Cowboys pair Dan Connor with Sean Lee at inside linebacker

Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the Cowboys have agreed to terms with linebacker Dan Connor, formerly of the Panthers.

In Dallas, Connor will reunite with fellow Penn State alumnus Sean Lee. Lee and Connor figure to be Dallas’ 2012 starting inside linebackers, with Connor likely being replaced by Bruce Carter in nickel alignments.

The No. 36 overall free agent on the PFT Hot 100, Connor is a run-stopping linebacker who should prove a significant upgrade on Bradie James.

James and Keith Brooking, the Cowboys’ starting inside linebackers to open last season, are free agents and won’t be back in Dallas.

58 responses to “Cowboys pair Dan Connor with Sean Lee at inside linebacker

  1. That’s not Connor in that pic, it’s Jordan Senn.. Anyway good pickup cowgirls, he’s very underrated and I hope he shines in Dallas

  2. Thanks for the hard play Dan. You will be missed. As a guy from Phily, I’m surprised he picked the Boys.

  3. Great move by the Cowboys! Been a fan for over 30 years and seems like the front office is finally making smart moves.

  4. Take it from a Panther fan – your ranking of Connor is ridiculous. Did you watch our defense last year? You probably couldn’t, without being sick. And Connor was the starting MLB, when he wasn’t hurt.

    If he’s an upgrade over Bradie James, it is minimal at best.

  5. As much as I hate the Cowboys I gotta give them some props for this move,watched both these guys at PSU and must say I’d LOVE to have either on the Giants. Nice work by the Cowboys.

  6. Glad to see the boys so active this early in FA. We have made some really nice additions that target our needs. This way we should be able to draft the best available player.

  7. wow I really like this pick up! looks like big d finally knows what they are doing. so far so good! keep it up!

  8. cowboys are really getting after it in free agency. guess that 10 mil penalty was not that big a deal.

  9. The Cowboys are having one of the BEST OFF SEASONS IN RECENT HISTORY! With the Signings of:
    Brandon Carr CB
    Kyle Orton QB
    L.Vickers FB
    Makenzy Bernadeau Guard
    B.Pool Safety
    Dan Connor LB
    With all of these signings the team has addressed alot of the areas needing their attention. Our Draft now can be about “BEST AVAILABLE PLAYER” that still can add depth at a need position. Right now I would draft Poe or DeCastro and be leaning towards Poe because the DT position isn’t as deep as the OL Guards.
    Rd 1 Poe
    Rd 2 Best Avail. Guard
    Rd 3 Best Avail CB/S
    Cowboys will be back in 2012!

  10. We NEVER should’ve traded that 2nd round pick the ‘GIRLS. Sean Lee would’ve sured our MLB position for years to come.

    I’m pretty sure T’eo is at home staring at the ceiling.

  11. Wish I could say I’m surprised the Eagles didn’t upgrade their linebackers with him….can’t wait to watch our awesome trio of late and undrafted linebackers again

  12. And the Cowboys just keep on making very solid moves. Another great addition to replace Brooking and James. Keep it going, Cowboys….

  13. Dallas making smart moves this offseason to deal with an uber competitive NFC East. They are removing all the easy targets that were apart of their defense last year.

  14. Well…was hoping Bruce Carter would be ready. But I think these former teammates can make a good pair.

  15. Very smart economical moves by the Cowboys this offseason. Carr was a little overpriced but that was due to Finnegans contract. I feel much better heading into the draft. I don’t have a favorite in the draft, just want the best player available and our moves this offseason allow the Cowboys to do so.

    Go Cowboys!!!!!

  16. mempusa says:
    Mar 15, 2012 4:49 PM
    Attaboy Panthers! Good job letting your leading tackler walk away
    He wouldn’t have started because Beason is coming back. Connor wanted to start. But keep up the good work mempusa.

  17. Dallas is where really good players go to become mediocre. Why anybody would sign with that underachieving franchise is beyond me.

  18. I watched this guy at Strath Haven HS and he was a monster. He was like 6’2″ 200lbs back then and he just ran over those little opposing players. The Cowboys got themselves a hell of a player.

  19. made a comment critical of Andy Reid here and it was censored. Nice. Welcome to Amerika. Oh, watch this get censored now.

  20. Dan Connor is an undersized slow linebacker who is injury prone! He has heart but thats it! Nice signing plastic face!

  21. Cowboys are filling the holes nicely! Hopefully they pick up a WR to add some depth either in FA or the draft. Go Cowboys!

  22. Anyone would prefer Willis and Bowman to Lee and Connor. What’s your point? We’re rebuilding a tired, old defense and we can’t break the bank at every turn. It will be fine. Nice lil duo, but not perennial pro bowlers.

  23. Some great moves by Dallas! They are not professing to be a dream team at all, but they will be a lot more solid than last year! Cant wait for the season to start! How bout them Cowboys!!

  24. I like it but I think the Cowboys should draft another RB also. Why? Felix Jones. Felix is fast but injury prone. And if Murray goes down we need a solid back up and its not Felix.

  25. Great signing, and there’s still people who think Jerry Jones knows nothing about football.

  26. Over rated LB that is injured A LOT. Cowgirls are doing what the cowgirls do; signing big named free agents to big contracts that they end up regretting in a year or two. Name a middle line backer that has ever flourished in a Rob Ryan defense???? I can’t think of one. Also, name a MLB that was all-pro for the cowgirls……. For a team with so much history, and always in super bowl contention I believe they only have 12 HOFers. Doesn’t seem like that proud of a franchise to me. This is what the iggles did last year, and we all saw where that got them. Connor will be injured for most of the season and the girls will bring loud mouth brooking back in so he can complain about calls that should have gone their way. God bless cowgirl fans for thinking they are going to the super bowl year in and year out. Remember, Jerrah can’t draft for crap.

  27. doncornelious says:
    Mar 15, 2012 5:12 PM
    I watched this guy at Strath Haven HS and he was a monster. He was like 6’2″ 200lbs back then and he just ran over those little opposing players. The Cowboys got themselves a hell of a player.

    You are referring back to his high school days???? Really. Just plain stupid. I was a hell of an athlete in high school too, but I am not being given millions of dollars in the NFL now. Talk about reaching for something positive. Like I stated before……. The girls will be lucky if he plays 8 games. The panthers MLBs blew last year. Expect the same this year for the girls.

  28. bigd88 says:
    Mar 15, 2012 4:38 PM
    Linebacker U is coming to Dallas.

    Linebacker U moniker doesn’t exist for any school other than the real U. Miami produces line backers that beat the tar out of sally penn state LB’s. Probably because they all became familiar with Sandusky if you know what I mean.

  29. Idk fellas. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t this k there is an MLB in a 3/4 D Isn’t it 2 outsides and 2 insides? Sam. Mike and Will exist in a 4/3. Again correct if wrong.

  30. tonyromoisterrible says:
    March 15, 2012 9:16 PM

    Also, name a MLB that was all-pro for the cowgirls…..

    Lee roy Jordan

  31. You Cowgirl fans are cracking me up with your whooping and hollering about another Super Bowl, based on signing Panthers backups.

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but Makenzy Bernadeau couldn’t crack the starting lineup of a 6-10 team, and he started on a 2-14 team in 2010 that was the worst offensive line in the history of the sport of football, on any level, in any era. Connor only started because Jon Beason got hurt. I’m sure, being in Dallas, that none of you saw any Panthers games last year. The reason we were 6-10 was because we had absolutely no defense (we were 5th in the NFL in scoring).

    Congratulations, you have just signed 2 career backup, injury-prone Panthers rejects. Super Bowl or bust, right?????????????

  32. chadmurdigan says:
    Mar 15, 2012 4:44 PM
    Dallas has an excellent player with Connor. Why the Panthers let him go is beyond me.

    Probably because the starter in front of him is a probowl caliber MLB and no team can resign everyone they draft to what they “think” they deserve. Conner was injured often, and while a great run stopper, isn’t great in passing situations. So why do you want to invest $$$ in a part time player. They are betting on Beason coming back and playing at a high level, could burn them in the end, we’ll see. Wasn’t like he set the world on fire last year while Beason was out, or else he would still be a Panther.

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