Future Elway-type role could be complicating Manning talks

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At a time when more and more league insiders are wondering whether the Peyton chase is all about chasing paper, there’s a new dynamic to consider.

Peyton may have his eye on a retirement gig in an NFL front office.

On Wednesday, Mike Lombardi of NFL Network pointed out that, if that’s what Peyton wants, the Titans have an edge over the Broncos, because the Broncos already have a former quarterback running the football operation.

If the chatter that Peyton actually wants a commitment that he’ll go from Superman to Clark Kent once he’s done playing is true, it complicates matters, even for the Titans.  While Tennessee doesn’t have a Hall of Fame quarterback at the top of the front office, the organizational chart already is pretty full.  Earlier this year, Mike Reinfeldt became team president, and Ruston Webster filled in as G.M.

And so, at a minimum, it becomes awkward for any team to offer future front-office titles and responsibilities to a potential player, especially since the player will be negotiating with people who currently hold those titles and/or responsibilities.

Moreover, it doesn’t make much sense to use a franchise’s interest in a player as leverage to generate interest in him as an executive.  If Peyton has the chops to make football decisions, there will be a market for his services once he retires.  Intertwining what a team can do for him later with what a team can do for him now could result in a decision that balances present and future.

Wouldn’t it be better to simply focus on the present?

11 responses to “Future Elway-type role could be complicating Manning talks

  1. Maybe Bud’s setting up future/part ownership as part of the deal…

    Look how it’s working out for the greatest basketball player of all time ….

  2. Peyton, go to Denver or Arizona, play there for a few years, and then go back to Indy and work there when you retire.

  3. I don’t think you get it. Maybe this means he doesn’t believe he’s long for the NFL as a quarterback. It might be he’s planning for the worst case scenario.

  4. Worried about a front office gig already? Doesn’t sound like he is too confident about that arm strength…

  5. If he does go to the Titans…Tells you 2 things…1. NO confidence in Jake Locker as the starter….2. The owner is making the front office decisions…which is never good.

  6. Now this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

    “If you want me to play for you, I need a job after I’m done playing.”

    Is this any indication that Peyton cannot play football? Already looking for something to do off the field?

  7. You seem to be the only one pushing the idea that Manning is holding out for more money. He even stated that he would take a performance based contract, which you used to hammer him for not giving the Colts the same deal. Your dislike of Manning is well established, just wish you get over whatever it is you have against the guy. The idea that he is exploring all of his options before he signs with what he hopes to be his last team is somehow greedy and selfish just doesn’t seem to add up.

  8. richkotitte says:
    Mar 15, 2012 9:35 AM
    Maybe Bud’s setting up future/part ownership as part of the deal…

    Look how it’s working out for the greatest basketball player of all time ….

    Bill Russell was a coach, never a GM.

  9. I’m ready for Peyton to retire right now! Sooo sick of him already. You hear that, advertisers? Don’t confuse media coverage with expired fan interest.

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