Jets to bring in Brady Quinn for free agent visit


Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets will host quarterback Brady Quinn for a free agent visit on Friday.

The Jets may be interested in having Quinn compete for their third-string quarterback job with Greg McElroy. Mark Sanchez is entrenched as a starter after signing a contract extension, and they are showing serious interest in free agent Drew Stanton, presumably for the No. 2 job.

Quinn has not appeared in an NFL regular season game since 2009.

47 responses to “Jets to bring in Brady Quinn for free agent visit

  1. whatnojets says:
    Mar 15, 2012 5:26 PM
    Brady Quinn visiting The New York Jets

    I already posted that some twenty two minutes ago!!

  2. So just how many back-up QB’s do the Jets need to pick from when Mark Sanchez has melted down by November, the Jets are out of the play-off race, and Jet fans are calling for Rex to be fired, and by season’s end they are releasing a QB less than a year removed from a multi-year extension.. There is a reason the Jets haven’t been in a Super Bowl since Namath.

  3. That’s your conclusion? Is Drew that much of an upgrade over Brady? It sounds like they’re looking at Brady for the #2 spot if Drew falls through.

  4. The Jets are clearly not content with having only 1 DB quarterback on their roster.

  5. Frist to say
    Good luck to you Drew Stanton it was great to have you as a Lion but it will be hard for you to become the #2.
    I know you will will do good in New York because You come from Michigan and played ball at Michigan State.

    Best Wishes

  6. Wonder what the expression on his girlfriend’s face (the one from Draft day) will be when he signs with the Jets.

  7. Let’s take a look at Mr. Quinn:

    -concerned with looks
    -has unrealistically high opinions of himself
    -tried to throw his teammate Tebow under the bus recently
    -is fragile
    -consistently fails to live up to expectations

    Yep, sounds like the perfect JET!

  8. burkes111 says:

    That’s your conclusion? Is Drew that much of an upgrade over Brady? It sounds like they’re looking at Brady for the #2 spot if Drew falls through.

     …this sounds like a Pats chat circa 2001

  9. Please.

    Next we will here ” Jets bring in JaMarcus Russell for a visit.”

    McElroy should be given a legitimate shot at starting. Shame the Jets gave Mark that extension…

  10. Doesn’t matter as Sanchez said ” the contract extension shows he is the leader of this team”

    No matter what unnamed team mates might say to Manish Meta .

  11. The Dirty Sanchez was picked by Jets with the Browns pick. Then Cleveland later drafts Quinn. Both these guy could do the LEGS pantyhose commercials like old Joe. Rex might like it to much. My leg bone is connected to my foot bone.

  12. The situation with Brady Quinn and his first agent should be a lesson for all young players.

    Quinn’s agent held him out of raining camp for more money. The kid hadn’t done anything in the NFL. By the time he got to camp he was too far behind in the system to compete for the QB job – a job he very probably would have won.

    Perhaps his entire career would have been different, and 4 years later he’d be an established NFL starter instead of a guy looking to compete for a third-string job.

    Then again, maybe the guy just plain stinks and would have been found out anyway.

    Now I’m done…….

  13. I sure hope the Jets sign Quinn and then the Saints somehow figure out how to sign McElroy.

  14. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Are you Serious? Really? lol ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL….


    What bring in competition in Garrard, and Ryan Leaf… Both of which would beat out Sanchez..


    Quinn offered Rex Ryan, a deep fried turkey didn’t he. Which Ryan ate in one bite through his fat swollen jaws..

  15. I have followed Quinn since high school… great guy.. I would love him as a neighbor… or even dating my daughter. But they guy doesn’t have a pro arm. Any defense working against him never worries about routes longer than 20 yards max. If he could find a team that runs the west coast defense with aplomb he would be mediocre at best.

  16. Good God, why not bring in Namath, or Vito “Babe Pirelli (sp) talk about grasping for straws, really, Brady Quinn!

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