Cartwright crosses the Bay

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After two years with the Raiders, running back Rock Cartwright (Cartwright!) will remain in the Bay Area.

A league sources tells PFT that Cartwright has agreed to terms with the 49ers.  It’s a one-year deal.

Cartwright spent eight years with the Redskins before signing in Oakland two years ago.  Primarily a reserve and special-teams player, he has five career starts.

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  1. If this is true is a bad move by the Raiders. Rock is one of those Special Teams Players that makes the whole squad better.

    I think good special teams is the differenc between a good team and a great team… the niner know better than anybody after the Championship game.

  2. In Washington, he always played 100%, a man of football integrity. Mostly on specials, but a man who respects the privilege it is to play football for a living.

  3. if i remember correctly, he’s not completely useless out of the backfield which is getting crowded for the niners…they showed with costanzo that they want their special teams players to play a position as well, possibly take the 3rd down role from dixon

  4. Good luck to Cartwright as he continues his football career. He was a player you never had to worry about as far as doing his job and giving maximum effort.

    That said, people that are saying this is a “big loss” need to calm down. You can find others to replace a 32 year old special teams player at a more affordable cost. The Raiders are just continuing their youth movement. Cartwright will be missed, but it’s not like they’re losing an integral part of the team. McKenzie will find players to fill the role.

  5. yea, but it takes more then special teams to win the ring….and If I remember right we were horrible on S.T. last season so did Cartwright really make an impact??? Not a big loss….its D we need to look at it as well…

  6. I’m happy to see raider fans loved him too. He was a massive fan favorite in D.C. too. Always hustles.

  7. a fan fav in DC. ran the ball like hell when given the opportunity, and got in your face if you crossed him. always root for charactor guys like him. and at 5’8 he’s been an underdog all his life congrats rocky!

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