Contract “for life” would require two contracts, league approval

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Titans owner Bud Adams has offered Peyton Manning a contract “for life.”  As crazy as it sounds in the salary-cap era, it can happen.

Per a source with knowledge of the league’s procedures, Manning and the Titans would be required to sign two contracts:  one for the work as player, and one for the job as a non-player.  The second job would have to be a “real job,” and the wages for the second job would have to represent fair market value.  Manning would have to actually perform the duties of the job after his playing career ends.

Also, the entire arrangement would require league approval.

There would be no cap charge during Manning’s playing career.  However, if the second contract pays higher than fair market value or if Manning doesn’t perform the services required, the Titans would face salary cap charges and other penalties for circumventing the cap, including fines and possible loss of draft choices.

To the extent that the contract “for life” would entail purchasing a portion of the team, there would be salary cap implications.  Before getting to that point, the transaction would have to be approved by a vote of the 32 owners.

It’s unknown whether Adams would attempt to convey minority ownership of the Titans to Manning.

36 responses to “Contract “for life” would require two contracts, league approval

  1. Way too complicated.. Titans seem quite desperate at this point… Go to Denver sign a 3-5 year deal and then retire or work where you want. Sounds like they are putting Peyton in a box.

  2. Will the NFL approve it now and then 2 years later take millions of dollars from the Titan’s salary cap claiming that it broke a “directive” from the commissioner’s office?

  3. Manning hasn’t even chosen the Titans yet and we’re talking about a deal for life? Why would Manning tie himself to the Titans in that way?

  4. Kudos to Adams and the Titans for thinking outside the box.

    Tennessee is a perfect fit for Manning too… played in college there, the Titans were near the best in the league in protecting the quarterback despite not having a great running game, warm (enough) weather, easy division, and AFC.

    I can’t see how this won’t happen at this point.

  5. The Broncos, Cardinals, and Dolphins should all pull out of the running now and take care of the business they’ve put on hold waiting for this ridiculous circus to conclude. Once the Titans are Manning’s only suitors we’ll see what their offer is.

  6. Knowing Bud Adams, Peyton should be worried that “contract for life” means a 2-year deal and a plan to have Manning put down at the end of the 2013 season.

  7. just go to miami, you already have a condo there where you can sail off into the “sunlife” from there (haha i made a funny)

  8. Manning played 3 years in college in Tennessee, then spent 14 years in Indianapolis building a legacy as one of the best QB’s in history. Think about. I doubt the state of Tennessee has any special significance for Manning now.

  9. Peyton manning will be the biggest mistake a franchise makes..

    one hit solid hit and his career is over.

  10. This is just insane. Manning may get rag dolled the first game and never play again. Bud’s lost his mind and other owners should never approve this or other players are going to want the same thing.

  11. I don’t get this at all. Idk why the titans are even a legitimate option for Peyton. Even with him they are a 8-8 not making the playoffs team. The cardinals and donkeys make much more sense to me

  12. So let’s get this straight…”There would be no cap charge during Manning’s playing career”. Well then why 2 contracts…I’ve never seen a 5-yr contract for $0.

  13. The only action the NFL needs to take at this point is to call a mental health facility in Nashville, and report that there is a delusional, 1,000-year-old man that is ready for the sleeveless shirt and the room with striped sunlight, padded walls and no corners.

  14. Okay … just saw the earlier story. Adams is going to transition Manning into an executive role, not a coaching role. Still don’t understand the cap issue if he’s in a non-playing role. And “lifetime contract” is too close to “life sentence” for my tastes.

  15. Manning better check to make sure that “contract for life” refers to Manning’s life – not Bud Adams’s. The last time Bud Adams entered a “contract for life” he fire the guy after two years.

  16. These “I’ll do anything to get you, including sell the farm” deals seldom work out well. They are usually based on emotion instead of sound business sense.

    Having said that though, Manning does have a unique almost god-like following in Tennessee so his mere presence guarantees millions in income to the Titans in terms of Jerseys, tickets, etc.

    It still seems to me you have an very old, emotional owner telling his well-qualified business/football people what to do. Then he may be putting those same execs in a weird position should Manning take on a future Elway-like role. My gut tells me this will end poorly in the long run if it goes through.

  17. All these comments about Peyton getting hit once and he is done obviously know nothing about his surgery. His neck will actually be stronger now than before. Too much is being made of the Titan for Life statement. Adams is just making a point that PM is loved in Tennessee and wants him to stay there after his playing days are over. Give the guy a break. I would take my time as well. Heck its only been a week. I can’t wait to see him tearing it up as a Titan!

  18. So beyond the fact he went to school in the state 15 years ago…I’m at a loss as to why he would want to play, live and work in TN for the rest of his life or even the next 4 years

  19. Just a shame the Fish won’t be there to realize his dream of coaching his former rival.

  20. Bud should offer Peyton 51% ownership in exchange for changing his name to Bud Adams Jr.

    Seriously though, the Dolphins need to hurry up and get Matt Flynn, the Cards just need to ride Kolb one more season to see if there’s any chance he has the chops, and Peyton needs to fly on back to Denver where he can easily make the playoffs each year and finally solve that Tebow problem, which in turns sends Tim to Jacksonville.

  21. If Peyton’s gonna do that for any team, it would be the Colts, not the Titans.

  22. I’m a Denver fan who is on the fence about signing Manning. I’m quite positive that Tebow just can’t hang, and adding Peyton would obviously be an upgrade of biblical proportions . But this Bud Adams fella is reeking of desperation. The titans have two good Quarter backs in Locker and hasselbeck it just doesn’t make sense that you would hinder the development of locker for a three year stint with a great QB. At least with Denver you are not flushing your future down the toilet, because there is no one on the roster who is they’re for the long term

  23. Two things I don’t get and are not explained well. One …why no cap charge during the playing career. Second, that a contract for life entails purchasing a portion of the team …ALSO THE PART ABOUT HOW THAT HAS SALARY CAP IMPLICATIONS….HUH??

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