DeSean Jackson: “I’m going to guarantee a Super Bowl”


Last year the Eagles’ “Dream Team” nickname was derisively used against them after their big-name free-agent signings didn’t turn them into title contenders. But that isn’t stopping one Eagle from boasting about the team’s prospects.

DeSean Jackson, the wide receiver who signed a five-year contract with a base value of $47 million to remain with the Eagles, is brimming with confidence right now.

“I have five bright years to look for,” Jackson said, via the team’s website. “In one of those years, I’m going to guarantee a Super Bowl because we’ve been close the past four years that I’ve been here. Last year, with it being a tough year, just the way we caught on fire towards the end of the year, I see this team as the sky being the limit.”

Those comments are sure to be remembered by players and fans of opposing teams, just as Vince Young’s “Dream Team” label turned into a curse last season. But Jackson is not backing down from his lofty goals.

“I just have to take the bar to another level,” Jackson said, “and I want to shoot for the Hall of Fame and I want to shoot for the Super Bowl.”

135 responses to “DeSean Jackson: “I’m going to guarantee a Super Bowl”

  1. Oh, DJax, what have you done.

    Although it’s better than saying “Now I’m just gonna’ phone it in!”

  2. Clearly he is just guaranteeing the existence of a Super Bowl, and not that the Eagles will be in it…move along, nothing to see here.

  3. I wouldn’t expect him to say anything else. I just hope there is a clause in his contract that he forfeits money every time he celebrates before entering the end-zone.

  4. Yea, this time I’m going to actually start TRYING when I play, no really I am! I only sulk like a 4 year old girl when I don’t get my lolly, this time I’m going to try, really!

  5. I read this headline and immediately laughed and said “YESSS!!!” I would love nothing more than to see them go the way of every other team guaranteeing a Super Bowl. Speak on DeSean, speak on… and continue with your “rap” career!

  6. I knew that contract was a huge mistake. This is just the beginning of the year of the Desean Distractions. You reap what you sow Eagles. Dumb,dumb contract.

  7. “we’ve been so close since I’ve been here the last four years…” ? Did he forget last years embarrassment or the fact that they haven’t won a playoff game since January 2009. I guess that qualifies for close to winning in Filthydelphia.

  8. They’ve been “so close” the past four years? In 2008, they lost in the Conference Championship. In 2009 and 2010, they lost in the wildcard. And last year they didn’t make the playoffs. They’ve been moving further from the Super Bowl each year, not closer to it.

    I appreciate enthusiasm in players, and they should all approach the season with the goal of going the distance. But they should save the guarantees for the locker room. After all the crap they took over Young’s “Dream Team” faux pas, the Eagles don’t need this kind of public bravado.

  9. “I want to shoot for…” = “I’ve already lost”

    I can guarantee a Super Bowl too, but not who’ll be in it.

  10. There’s no such thing as guarantees in the NFL. Too many good players. Too many good teams.

    Hence the term “Any Given Sunday”

  11. Yet again media talking this too far, he said I’m going to guarantee never said what year just it will happen could be the 5th year in his contract, you people take things so serious its hilarious.

  12. haha what did the Eagles expect? You saw what he did last year (missed meetings, not engaged in game, bad routes), and that was during a CONTRACT YEAR.

    Now you give him 50 million? lol. This is day 1, can you imagine what he will be like after a few losses and unproductive games? Congrats Philly.

  13. Eagles figured they finally shut the guy up with a new contract hes been crying for about 3 years, now this??? Pathetic…

  14. So then over the next five years we can expect “The Dream Team” to be as worn out as “Playoffs!!!” and “They are who we thought they were! We let them off the hook!!!”

  15. I at this early date am going to guarantee the Eagles will regret resigning DeSean to ANY contract, let alone this ridiculous one they signed him to.

  16. First guarantee your going to try and play hard all the time, and then about superbowls…

  17. Though it is required to have an elite QB to have a chance at the superbowl…Cue the picture of mcnabb and the empty trophy case with some campbell soup…

  18. Now we know what Vince Young meant when he called them the “Dream Team”.

    Here I thought it meant a team comprised of players only a GM could dream of.

    They apparently just like to dream.

  19. I see he isn’t a believer in the Mayan calendar. Who will know if he’s wrong though I guess.

  20. YYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oH Thanks you Desean! The NFC East knew we could count on you! Great signing. Again, Desean – Thank you so much for this!! From the Entire NFC East.

  21. Jeez guys, he was excited he got his contract and was talking optimistic. The quote as it first came was “I have 5 bright years here and one of em I’m going to guarantee a super bowl.”

    So let’s talk in 5 years.

  22. Oh the Desean Haters are going to be turned on by this qoute. lol.. I’m sure they will cry about it all year. Personally I love it. Nothing wrong with confidence. Reminds me of Rollins predictions before the Phillies won the World Series. Love it Desean! Now go make it happen and shut up all these wussy haters.

  23. “I’m going to guarantee a Super Bowl. We’ve been so close since I’ve been here the past four years. . . . The sky’s the limit.”

    Someone should let him know that losing in the wild card round isn’t really that close.

  24. Excellent misquote..

    He said he’s going to guarantee a superbowl at some point in the next 5 years.

    Yeah it’s still a guarantee but it’s hardly in the same ballpark as Namath.

  25. Vince Young also talked about a “Dream Team” last year. How did that work out for them…?

  26. Sorry dude. Alligator arms and jogging on your routes late last year showed your true colors.

    I want to believe you’re a great receiver and a real team guy but that tantrum you threw in December ’11 pretty much told me all I need to know about you.

    You’re a punk who makes empty promises.

  27. “I want to shoot for the Hall of Fame. I want to shoot for Super Bowls”

    How fitting his lists his personal goals before the team goals.

  28. You people are losers. All you do is jump on any little comment players make. Oh No a player believes his team can win the superbowl. Big FREAKING DEAL! Then all of you act like Desean Jackson is T.O. or something. He had one rough year, so what? You have to look at the good, but all you people want to do is be haters. Desean Jackson is going to have a very successful five years with Philly. That is a guarantee!!!!!

  29. Don’t see the big deal. He is excited to be paid and still with the team. If he does it every single year like Rex its a different story. Being excited about the teams future after inking a life changing deal is a bit different.

  30. Eagles weren’t a dream team last year. There not a dream team this year…Eagles will win the superbowl in 2013 E-A-G-L-E-S!

  31. And there you have it. He got his money and he’s already acting stupid. How many agree that this guy will be broke within 2-3 years? Just not a sharp tool.

  32. This year’s version of Vince Young’s dream team statement. Hello 8-8 again.

  33. Your “Dream Team” was dreaming last year…..
    Now your dreaming again already !!!!

  34. Right on time Desean. The Eagles are always Super Bowl champs in March. Looks like this Dream Teamer still has his head in the clouds.

  35. That was not his exact quote he said I guarantee a super bowl in one of the 5 years he is hear.So that does not mean he said he guaranteed a super bowl this year.At least he did not go out like Tony Romo and promise a super bowl.

  36. giants56 says:
    Mar 15, 2012 6:52 PM
    The Eagles keep guaranteeing Super Bowls and the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins keep WINNING them!


    When have the redskins and Cowboys “kept” winning super bowls??? 20 years ago?? They cant even win playoff games. Clearly a stupid comment. At least think first if your gonna trash talk. Then again your probably from north jersey. So that’s expected.

  37. Good move Desean. Let the haters hate as they say. You’re going 6-10 next year. Woot. I hate being bipolar. It’s awesome.

  38. When will these guys learn? Thanks for the bulletin board material VY Jr. Deshawn Jackson is a malcontent and moron.

  39. Hey dallassux…I could have gone with phillysux or donovanpukedonmyshoe but they were already taken.

  40. Stupid is as stupid says. Good job of being VY in 2012, MeSean. Have fun battling more poorly thrown balls from Mike Pick. What a maroon….

  41. corsair28, welcome to press 101. Regardless, DeSean is no stranger to putting his foot in his mouth. He is a punk Diva who needs to play the game, and let his play do the talking. Yet, he hasn’t figured that one out, and probably never will.

  42. Ahhhhhhh geezzzz DeSean, play hard, score touchtowns, win games, stay healthy, shut the hell up…..

  43. I hate the Eagles, but it is safe to say, no matter what team Laron Landry goes to, Desean will burn him over and over again….It is like he has his number….Calling out a Superbowl??? Not so much.

  44. @dallassux
    what kind of IDIOT are you ? , yeah, it may have been about 16 years since Dallas has won our ”FIFTH” ring , but that is a much much less time then ….. uuummmmm, say, NEVER !!!!

    I will also go out on a limb and say that we will get six before you see your first !

  45. Shut the hell up haters….u people are pathetic!!!! You talk about desean as if he is some bum that didnt outperform the contract he was under…he had an off year,so what..two of his first four years have been ridiculously good..he is what he is which is a touchdown waiting to happen…and if u r a fan of a team that won less than the eagles last year or has never won a superbowl and u on here eagle bashing u r twice as pathetic

  46. It always cracks me up when a team like the Eagles, who have never and will never win a Superbowl, predict this year is the year. What makes this year any different than all the other countless disappointments?

  47. Great quote. Desean seems even more stupid in print than when he speaks. He can’t help how stupid he is though. He is an exceptional athlete that has gotten through life based on his ability to run REALLY fast and catch footballs. Sounds a lot like Iverson. Too bad they don’t have football leagues that pay well in other countries for when his contract is over to try and make some money. He will be broke by 2018. Merriweather will knock him out of at least one of the two games this year. Second place city will keep that nickname until they win a championship America cares about, not an world series which has take a collapsible third row seat to football, and off season football.

  48. If he’s going to talk trash, he could at least show some real commitment. You gotta love the cojones on Jason Terry. I want to see a tattoo of the Lombardi Trophy on Desean’s arm with a promise to get it removed if he fails to deliver, otherwise he’s just another punk running his mouth.

  49. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:
    Mar 15, 2012 7:41 PM
    And the trophy case will remain empty.


    Prime example of a new screen name. This is 3rd eagles post he written the same thing. Nice work. Terrible screen name.

  50. if a players mentality isn’t wanting to win it all they have something wrong with them.. he isn’t stupid, he is determined.. y’all need to shut up .. #angrybirds

  51. Im not mad at any player that says their going to win a superbowl. Thats the mentality you want your players to have. You gotta think win if you wanna win and as a coach you want your players to believe they can win. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  52. Everybody whose talkin smack about D JAX need to shut ur mouths.. Yall just mad he’s not on ur bum azz team.. He is an elite athlete whose in the top 10 recieving core in the nfl.. Yes he was distracted last season. I think anybody would be if you know you deserve a contract extension but wasn’t getting it at the time. Take a look at chris johnson situation last season. This game is all about having confidence, and Action Jackson has that. He can make any predictions he wants. And the Eagles will win it all.. Im right with you DeSean!! Lets go EAGLES!!! Woooooo!!! Im ready.. So all yall eagle and desean haters, suck on these!!

  53. Glad to see him back but, won”t be any Super Bowl with Manny,Moe and Jack at linebacker. Can’t wait to see which 7th rounder will be starting this year

  54. As the long as the Eagles sign players with one skill (speed), no work ethic, no intelligence, and no class I think the Super Bowl is safe from the hellhole that is Philadelphia.

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