Dominik talks big-spending Bucs

Buccaneers G.M. Mark Dominik joined PFT Live on Thursday to discuss the series of uncharacteristic, big-money deals done by the team in the early days of free agency.

I could cobble some quotes or summarize the topics, but then you possibly wouldn’t watch it.

And you should watch it.  After years of not spending much money, the Bucs have spent plenty, and Dominik explains why.

He also talks about whether the Bucs will be willing to move out of the No. 5 spot in the 2012 draft.  But I said I wouldn’t write about any of that.  So I’ll shut up, something plenty of you wish I would do more often.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

7 responses to “Dominik talks big-spending Bucs

  1. The Bucs signed 3 players, they got 3 very good players, but the Skins, Chargers, Chiefs, Bears, Cowboys, PATRIOTs, have as many if not more additions than the Bucs.

    Adding 3 players isn’t going to ruin chemistry or somehow make them worse… The Bucs have a good core of young DRAFTED players. These addition compliment what is already there. that is what Free agency is for afterall…

    It’s not like the Bucs go to free agency every year. I’d say around 80% of the players on the current roster were drafted by the Bucs or signed as Rookie FAs.

  2. You mean the management that finally spent money on free agents since 2008. Your a tool! We filled three positions of needs with a top 10 wr, the best guard in the league, and a solid cb.

  3. So far, Mark Dominik has been a horrible judge of character and a horrible judge of talent. Let’s hope these 4 guys are a different story.

  4. Sick of the Glazers and Dominik for patting themselves on the back for finally spending money. I’m glad they did, but its no coincidence that this is happening as the NFL starts to enforce the cap floor of 90%.

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