Patriots to host LaRon Landry, Anthony Gonzalez

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The Patriots have been relatively quiet in free agency, but they have a couple of visits lined up.

We noted this week that the Patriots are one of four suitors for safety LaRon Landry, and today Ian R. Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports that the Patriots are planning to bring him to Foxboro on Friday night for a weekend visit.

And receiver Anthony Gonzalez, a free agent whom the Colts are not interested in re-signing, is also expected to make the trip to New England on Friday.

If he can stay healthy, Landry would be a starter for the Patriots and a good upgrade to their secondary. Gonzalez is a bigger question mark because his inability to stay healthy has been a bigger problem. Gonzalez showed some promise in his first two seasons after the Colts took him in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft, but he’s done almost nothing since then: Injuries have limited Gonzalez to just 11 games over the last three seasons, and he’s caught just five passes since the start of the 2009 season.

18 responses to “Patriots to host LaRon Landry, Anthony Gonzalez

  1. Landry would be a great addition to the Pats assuming he can stay healthy. Sign him up Caserio !

  2. Landry is more of a safety-linebacker hybrid. Belichick has dabbled with the concept of a Big Nickel and had some innovative packages designed for Tank Williams, but he was never healthy enough to get on the field with New England. If Landry goes to the Patriots, I’m guessing that Bill has something cooked up specifically for him.

  3. At least the QBs will have to actually pick a side instead of just having the ENTIRE secondary to chose from haha…..

    Seriously tho please sign someone who will strike fear into an opponent for a change, not overwhelming confidence

  4. Awesome! A safety that can’t cover anybody and a WR who can’t stay healthy. Thanks coach!

  5. Reason skins didnt want to resign landry was because he opted against team doctors to have surgery. He’s an absolute beast when he’s healthy but i have a feeling his injurys will continue until he undergoes surgery. Would be a good pickup just make sure you have someone to cover when he goes down.

  6. Landry is the perfect type if DB that Belichick likes, especially at safety. He fits the general playing style of Rodney Harrison. You can be sure BB will have plenty of blitz schemes utilizing Landry.

  7. I would be an excellent addition at WR if I added 20 pounds of muscle and ran a 4.4. I don’t. Gonzalez is useless.

  8. I remember when Gonzalez was coming out from OSU, a big deal was made about how healthy he stayed in part because he slept and studied in an oxygen tent. Guessing he either stopped, or that theory was garbage? Dude gets hurt if you look at him funny…

  9. Landry can stop the run and is extremely fast for his bulk….but all the speed and muscle in the world wont stop you from biting on pump fakes and PA…Good Luck with that guy……..HTTR

  10. Two guys that can’t stay healthy enough to play a full season. Great additions if you want to get 6-8 games out of them.

  11. OMG, I think I’m reading the writing on the wall! With Danny Amendola and Anthony Gonzalez both coming for visits, the Pats are shopping for a slot WR?! Either they are sending a message to Welker to lower his price or get traded… or they are planning to trade Welker and replace him. Please tell me I’m full of it!

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