Cutler: Marshall has a checkered past, but he’s a good guy

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is standing up for his new No. 1 receiver, Brandon Marshall, saying that he knows from their time together in Denver that Marshall is a good man.

“I know he has a checkered past, and Brandon is the first one to stand up and admit to that,” Cutler said on WMVP-AM 1000, via the Daily Chronicle. “But I know deep down he’s a good guy. He made some mistakes, but going forward, I see nothing but bright things for the guy.”

If the latest allegations are true, Marshall has a checkered present, not only a checkered past. Marshall stands accused of punching a woman at a nightclub over the weekend, an incident that may have been the last straw for him in Miami and the reason the Dolphins traded him. Cutler said he talked to Marshall and hopes Bears fans will wait until all the facts come out about the most recent case.

“I talked to Brandon [on Tuesday], and I think he was bummed about it, the perception and everything, of him getting to Chicago and that [controversy] being over his head,” Cutler said. “Let’s not judge him quite yet.”

Cutler says he lobbied the Bears to acquire Marshall, and Cutler knows he’s putting his own reputation on the line in vouching for his buddy. That’s not surprising, because if Marshall plays like the All-Pro receiver he’s capable of being, Cutler will be one of the beneficiaries. But if Marshall’s off-field issues continue to plague him in Chicago, Cutler vouching for him as a good guy will look dumb.

38 responses to “Cutler: Marshall has a checkered past, but he’s a good guy

  1. Still not buying that offense. No other noteworthy pass catchers and a weak offensive line. Forte is great, Cutler is pretty good, and Marshall, when his head is on straight, is pretty good, too.

    Defense is getting old.

    Still GB and Det’s division for years.

  2. faulkn22 says:
    Mar 15, 2012 7:30 AM
    Still not buying that offense. No other noteworthy pass catchers and a weak offensive line. Forte is great, Cutler is pretty good, and Marshall, when his head is on straight, is pretty good, too.

    Defense is getting old.

    Still GB and Det’s division for years.


    You think? How many years would you say it has been Detroits division?

  3. Thanks again Bill Parcells. You were worse than Rick Spielman. OK. MAybe not worse. But just as bad.

  4. If this was his first time in trouble I would agree with Jay. Unfortunately, when you are a proven scumbag, you lose the benefit of the doubt.

  5. Great receiver if he can stay on the field and the Bears will be a much better offense with him. The Bears aren’t done at this position either, they at least add another WR in the draft.

  6. Between Cutler and Marshall they have 0 playoff experience in a combined 12 years of playing. Both were shipped from their previous teams for being problems. Marshall was a headache for 2 teams who leaves his last team just after he get’s back in the news for the wrong reasons. Reunited on an aging team that just got rid of the OC that resurrected Cutler’s career.

    This should work out well.

  7. he does not have to live up to his bronco days for him to be effective for the bears. his precense on the field will allow bennet and the other recievers to have breakout years. that along with martz not calling for 18 step drops on every play will improve the offense greatly. and spare me the it worked with the rams b.s. that is the only place it worked and he has been with how many teams since? did not think it was possible for anybody to be a worse play caller than ron turner but martz proved me wrong!

  8. No, alejandroinhouston, he wasn’t…But I’ll bet you will be if Cutler and Marshall resume their Pro Bowl chemistry. God forbid you might have to eat your words.

  9. Reminds me of the joke, “So other than that, what did you think of the play Mrs. Lincoln?”

    Brandon Marshall is a magnet for trouble. He’s nuts. His wife is nuts. His friends are nuts.

  10. I agree Marshall has a bad rap, I have read three versions of this latest story including Marshalls wife was hit with a beer bottle (which would get me swinging too) and that it was a guy that was hit. He is an idiot but it sounds like the other parties involved either are too or are looking for an easy payday.

  11. faulkn22 says: Mar 15, 2012 7:30 AM

    Still GB and Det’s division for years.


    I only hope the media starts saying that too. Seems like every time the “geniuses” say Chicago sux, we at least get to the NFC Championship! Oh, but it’s been over a year since that happened, so that’s ancient history, right? In 2010, ESPN “geniuses” were putting Chicago LAST in the division. (They won the division, and eventually lost to WC GB in NFC Championship. Last year, they were 7-3 before losing Cutler, then Forte, then Knox. Yeah, they suck, huh? Now they have Marshall AND a solid back-up QB. And those old guys on defense. 🙂 Can’t wait to watch Pep running wild in the division games!

  12. BOY!!!!! Talk about 2 head cases…Wait 3 headcases when ya throw Marshalls wacky wife into the mix…….So Far what we know is Marshall has Borderline Personality disorder…..An impossible psychological condition to deal with, God knows what Cutlers deal is, besides being at times a sulking baby he clearly has other issues going on….The one thing we should all agree on is both these guys are insanely talented….Cutler has an awesome arm , Im not a Bears fan at all, but there is no doubt that Cutler has all the talent to be great, he’s just had some bad luck with freak injuries then throw in his sometimes bizarre personality and way tooo many different either QB coaches or offensive coordinators toi ever get that comfort zone….Marshall is just like Cutler as far as talent goes, he really could be one of the best in the league if he’d ever get some stabiliry, but if he truly does have Borderline, its always gonna be something with him….

  13. Cutlers is one of the best QB’s in the league. Like most though, he has never had a real team around him. So many QB’s get credit for things they are not responsible for. Eli is the best example. The Bears have never put together a great OL. Even the 85 team was bad at the OL. Give Cutler some weapons and a OL and see what happens. Marshall will dominate at his position the way he always does.

  14. Whats Cutler supposed to say? If he is honest and says, ‘The guy has talent but is both immature and violence prone” won’t get him any points with management and the coaches.

  15. Between Cutler and Marshall they have 0 playoff experience in a combined 12 years of playing.

    Yeah, except for that time when cutler and the Bears made it to the NFC title game.

  16. @Eagleswin While Marshall may be a headcase I guess he isn’t the only idiot out there. “0 playoff experience in 12 years??? Hmmm lets see who was the team 2 seasons ago that made it one game from the Super Bowl and played Green Bay in the NFC Championship game??? Was it the Eagles??? Nooooooooo hmmm oh wait it was Jay Cutler and the Bears. Morons should be removed from the boards by force.

  17. Well Cutler got his QB coach and his WR…this is the year he has to take his game to another level if he’s to be considered a player who lives up to his talent level(and yes I know he was playing pretty well for a bit there last year before he got hurt). No more excuses.

  18. Problem is our owner. He won’t spend a dime. To him it’s not about winning. Its about making money without having to spend much doing it. Oh well, at least we have the Hawks & SOX!

  19. How does Cutler define “past” — the last two days following the punch to a woman’s face?

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