David Garrard to begin making visits, would consider Lions


With Shaun Hill and Drew Stanton receiving interest from the Rams and Jets, respectively, the Lions are currently without a backup quarterback for Matthew Stafford.

Free agent David Garrard could be an option. Garrard’s agent told MLive.com’s Anwar Richardson that his client plans to start arranging free agent visits on Thursday, and the Lions are among the teams Garrard is considering.

“If the Lions are interested in David’s services, we will listen,” agent Al Irby said. “… Once Peyton [Manning] makes a decision, based on recent activity, David will be a hot quarterback.”

Garrard, who has started 76 career games, sat out all of last season while rehabbing a bad back. He declared himself 100 percent recovered in late February, and should resurface this year as one of the top backup quarterback candidates available on the free agent market.

20 responses to “David Garrard to begin making visits, would consider Lions

  1. Hope the Redskins show some interest in DG too! I like his ability to move around, and make things happen! Also, he would probably be good for RG3 to brainstorm with!

  2. Why aren’t all these QB’s waiting to see where Peyton’s going? To see if a starting opportunity pops up. I don’t get it.

  3. As for those fans around the league who continue to think skins fans feel entitled, you kiss my a**. Don’t hate because we have an owner willing to spend to have a successful franchise for his loyal fans. There have definitely been missteps/mistakes/mismanagement in the process which all of the skins fans are very aware of, but you can’t hate him for wanting to spend to make the skins a better football team. Any fan around the league would love an owner willing to spend to make his team successful.

  4. Wasnt he complaining that he wanted to play somewhere? And not sit?

    You wont get to play in Detroit. Ever. Stafford is a tough kid, and wont miss many games.

  5. And so it begins for the Lions. Wth so much money tied up in Suh, Stafford & Johnon, they cannot afford to keep even one of their BU QBs. As a result, they have to be happy with a lesser quality player like Garrard. The Lions having to settle for lower-priced players will become the norm. Also, back to 6-10 records.

  6. Knowing the Daniel Snyder, he’ll offer Garaud $60M guaranteed to be a back up in Washington! The way the skins overspend and get nothing in return fills my heart with joy!

    Eat the rich!

    A few months back, both Drew Stanton and Shaun King were saying they were happy to stay in Detroit as backups. I think they’ll both regret leaving if they go.

    I always thought Drew Stanton had the best job in the NFL. I wish I had his job. He gets paid a ton of money, works close to home, and doesn’t get hit (as long as the King and Stafford are healthy).

  7. sadskinsfan89 says: Mar 15, 2012 1:34 PM

    good or bad I love all the skins talk.


    Me too! I find it kinda fun. If we can’t win a damn thing, at least everyone around the league still likes to discuss the skins.

  8. If the Lions are interested, then ok.

    If David Garrard is just saying he “would consider” the Lions if they called, then that guy is about to remind me of Donovan McNabb and his delusional awesomeness.

    Why wouldn’t a bottom 5 quarterback listen to offers from a top 5 team? I really, really hope the Lions did call, just so it turns out he doesn’t think he’s so good he can talk like that.

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