Bears re-sign safety Craig Steltz


Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Bears have re-signed safety Craig Steltz to a two-year contract.

Steltz, 26 in May, started five games last season and forced a pair of fumbles. He also set a career high with 53 tackles.

Chris Conte and Major Wright project as the Bears’ starting safeties in 2012, but Steltz makes for a solid No. 3 option and also contributes in kickoff and punt coverage.

Steltz recorded ten special teams tackles last season.

10 responses to “Bears re-sign safety Craig Steltz

  1. And the rich get richer. It’s a well known fact that Da Bears have more holes in their starting 22 than a block of bad swiss cheese, and yet their solution is signing…. Craig. Steltz.

    Pretenders indeed.

  2. I’ve got a bad feeling we’re going to dress the same old sad tiring, non-tackling defense that we had last year.

    They’re good in some spots but need some major improvements in a lot of others. Mainly, the secondary. I was actually happy to see him go. Unless he’s playing special teams or backup.

  3. Craig Steltz did really well at the end of last season.. I don’t know what all the negativity is for..

  4. what moves were you guys looking for the bears to make? this team is a year removed from the NFC Championship game. We were one of the best teams in the league last season with a bunch of #3 wideouts & a crap O-line. The defense will be fine. There is still something called THE DRAFT coming up, and free agency is by no means over yet. The only moves I want to see is new OL, DE & LB and mayyybe a CB to push Jennings and ideally grow into replacing Peanut when his time is up. Steltz, Okoye & Kellin Davis all go in the same category: good young backups who shows flashes, and just might be able to break through and be above avg.

  5. @Iinditka –

    The negativity is actually objectivity.

    FACT: The Bears have an all pro DE. A half decent DT, 2 aging but still very effective LB’s and a corner that tackles but can’t cover. Everyone else you could exchange for a pack of cigs and a 40 of keystone light.

    That is not good enough to contend on D. If you’re going to field a unit that is subpar to average, then you’d better be able to make up for it with excellence on the other side of the ball.

    The Bears haven’t been able to do that for a long time on offense – and they won’t be able to this year either.

  6. @txbearmeat

    Steltz is the perfect signing for what he is. They paid him $1.67M over 2 years. That’s only marginally more than league minimum which exactly what he deserves. He knows the system and played quite competently when asked to fill in last season. He’s a wonderful backup/special teams option at just the right price. Compare him to the Sam Hurd signing last year which was supposed to be the same type of role, yet at 3 times the price and a third the production.

    Yeah, they should probably bring in Atogwe to replace Wright and they need to get someone else dynamic on defense but this Steltz signing does nothing to limit that and it gives them some really good injury insurance. Most teams’ injury insurance is way less reliable than Steltz.

  7. fair enough dawind

    My point is that Bears fever is already starting to remind me of Lions fever last year. And for all that talk, the Lions were clearly not even close to as good as GB was last year.

    Just because CHI got one very good player with head problems does not mean it’s ready to compete.

    As I stated above, there are only about 7 starters on the whole team that can consistently perform. (Cutler, Forte, Peppers, Marshall, Urlacher, Briggs, and maybe Tillman).

    They have a LOT of holes to fill – asking for even 3 immediate starters from any one draft is ludicrous. And no one can afford to bring in 5 starters via free agency in one offseason either.

    So I stand by what I said.

  8. @txbearmeat:

    You make some good points, but I will disagree with the following statement:

    “Just because CHI got one very good player with head problems does not mean it’s ready to compete.”

    As recently as last November the Bears WERE competing, riding a 5-game winning streak at 7-3, but injuries and inept play from Hanie and Barber derailed that train in a hurry. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d venture to say that, if we had our new, upgraded roster on the field back then, we finish at least 10-6 and make the playoffs, while the Giants stayed home.

  9. Steltz was signed for special teams, going to end up losing graham. Chicago takes pride on special teams and steltz is a solid tackler and coverage man. Also sure he has helped throw a few blocks for hester.

    Packers are still the team to beat in the north but the bears have answered two huge needs WR and back up QB. Defense is ageing but this is where emery should do the best and draft depth for now and turn them into starters in the near future.

  10. I agree larry

    One thing no one has mentioned is Brandon Marshall could(hopefully) draw double overage, or atleast have some coverage rolled to his side of the field.

    When was the last time the bears had a reciever threat like that?

    People had to respect Hester and Knox speed. They didnt have to respect hesters route running or Knoxs ability to stay up right.

    Went on a tangent…sorry
    The bears have constantly lost great ST players and this is a great signing. Wonderful ST player and a solid back up.

    @ tx bear meat
    You forgot to add both Corey graham and DJ moore at nickel back. Both of them played out of their minds. That was a well played position this year.

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