Tennessee legislature joins Peyton chase

Titans owner Bud Adams wants to bring Peyton Manning home to Tennessee.  And so does the Tennessee legislature.

Though the folks who make the laws in the Volunteer State have yet to volunteer to offer Peyton a job “for life,” they’ve issued a joint House/Senate resolution aimed at making their desire known that Peyton’s proper place for further pro football is Tennessee.

The key language appears below.

The over/under on comments asking whether the Tennessee legislature actually has anything better to do is 78.5.

WHEREAS, recent events have resulted in Mr. Manning being set free from his contractual obligations, and he is presently travelling across the country in search of a new football home; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Manning is meeting with Titans officials in Nashville to discuss the possibility of him returning home to Tennessee to play quarterback in the NFL; and

WHEREAS, we know that Peyton is still proud to be a Volunteer and longs in his heart to return to Tennessee as the quarterback for the Titans, a match truly made in Heaven; and

WHEREAS, the same loyal fans who cheered his superior play as a Vol in Knoxville will once again erupt with joy as he throws touchdown after touchdown for the Boys in Blue in Nashville and leads the Titans to a Super Bowl victory; and

WHEREAS, there has never been a more logical pairing of player and team in football history, and this General Assembly wishes to offer all necessary assistance to make this dream a reality; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, THE SENATE CONCURRING, that this General Assembly wholeheartedly supports the Tennessee Titans signing Peyton Manning and urges Mr. Manning to remember his roots in the Volunteer State as he makes his decision about where to play football in 2012.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we welcome Peyton Manning to Nashville, where he will surely play football for many more years and lead the Titans to several NFL championships.

17 responses to “Tennessee legislature joins Peyton chase

  1. He’ll do fine at that until you need a crucial bill passed. Then he’ll get up to the podium, filibuster and promptly have said bill intercepted.

    Can we just stop this? Please… :-p

  2. Bud Adams
    Go getting PM you are the best how mush will it take
    200mill is a good beginning.
    Bud Adams
    Got to talk to the Tennessee legislature

  3. OK, Tennessee has officially exited the Courtship stage and moved right into STALKER stage… Peyton should run…. run fast to Denver where he can spend the rest of his career winning football games and not being stalked.

  4. What’s next? The government is gonna get involved! Are the gonna put up billboards reading “Tennessee’s most wanted, Peyton manning”. Its like they have a ransom against manning, join us or else, this is getting ridiculous and out of hand

  5. The more legislators waste time on stuff like this the less time they spend enacting laws that infringe on my freedom.

    I say start drafting the bill to bring in Wallace too!

  6. Never in all my years of being a football fan have I seen so much idiocy over ONE athlete. An athlete who’s had 4 neck surgeries; and one who we still don’t know if he can throw the football as is expected of a professional QB.

    I’ve heard old women say, “TN is Peyton’s home state, he was born and raised here. He needs to come home.” NOTE: PEYTON’S HOME STATE IS LOUISIANA.

    That the State Legislature wasted valuable tax dollars to come up with that resolution?! Ashamed isn’t the word.

  7. Whereas, Mr.Manning is over-rated, always has been over-rated, a choker, and is damaged goods,I hereby declare this issue a true and total farce!!!

  8. People say this is “wasting tax payers money.” However, they receive the same wage regardless of how much–if any–legislation they pass. In reality, this didn’t cost squat.

    Plus, it may be the single most progressive piece of legislation that Tennessee has ever passed.

  9. At least we know whose body the ghost of Al Davis has possessed (remember, Al Davis liked big name Free Agent Shiny Things as much as rookie tangibles). Obsessions like this just aren’t healthy, Mr Adams.

    I have said for years that Peyton would be a great OC, but this would be a complete waste of football dollars on the QB position for TEN. The team has bigger needs and could fill those with multiple players for the dollars that Peyton would command.

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