Titans owner offers Peyton a contract “for life”


To the extent that Peyton Manning is looking to parlay a contract for his services as a player into a contract for his services as an executive, it’s working.

Titans owner Bud Adams told KHOU radio in Houston on Wednesday that he has offered Peyton a contract “for life.”

Adams also said he “feels great” about the team’s chances of landing Manning.

As previously mentioned, the idea of welcoming Peyton into the front office upon retirement could make for more than a little awkwardness, given that the jobs and the duties Peyton may be eyeballing already are spoken for.  (Including giving the opposition a double-barreled middle finger during games.)

Then there’s the question of how a contract that contains financial promises beyond the expiration of the playing career impacts the salary cap.  A post-playing-career maneuver once made by Broncos owner Pat Bowlen regarding quarterback John Elway contributed to a finding that the team had violated the salary-cap rules.

And so, before any contract “for life” becomes effective, the league office will have to approve it.  In the end, it’s possible that the playing part of the lifetime contract will be addressed in writing, and that the balance of the business will be accomplished via a series of winks and nods.

30 responses to “Titans owner offers Peyton a contract “for life”

  1. The longer this thing drags out the more obvious it becomes that Pay-me-tons and his grand tour are all about getting PAID and not about going to the team with the best chance of winning a title.

  2. I can’t really see where promises like that would be a big sell anyway. Manning can easily become a sought-after offensive coordinator after he retires, or a broadcaster a head coach or anything else. Show him that Kenny Britt isn’t crazy (good luck), and maybe that would mean something.

  3. 1-Who told Bud he could go outside wearing what he’s wearing in that photo?

    2-It feels like a desperate move

    3-Peyton could choose Tennessee. Familiar with the division and played college ball there. They have a better chance of landing him than Miami.

    4-I wish he’d make up his mind already (Peyton). The media have become as frenzied as during the Brett Favre will he or won’t he sagas.

  4. Peyton doesn’t need to use his talents as a player to get him a job as an executive or a coach. Why would he want to tie himself down to one place when he could finish out his playing career and then explore his options?

  5. Signing a contract for “Life” with a man 89 yeaers old sound s pretty stupid to me.

  6. Bud Adams. He’s like the last of the “old school” AFL owners left. He’s had some of the most talented teams the NFL has ever seen in his tenure but yet could never win a superbowl. Anyother owner would have easily won 5 or 6 superbowls with the talented rich Oiler teams he had in the 70’s and 90’s. Reason?

    He only cares about stroking his own ego amongst owners and selling tickets period. His teams were never built on the premise of winning Superbowls, but rather built on star power and selling his tickets.

    I would say Bud Adams is a great owner and successful one, but if I were a player who wanted to win a string of Superbowls the Titans are NOT the team would go to.

  7. Buyer Beware, Peyton.

    Bud Adams once “gave” Earl Campbell a Columbian Blue Lincoln Continental for all of his hard work and success with the Oilers, and a month later Earl got a payment book from the bank in the mail.

    Just remember what kind of person you are dealing with.

  8. Wow. I always thought that Manning would be running and/or owning the Colts at some point after his career ended. Things change in the blink of an eye around te NFL.

  9. Contrary to what Archie would want you to believe about his sons, it was and always will be about the money.

    Winning is seondary.

  10. Seriously…look at this guy, you have to take the deal! (Peyton’s wife won’t let him pass this up)

    Doesn’t it strike you all as funny that Adams screwed Houston out of the Oilers, took the team to Tennessee, then gives interviews to Houston radio stations about the links he will go to, to improve the team he moved out of Houston? Do you know what city you live in dude? I am sure the people of Houston really give a crap about how you are invested in bringinb Peyton back to Tennessee.

    This is what dementia looks like when you are a billionaire.

  11. @satanphoenix – Signing a contract for life with an 89 year old man is pretty smart being that you get to take over when he’s gone, which at that age could be any minute now.

  12. Contract for life + that picture?

    For a minute there I thought that PM was going to have to go into witness protection……

  13. Is this bull crap over yet…..go to Miami and hang out with those jerks on the Heat so you can all have the last laugh at how you jerked the whole world around for your ego.

  14. Why in the world would someone who is going to retire with well over 100 million in career earnings want to work the hours of a coach or GM? Especially someone like PM who is a stone cold lock to be offered jobs in broadcasting?

    I know some guys do it, but I certainly don’t get it.

  15. Bud Adams is all right by me. Any guy who flips off the TV crews with BOTH HANDS and had Bum Phillips, Earl Campbell, Dante Pastorini, Buddy Ryan and Warren Moon over the years has got my vote for one of the leagues coolest owners.

    Good luck Bud

  16. I still can’t believe the Oilers are gone. I understand why the name change but growing up with the NFL in the 70 and 80s it is hard to believe.

    For a blank check owners must realize no matter how much money you dish it doesn’t buy you a guaranteed SB.

    The little ball we call a football never bounces evenly and i have seen the whackiest things happen in the NFL

  17. All I know is Miami is definitely out of the race…. Manning has been to the Titans facility more throughout his career than the dolphins. If he went to every other facility but Miami, then you should take that as your sign and go after Flynn.

  18. “the balance of the business will be accomplished via a series of winks and nods.”

    Yeah, sure. There’s an old saying in contract law: If it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist. The owner is 89 years old. By the time Manning would move from player to management, the old guy will probably be gone. That “wink and nod” would quickly turn into “that was his promise to you, not ours” from the new owner(s).

    Get it all in writing, Peyton. Handshake agreements don’t mean anything any longer, especially in court.

  19. Peyton Manning is a class act & smart enough to know that Bud’s offer is ridiculous. That man has no class as we have seen many times. All he cares about is selling tickets & how it will help him to own Peyton Manning. We all know Peyton will NEVER have a problem getting a job so why would he want to be a Titan for life? He will forever be a colt in his heart. Everyone knows how private he & his wife are. Tennessee is coming across like a complete circus to get him. That should make him run the other way. We hope that Peyton will make the right choice & go with the team that has waited patiently for him to explore his options & where he surely can win some more Super Bowls… The BRONCOS!!!

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