Dolphins sign Artis Hicks to one-year deal


The Miami Dolphins have signed offensive lineman Artis Hicks to a one-year deal, according to his agent, J.R. Rickert.

FOX Sports’ Alex Marvez reports that the deal is worth $2 million and could rise by another $500,000 via incentives.

Hicks, 33, has been in the league since 2002, making 71 career starts. He started three games for the Browns last season.

Hicks projects as a versatile backup in Miami, with the ability to play both guard spots and right tackle.

21 responses to “Dolphins sign Artis Hicks to one-year deal

  1. Hey Geniuses… The Fins only have about $9m left of Cap. Who the heck do you think they are going to sign? They are saving it for a shot at Flynn. Winston walked, no Manningham or any other WR. Simply cant afford them. Why do some of you think any team can just buy who they want. This is not Baseball. After Flynn ( hopefully if he leaves Seattle unsigned)will barely have enough for Draft Picks. Atleast they got B. Marshalls money back and the $1.6m from the Cowboys/Skins fiasco. This is the price we pay for making mistakes the past 8 years. The Bills will learn this when Mario Williams doesnt meet expectations. He is a great player, but it won’t get them to the Playoffs anytime soon. Over time the player becomes an anchor, until they eventually dump him because the contract is a cap burden. The Jets are in Cap Hell and on the way down( for other reasons) and while I hate to credit the Pats, they know how to mine talent, get value and spend wisely. Abiet, without Brady they would be 8-8 at best. Still that might be enough to win the AFC East. Sad but true.

  2. If the dolphins made a huge splash in free agency the above posters would complain that the dolphins should be building through the draft.

  3. He’s one of the other high-speed conveyor belts that lead directly to the quarterback on the Browns’ offensive line last year. Him and Turnstile Tony. It looks like Peyton isn’t going to Miami for sure now.

  4. Knowing my team, they ll cut him after using his body for camp. And re sign at vet minimum. He’ll be forced to with no other suitors in late august. Duh. Grat job JI ( Jeff ireland)

  5. And somewhere deep in the back offices of the Dolphins organization the following part of a conversation is overheard…….

    “….You said sign Carl Nicks?!? I coulda sworn you said Artis Hicks…..”

    “No more Ricky weed for you….”

  6. Dear dear dear!!!! another past it grandad for the Miami OL.
    This guy spends a couple of years at each of his teams and than gets shipped out.Miami ought to realise this…or should I say Ireland should realise this.
    Hell fire we might as well keep Colombo than try this class of player.
    They signed a line backer from some crappy team earlier this off season who made something like 3 tackles and half a sack in 6 years!!!!!!! What a shower.

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