a TE who will catch 10 passes next year, and a backup DE. Oh, and we gave Frostee Rucker 8 million guaranteed.

    Good thing we got rid of Hillis and Steinbach and blew the “savings” on a part-time player from the Bengals. I couldn’t be happier. Yay.

    What’s next Randy? Setting the city on fire and killing our families?

  6. Schaefering is solid – looks like the D-line is set assuming Rucker is a starter.

    Big loss in Mike Adams – that leaves Hagg as the only FS unless you count Sheldon Brown making the position change.

    Ward and Young to me seem like SS, or near the line of scrimmage secondary players with limited range.

  7. Arrogant front office-check. Incompetent head coach-check. Alienated fans-check. FA WR’s avoiding our “situation” like the plague-check. A sally ass soccer fan for an owner-check. Over paying for average at best FA’s-check. 4 wins per year on average-check. Do I need to continue? As a season ticket holder and life long fan, the ONLY reason to go down there on Sundays is to tailgate and have fun with friends and family. This regime is a joke. Don’t give me the “build through the draft” line anymore either. Remind me of that after we win 4 or 5 games this season…again.

  8. at least they’re not wasting money on over-paying for Matt Flynn – not interested in the least. Not interested in Tannehill unless we;re in round 2 either

  9. Rejoice Browns fans Lerner will only wake up when that place is empty and it will be empty….even diehard fans are tired of this nonsense…worst coach and President in the NFL….it is pitiful when the Bengals organization makes you look foolish…

  10. I am a die-hard Browns fan and am angry as hell that we have done absolutely nothing but re-sign the garbage that stunk last year or the last few years. I admit that RGIII’s price may have been too much, but one of those picks was for House Money, whereas the Redskins would have to go w/o a 1st rounder until 2015, we could have been back in the game in 2014 and with Holmgren sounding like he put the same deal on the table just makes it worse.

    I’m tired of losing. I am tired of hearing from Steeler fans…or anybody’s fans. I want to win. I want owners who want to win. We cannot win with ’em. Can’t do it.

    uuuuuuuugh! Disgusted – I can’t even hope that RGIII sucks because it won’t matter if he is Mike Phipps (55TDs to 108INTs) or Cam Newton because he isn’t our QB. With owners like this, who needs enemies. It’s like the Indians owner on Major League over here.

  11. hey idiots… free agency isn’t over yet and the draft has yet to take place. tom heckert’s got a pretty decent track record this last decade or so but feel free to overreact to cheap signings who might not even make the final 53 man roster.

    check out the record of teams who “win” march and april then check out what “good” organizations do in march and april.

    the former teams (washington, oakland, philly last year) overpay lots of free agents who inevitably fail to live up to their contracts and get released.

    the latter teams (new england, philly when heckert was there, baltimore, pittsburg) sign lots of cheap guys coming off injuries or who haven’t started regularly and give them a try in camp (low risk) and they make sure their draft picks have an impact.

    at least there is one thing i know my Browns can lead the league in… whiny fans.

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