Free agent center Scott Wells is currently at Rams Park

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Free agent center Scott Wells visited the Titans’ facility on Wednesday, but left without signing a deal.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Wells is now in St. Louis.

The Rams cut their starting center, Jason Brown, earlier in the week and are pursuing a replacement. Wells and Chris Myers are the best two free agent centers on the open market.

9 responses to “Free agent center Scott Wells is currently at Rams Park

  1. Getting ready to take the money and never be seen or heard from again, ala Daryn Colledge.

  2. When’s the last time a team said “DANG, we woulda made the Super Bowl if we only had a stud center!”

    That’s why Ted won’t be paying him 8 million a year.

    It was widely reported that Wells to the Titans was basically a done deal. Still think Wells is finding out he’s not worth what he thinks but will sign anywhere but GB to try and stick it to the Packers.

    After all – how dare they start Spitz over him?

    Unfortunately too many Packer fans will see him sign somewhere for 5.5 mill a year and blame Ted for not signing him, never making the connection that Wells simply does NOT want to play in GB. Like Jenkins last year.

  3. Wells is better than College, so his loss could hurt more. College was pulled for performance reasons in a late season loss to the Lions in 2010, but winning a SB makes everyone forget that.

  4. Scott isn’t the strongest, but dude is smart as heck against the blitz and what not…
    He’ll help improve Sam Bradford’s play and do an alright job helping Steven Jackson.

  5. @ axespray I have to agree we need someone to help him, this guy would be better than any other offensive linemen we have, plus the Rams are trying to turn around the team and put them in a new direction. I like the changes they are making in STL

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