Browns re-sign cornerback Patterson for three years, $16 million


Florio is reporting that the Browns have re-signed cornerback Dimitri Patterson to a three-year, $16 million contract.

The deal guarantees Patterson $6 million.

Patterson, 29 in June, operated as the Browns’ nickel corner last season, covering the slot on passing downs. Joe Haden and Sheldon Brown were the outside cornerbacks, though Brown may move to safety this year depending on the team’s acquisitions in the draft and rest of free agency.

Patterson finished last season with 28 tackles and 12 pass breakups. He had four interceptions as a nine-game starter in Philadelphia the year before.

33 responses to “Browns re-sign cornerback Patterson for three years, $16 million

  1. Good signing he made some good plays as the nickle corner and sheldon is getting old. Kinda tips our hand for the draft…until now I thought Claiborne or Blackmon would be our target but starting to look more like Blackmon.

    njdevil7 keep watching hockey because you can’t evaluate football players…hes pretty good

  2. Somehow I put a tad more stock into the evaluation and professional assessment of Dick Jauron than that of some unknown Eagles fan njdevil7. This is a good signing and not only will allow Sheldon Brown to move to free safety, but also, along with the signing of DE Frostee Rucker, pretty much takes care of the defensive side of the ball. RDE and CB were the two holes needed to be filled on a defense that Jauron (not njdevil7) took from 28th to 10th in the NFL last year. Now it should be on to signing OT Demetrius Bell or OT Levi Brown in free agency to replace Tony Pashos at RT and then draft offensive difference makers with the 4th, 22nd, and 37th picks in the draft. Look out, Pitts. Here we come!

  3. He was awful with the Eagles. Just plain awful. I don’t understand this contract

  4. Well this kinda excludes Claiborne from our draft board and with the Chiefs signing of Peyton Hillis does this place Trent Richardson at the top of our board.

    Browns fans Richardson or Blackmon??? who do you want???

  5. He’s just a slot corner. He’s awful as a starting corner but as a slot corner, he’s good. We need a new starting corner instead Brown and we’ll be good.

  6. Wow..An Eagles fan commenting on overpaying for a CB? Is there anything more ironic, How did Asante and that other guy work out for you? Patterson was solid in the role he was in and after watching the Ralph Brown’s and Hank Poteats of the world it was refreshing. Patterson was better than Eric Wright and look at the ridiculous deal he just got. Good Value to keep one of the leagues best Pass defenses in tact.

  7. I suspect this does not impact their draft at all. Patterson is not a starter (at least I would hope not, though I like the signing). I actually think they’re drafting Claiborne at 4 unless they can trade down, as he’s an elite talent, and this is a receiver rich draft.

  8. got to give credit to the defense at #10 this past year… not sure why their wins were only 4. Need to make an impact on offense. I think it is only a ‘pulse’ of life in Berea… Walrus must be loving the local eateries…

  9. Oldbrowndawg, don’t let that 10th ranked defense fool you… The Browns padded their defensive stats against a very soft schedule. They were torched when they played good teams. While they improved a bit last year, their defense was nowhere near as good as what 10th overall indicates.

  10. yeah look out AFC north, we are overspending on average (at best) players. Our offensive scheme won a super bowl 20 years ago and has not been updated. Our QB is by far the worst in our division. The bears back-up is twice as good as our starter. Look out, we are gonna draft a short receiver, and then wonder why he didn’t work out. We ordered one of our free agent signings at a Wendy’s drive thru. Our running back lost his mind last year and is now gone. Yeah look out now our D is set we will lose 21-6, in lieu of 28-6. Holmgren didn’t want to coach because his heart wasn’t in it, well it be nice if his mind was in on being the President of the Browns. Here it comes folks, watch out. 2-14! To get to the playoffs we need to beat the teams in our division. Last I checked those teams had Roethlisberger, Flacco, and Dalton – we have Colt McCoy. So there is 0-6 again!!!!!!! I can’t wait to buy season tickets.

  11. @steelhammer

    They played the same schedule as the Pittsburgh Steelers with the exception of two games (which doesn’t include the 2 the Steelers played against the Browns) which one could argue makes it a softer schedule than the Browns. Yet, the Steelers #1 ranking is accurate? So either it was as good as #10 or the Steelers were nowhere near #1.

  12. Not a true top ten defense yet because they can’t stop the run consistently. Pieces are being put in place, however. Like what is being done so far, not flashy, but steady.

  13. I was sad to see my Eagles let him go, he was a good football player. Some birds fans didn’t like him, but I write that off to believing the press and not having a mind of their own. Solid player.

  14. As a Browns fan, it really surprises me how many of my fellow fans deny the living daylights out of reality. What I mean is that most of the posts that describe what a crappy CB Patterson is have ton of “thumbs down.”

    Why the thumbs down? Patterson DOES suck! Sure, he made some plays last year, but *every* CB in the league makes a play once in a while. Seems to me that he was much better at giving huge cushions, getting burned by WRs, and racking up dumb defensive penalties.

    I love it how the Browns are zillions under the salary cap, have no right side O-line, have no receivers, let one of the few RBs in recent history that people actually got excited over walk for peanuts, let RGIII slip away even though they were in the best position to trade up for him– but they sit and watch all the other GMs make aggressive moves to shore up the weak areas of their teams while the Browns re-sign has-beens or never-wases like John Greco and Patterson to generous deals. The Browns are severely retarded. I am saying this as a FAN. It just seems like no matter who is making the decisions (Dwight Clark, Phil Savage, Tom Heckert, Holmgren, whoever—) they just keep making dumb decisions that utterly defy logic. It’s almost as if they think they’re fooling someone (other than themselves, that is.)

    So Browns fans- Quit living in denial and giving thumbs down to comments about Dimitri Patterson sucking because HE SUCKS and that is the truth! Stop living in a fantasy world and trying to pretend like he’s anything more than a thoroughly medicore-at-best CB. At this point, the Browns are never gonna change unless the fans practically revolt and boycott this dumb team until they can show us that it’s not “business as usual” year in and year out.

  15. indyeagle says:
    Mar 15, 2012 1:02 PM
    I was sad to see my Eagles let him go, he was a good football player. Some birds fans didn’t like him, but I write that off to believing the press and not having a mind of their own. Solid player.


    I write it off to Dimitri Patterson being mathematically the worst starting CB in the NFL in 2010.

    But hey…believe what you will.

  16. steelhammer92 sez:

    Oldbrowndawg, don’t let that 10th ranked defense fool you… The Browns padded their defensive stats against a very soft schedule. They were torched when they played good teams.

    Did you actually watch any football last year? You mean like when Pig Ben “torched” the Browns 13-9? Was that before or after he was picking his face up out of the dirt? Go back to your Madden…let the adults talk for awhile…

  17. Good thing there was no money for Hillis, but they can throw millions at mediocre role players like Frostee and Patterson.

    I’m done with this team. Done.

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