Thanks for another record-setting day

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The first 32 hours of free agency have ended.  For the first time since 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, the PFT staff will all be off at the same time.  (Unless one of us can’t sleep.)

And our first-ever full 24-hour day of work has resulted in new traffic records.

More than 911,000 of you visited the site at some point on Wednesday, and at 6.25 average page views per visitor we served up more than 5.7 million, nudging past Tuesday’s record of 5.65 million.

Thanks for giving us some of your valuable time (or, as the case may be, some of your employer’s valuable time).  We hope we’ve kept you informed.  We also hope we’ve kept you entertained.  And if you smiled or chortled or chuckled or laughed out loud once or twice, that would mean we’re doing our job not as crappily as usual.

We’ll be back at it in the morning, early.  There are still plenty of free agents to be signed, including some of the biggest names our there.

And this is where I should link the PFT Hot 100 list.  But since Silva has been putting it in pretty much every single one of his posts, I’ll refrain.  For now.