Mario Williams signs, Bills schedule press conference to announce

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The Bills have scheduled a press conference to make it official: Mario Williams won’t be leaving Buffalo without a contract in place.

Williams has signed a six-year contract and will join Bills officials to formally announce that his deal with the Bills is done, as ESPN’s Chris Mortensen first reported.

The deal will make Williams the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history, and it fulfills the Bills’ promise to make a big splash at the outset of free agency. For the first time in a long time, it’s beginning to look like the Bills are building a winner in Buffalo.

Williams arrived in Buffalo on the first day of free agency, and although there were reports that he had other visits scheduled, the Bills were able to keep him in town and keep the hard sell on him for nearly 48 hours, and it worked: Buffalo fans can celebrate, as Mario Williams is a Bill.

128 responses to “Mario Williams signs, Bills schedule press conference to announce

  1. Bears fan here….

    Good for the Bills. I am glad they could sign a top tier pass rusher. The AFC east will be a more interesting now.

  2. In other news: Mario’s fiance was seen boarding a plane to …almost anywhere else.

  3. Good for Buffalo. That city needs something like this.

    Love the negotiation tactic of the Bills, keep Mario in a locked basement until he signs.

  4. Thank you, thank you to One Bills Drive, Ownership, the Front Office and Mario Williams!

    Buffalo CAN be a destination and I feel that this is the start of something big!

    Thanks to all the doubters too for making this feel THAT much better!

  5. Coming from Houston……OVERATED !!!

    Good luck with all them fake injuries that he will occur and let the excuses begin !!!

  6. The rest of the league should care because this guy has the ability to bang Brady up on every play. Thank you Buffalo.

  7. If T.O got the keys to the city…does Buffalo just change its name to “Mario World”?

  8. Guess the good old “water torture” worked!

    Congrats to all Buffalo Bill’s Fans!!!!

  9. You can have all the Mario’s Williams of the world, let me remind you also have Ryan Fitzpatrick behind your center who can’t connect beyond 10 yards, go figure that before you celebrate.

  10. Enjoy those nine or so days of summer. You can always go to Canada for some nicer weather…

  11. Keep hating all you bitter Bears and Titans fans. We got him, and now teamed with Dareus and Kyle Williams we’ll have one of the best defensive lines in the league if not the best.

  12. This team, offensively, is a beast (a healthy Fred Jackson and Fitzpatrick to Johnson, WOW) and they just amped up the defense. Looks like Rex Ryan just found himself fighting with the Dolphins (if they don’t get Peyton) for the #3 spot in the AFC East.

  13. As a houston fan this could not have turned out any better unless it happened yesterday. Time for Rick Smith to call in all the other Texan UFA and RFA’s and get them signed with the money earmarked for Mario. Especially Meyers and Briesel.

    Hurry Rick before you miss the boat. Still baffled we did not at least try to get something for one of the best RT’s in the game. A duffel bag and a jock strap would have been better than nothing.

  14. Good job Buffalo!!!
    You guys deserve it!!!
    About time you fans catch a break!!


  15. The Bills need alot more than ‘Mario’ to change the team from perennial loser to winner. Whoever scores the most points wins in the NFL. You have to have the ball to score points. Mario can go the whole season & never touch the ball. Only elite QBs are worth the $$$.

  16. Now our D-line is one of the best in football.

    And to all of the haters/doubters out there: You’re just jealous your team didn’t even get a sniff at him. Now you have to watch him sack your QB whenever we play you! Hope you enjoy watching us in the playoffs this year!!

    Go Bills!!!

  17. Mario told fans in Houston “Its not about the money to me now, being the first pick of the draft already set me up for life, and I want to be apart of a winning team/organization” Well we all know the Bills arent going to do anything in that division. So Mario you LIE because it was about the Bill$.

    PS :
    Buffalo, Mario has all the talent in the world but he dosent even come close to using it all….so good luck with that.

  18. Finally – Bills did something…I’d rather they overpay for talent and make some noise than sit tight and underpay for warm bodies.

    All they have to do is draft an OT in Rd 1 and a receiver in Rd 2 and things are looking up in Buffalo!!


    now just draft quinton coples in the draft and that would be a VERY solid DLINE….

    WATCH OUT BRADY and Man Breast REX…. there is a new sheriff in TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. and heres where they get undrafted free agents to line up on the rest of the D due to lack of money, I’ll call it dan snydering.

  21. anytime any of the pats, bills, or dolphins makes a good move im happy. screw the jets….down with rex.

    if fitzpatrick can put it together for a full season…and yes, i know he was injured for a long stretch last year….the bills can be pretty dangerous.

  22. Regardless of the money and at the end of the day, he is still a Buffalo Bill and will be fighting with the Miami Dolphins to stay out of the basement behind New England & New York

  23. Congrats Bills fans…yall are lucky & deserve this. No matter what anyone says Mario is def a 1 of the best defensive players in the NFL & pound for pound 1 of the best players period. Yall basically got bruce smith back. If fitzpatrick plays his best then thats a good offense & the defense is good with kyle williams/mario. I thought the bills would go 8-8 last yr so i wouldnt be suprised at 9-7/10-6 next yr. Great signing!

  24. Nice to see OBD is keeping their own good players and taking care of business in free agency! GO BILLS!

  25. Good for Buffalo and for the Bills. This reminds me a lot of when Reggie White signed with the Packers. The Packers were a dead-ass team in a market that was considered a “gulag” by many players. Maybe Williams’ arrival helps paint Buffalo in a new light, though money will always be the biggest thing for FA’s when considering a new team.

    It remains to be seen, though, if Buddy Nix can put the remaining pieces together to field a contender. Patriots are in the division, the Steelers and Ravens are still strong, and Houston’s a team on the rise.

  26. Brady is a year older….Pats fans are delusional to think their run will never end. Hope the Hoody gets ready to explain how a no name defense is all you need…..

  27. In the five full seasons he played in Houston, the Texans never made the playoffs, and finished with a winning record only once, at 9-7 in 2009. The Texans survived and even thrived in his absence, going 10-6 to claim the AFC South title and the first playoff berth in the 10-year history of the franchise. Even won a playoff game once they got to the dance.

    But you can at least see the point that he was proven to be anything but indispensable in Houston’s defense, and if you’re the game’s highest paid defender, shouldn’t that come with some degree of indispensability? In addition, the bottom line says his sack total has decreased in four consecutive years: From his career-high 14 in 2007, to 12 in 2008, to nine in 2009, to 8.5 in 2010, to five in last year’s injury-shortened season.

    You still suck Buffalo.

  28. I like how almost everyone hating on the Bills signing this guy are fans of teams that were supposed to meet with Mario after he left Buffalo lol.

  29. As a Jets fan, I am excited. Bills just dug an overrated hole for themselves. He is good, but not great. Maybe he can put a Mo Lewis on Brady for us.

  30. The Buffalo Police Department has just announced that the hostage issue at Ralph Wilson Stadium has been resolved.

  31. I like the signing. It’s a start but I don’t think that Buffalo is a ‘Mario Williams away’ from a championship or even a playoff berth for that matter. They’ve got other holes to fill as well. Let’s see what they do.

  32. Very Happy for the Bills…gets Mario Out of the division with the Jaguars…although this was obviously all about the money…just hope he works out well for them.

  33. Prediction. Chan gailey will be fired at the end of season after another missed playoffs.

  34. As a Eagles fan i tip my hat too Buffalo . Now do me a favor Mario , go put the fear of God into Brady . That division is about to get very interesting

  35. Reblogged this on jumbossportsblog and commented:
    After years of tracking down Peyton man 2 times a year, Mario will now get to do it to Tim Brady. Good luck in Buffalo, who last appeared in the NFL Playoffs in 1999 (Music City Miracle Game).

  36. Hey losers…the Bills are STILL under the cap!!!! More signings to come. Last year there was no early training, which was vital to a young Bills team. This year, a bit older and wiser, better trained, healthier…….That quick start last year may end in February. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!

  37. I have the final details of the contract:

    He has signed a contract for $150,000,000 with the Bills.

    He is being paid $75,000,000 is paid for playing f0otball and $75,000,000 for living in Buffalo.

    good luck!!

  38. Is anyone else sick of all these reports being prefaced with which reporter “first reported”. I picture them all like the storm chasers from the movie Twister. We don’t care who reports it, just let us know where the tornado is.

  39. *Congrats Bills fans…yall are lucky & deserve this. No matter what anyone says Mario is def a 1 of the best defensive players in the NFL & pound for pound 1 of the best players period. Yall basically got bruce smith back.*

    You guys have obviously been listening to the hype and not watching Mario play. Hint- it’s never a good sign when the fans of the team he just left are thanking you for taking him off their hands. Just saying.

  40. could be what Reggie white did for the packers. brought him in and it made Green Bay a place players wanted to be and still pays dividends.

  41. Browns fan here. Congratulations to the Bills and their base.

    Our teams/fans/cities are very similar and seeing you get Mario is kind of like finding out your brother just got laid by an attractive girl. Your disappointed because it wasn’t you, but at least she slept with a good guy.

  42. if i won the lotto, which williams just did, the last place i would go to would be buffalo….i have a hard time believing that was the best option for him

  43. Sorry i know its unrelated to the post but has anyone heard anything about Tulloch , Lofton or Fletcher ? cause my team NEEDS a LB .

  44. On paper they have one of the best 3 man fronts in the league. Kyle and Mario both missed the majority of last season, so durability could be a concern.

  45. Congrats to all my fellow Buffalo Bills fans. I’ve been a Bills fan since the 80’s, this is a very big day for the billsnation. Nothing is guaranteed, but this does make us a better team. Our team has solid chemistry, no front runners. Everyone on the team is loving this day. Here’s to some much needed success in 2012!

  46. Between this and the Jets stupidly extending Sanchez, it is as good as an offseason as you can get. Go Bills!

  47. Pats fan here,

    Congrats Bills fans. Though the division still goes through New England, I def fancy the prospect of having the Bills as the top threat to the division, as opposed to the flake Dolphin fans, and in the inbred Jet fans.

    If Spiller and Jackson can build upon what they did last year, it should be quite compelling TV for the foreseeable future.

  48. seahawkbias says: Mar 15, 2012 12:52 PM

    Brady is a year older….Pats fans are delusional to think their run will never end. Hope the Hoody gets ready to explain how a no name defense is all you need…..

    Who is saying their run will never end? You Patriots haters make up the craziest stuff to get upset at the Patriots and their fans.

  49. Buffalo’s not the Yankees. This happens once in a lifetime for us. This is more than a football signing… the best defensive free agent chose to come to Buffalo, NY. For a city which often suffers from an inferiority complex, this is one of the best days in the history of the city of Buffalo. If you don’t believe me, listen to WGR550 online…listen to these fans and tell me this signing doesn’t transcend the football club. Tell me Buffalo doesn’t deserve this!!!

  50. Comments by Bills fans are FUNNY! Buffalo has sucked for 20+ years now…… Jim Kelly ain’t walking thru that door, Thurman Thomas ain’t walkin thru that door! 6 wins MAX next year. BEST DEFENSE??? what team were you watching last year? Same team I saw give up 80pts in 2 games vs the Pats, 65pts to the Dolphins? 44 to Dallas, 35 to Oakland, 37 to SanDiego? HAHA! your defense sucks

  51. I can’t believe how many jealous haters there are out there trying to minimize this. This is a huge move for the Bills. It could literally help vault them out of mediocrity and attract other players to jump on board.

  52. If ur expecting the next Bruce smith he’s not it..!
    As a texans fan ur gonna be disappointed, hes lazy and his first priority is not football.

  53. Kudos to the Bills for wrapping this up. I know the fans there have been hyperventilaing these past few days and now they can celebrate. The fact that he opted to go to Buffalo first proves what is already known by everyone including Roger Goodell. Tampering is alive and well in the NFL. Buffalo should have a stout defense this year. Mario and Darius will create fits for opposing OCs.

  54. Does this trumph the T.O. signing that had all of the Bills’ fans saying they were finally relevant?

  55. happy for bills? yall crazy. they just gave this man $50 million! how about 50 mil to help us broke people bustin our asses around the country not to one guy whos playing football!

  56. Overpaid and overhyped. This guy is very good but he isn’t a force or a game changer.

  57. Browns fan here. Congrats to the Bills in making a move to become relevant. Buffalo’s fans are like ours…die hards who endure often brutal temperatures to watch even more brutal football.

  58. Mike Wallace would be a perfect compliment on outside … Open up Stevie, David Nelson and RBs out of backfield.

    Restricted tender doesn’t equal top 10 pick though … Trade down & sign … Or negotiate direct with Pitt

  59. Well, at lea$t we can $ay with certainty that Mario cho$e the be$t fit/opportunity to win in$tead of the money.

  60. amoses74 says: Mar 15, 2012 1:14 PM

    “Comments by Bills fans are FUNNY! Buffalo has sucked for 20+ years now…… Jim Kelly ain’t walking thru that door, Thurman Thomas ain’t walkin thru that door! 6 wins MAX next year. BEST DEFENSE??? what team were you watching last year? Same team I saw give up 80pts in 2 games vs the Pats, 65pts to the Dolphins? 44 to Dallas, 35 to Oakland, 37 to SanDiego? HAHA! your defense sucks”

    I haven’t read any comment that stated how great will be; all I have seen is jubilation about a free agent signing. We had six wins last year; logic says that we have to improve. Know your facts before you post, moron.

  61. I love these bitter texans!! GUESS WHAT, HE IS ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT THE BEST DE IN THE LEAGUE!! Why should he re-sign with the texans? The only reason they made it is because Peyton didn’t play!! Don’t worry texans when Peyton signs for the titans once again you will keep on singing the graces of what could’ve been! Lol

  62. Well Mario, best of luck to ya. We made it to the playoffs and won our first playoff game with you on the bench.

    I remember game 5 last season when you went down with the injury. Hated to see that happen but our defense setup up and got it done.

    Again, best to you with the Bills. We’ll be seeing ya.

  63. stupid person(s) that posted yesterday: Mario Williams is just using the bills as leverage. I’ve been to the city of Buffalo and I left after 10 minutes because it sucked. No NFL player wants to be in Buffalo NY.

    same stupid person(s) today: Mario Williams will get injured anyway. He actually isnt that good even though i said yesterday he was coming to my town. Mario Williams isnt Bruce Smith. We won games with him injured. “the next Haynesworth”. he is all about money.

    SO the leverage thing didn’t pan out. I’m glad you left after 10 minutes because you can’t handle a great blue collar town like Buffalo. sorry that our city smells like cheese and cheerios. there are A LOT of retired Bills who stay here because of the people. Retired sabres often stay too. So how bad could it be? and now the Mario Williams is in fact a Buffalo Bill, I’m glad you could find all the excuses to make yourself feel better about him not signing with your awesome team, in your awesome city, that smells like Hollister. have a great day and GO BILLS!

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