Redskins sign Brandon Meriweather

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Brandon Meriweather has found his new home.

The Redskins signed Meriweather to a contract today that Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports is a two-year, $6 million deal.

Meriweather had been scheduled to visit the Jets, but that visit has now been canceled, and the Jets’ pursuit of a new safety will continue. It’s possible that the Jets could sign LaRon Landry, the man Meriweather is essentially replacing in Washington.

Last season Meriweather played 11 games for the Bears and started four. Prior to that he spent four seasons with the Patriots.

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  1. Skins need secondary help and depth. Hopefully this will be a good move but I’m skeptical about picking up the guy after Bellichek dropped him all of a sudden.


  2. @grndizzle, yea instead you can have Landry who celebrates tackling a guy after a 25 yard gain…he will fit in perfectly up there

  3. As a trade-in for Landry, Meriweather is a Yugo of DBs…..Plus he’s likely to be assessed multiple personal conduct penalties for his Tatum-nesque tendencies.

  4. @ocho- My Jets are being very quiet in free agency this year, I’m hoping they’ve learned something over the past couple seasons.

  5. This is a great signing , i was sick of watching Desean Jackson burning landry . Its gonna be fun to watch Meriweather get burned by Jackson and juked out of his dreads by McCoy…

  6. Congrats Skins that’s your 4th or 5th signing so far this offseason. As a Giants fan I was really confused….I was under the impression that you were a $36M salary cap hole. Great to see that was only a headline and its business as usual with your team overpaying marginal talent.

  7. Usually Landry flexes for the cameras after a 4 yard gain on 3rd and 3…. Is Meriweather more a strong safety or free safety? Redskins let Otogwe go and sound like they’re letting Landry go as well….Doughty ain’t gonna cut it, but hopefully Gomes keeps improving and becomes a big time player…

  8. I mean at least this dude can stay on the field unlike landry. I would’ve rather had melvin bullitt but o well

  9. I was surprised how bad Meriweather is after watching him a full season in Chicago. Completely un-disciplined and the Bears deemed him to be unplayable as the season went on. Highlight reel seeking wannabe knock-out artist who jeopardizes the integrity of a defense – in other words, a perfect Redskin.

  10. I don’t see how we overpaid for him if its really a 2 year, 6 million dollar deal. And yes we were ROBBED of 36 million in cap space, but “only” half will be counted on this years cap. We still had around 18 million in cap room.

  11. back2cali: The $36 million is split over 2 years and the skins already had over $40 mil to spend this year….soooo that means $40 some mil minus $18 mil and that would leave the skins with a cap space in the low to mid $20 mil range. This has been explained many times. Also, the skins have a new GM so those ridiculous contracts will be few and far between now. Considering landry refused to have surgery because it would keep him from working out I’m fine with him leaving. By the way…the skins were 2-0 against the Giants last year!

  12. And by the way, for all those people saying “Heeeey, I thought the Redskins were $36 million in the hole?!?!” Well, they can split that over two years, so that’s -$18 million this year. They were already almost $37 million under the cap before all this happened, so they were almost $19 million under the cap before the signings of Garcon, Morgan, Carriker, and Meriweather.

  13. n0hopeleft says: Mar 15, 2012 3:17 PM

    And there goes Cruz, DJax, and Dez over the top ALL DAY LONG.


    Oh you forgot to add Garcon to that list of receivers, and then they will be watching RG3 blowing by D-lineman, LB’s, and DB’s along with Garcon.

  14. nohopeleft: Check the game stats for 2011. None of those three guys were “over the top ALL DAY LONG” against the Skins last year. The only one of those three who went “over the top” on the Skins last year was DJax, and Atogwe was the safety burned on that play. (released at the start of FA) I can’t say I am thrilled about Meriweather, but I do hope he is an upgrade over the never on the field Landry and Atogwe.

  15. It really doesn’t matter who we sign, everyone will still call it a bad signing and make comments about the Skins being a joke, blah blah blah. Had we signed Peyton it would have been “business as usual, Washington overpaying for aging vets” so we trade up for one the top two ranked QBs in the draft and “they overpaid”.

    Skins fans are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

    I like the direction we are headed. It finally seems like there is a plan in D.C. with the youth infusion and picking up promising, talented receivers. Had we signed V-Jax people would have cried about us signing old vets and if we sign the young, promising talent people say we are throwing away money at nobodies.

    Shanahan is on a 5 year plan to undo 10 years of Vinny Cerrato and it started with changing the attitude and culture of the team, then purging old vets, locker room distractions, trading back in the draft and acquiring 12 picks to fill in depth on the D and new RBs and now we are getting our Franchise QB, young WRs, some DB help and they are working on the o-line. Where is the problem? We’ve deep sixed CP26, Haynesworth, one of the oldest rosters in the NFL, overpaid vets, Campbell- who is now the backup in Chicago, Fred Smoot, etc. Yeah there were setbacks at QB but like I said 5 year plan to fix a decade of Vinny Cerrato. This team had drafted 2 offensive linemen in 10 years, Chris Samuels in the 1st round of 2000 and Chad Rinehart 3rd round somewhere around 2008

    One of the haters out there could throw out their plan of what exactly the Skins should do and let us tear it apart.

  16. And there goes Cruz,D Jax and Dez overthe top ALL DAY LONG


    Of the three recievers you just mentioned only D Jax had his way against the Redskins,Victor Cruz was not a factor in either game!!!! And Dez Bryants only decent play was a 15 yard reception to put Dallas in field goal range(Why is Dallas always hyped up every year anyway???)……Just goes to show that you really dont know what you are talking about!!!!! I will call you and other assclowns Glancers because all you do is glance at a team and look at last years record and just assume it will be the same ol same ol….Beware Glancers,It will not be the same ol same ol!!!!!!

  17. I love all the hate from non-skins fans!!! People get so mad that the Skin will attempt to fill some holes after that robber baron Mara Cheated the skins out is 18mil this season. In truth this is the 3rd off season in a row where the Skins have been careful in FA thanks to Shanahan and Allen. Eagles and Jets have been attempting to buy SB’s the last few years.

    Skins are excited about our young team and RG3!!! I’m thankful they signed WR’s before Detroit went over board!

    Wait till the Mara and Fidel Goodell have to turn the ruling over and return the 18mil!!! Look at it as an insurance policy waiting in a saving account.

  18. Get a huge kick out of some of the other NFCE fans saying how their WRs will continue to burn our secondary.

    Hilarious…you mean like Nicks dropping a bomb and Eli throwing more passes to those DBs than his own WRs? Desean Jackson quit most of last season and other than 2 plays where we were in Zero coverage/all out blitz…Cowboys’ WRs never burned em either. I will concede that in those 2 particular times that Dez burned DHall pretty badly.

    As for Landry…hoever gets him…enjoy his suspension when HGH testing starts!

  19. Anyone has to be better than the wanna be lou ferigno (landry) the skins had at
    safety. As far as iggle and giant fans talking mess. Real snoozer. Find
    something else to do with your time rather than write the same thing over and
    over again.
    @yevrag3535. Their is spelled their as in their coach. Not there coach. Their
    shows possession. There can be used as an adverb, noun, or interjection. You
    probably have no idea what i am talking about though. Obviously you are a mental

  20. Hey, when do the Skins lose the 2012 #1 pick as a punishment for Gregg Williams’ bounty program? Don’t fool yourselves, Goodell and the league aren’t done with this issue. Remember Pats were stripped a number 1 for spy gate… Bounty issue is more severe.

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