Brandon Carr gets $25.5 million fully guaranteed

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The contract given by the Rams to cornerback Cortland Finnegan pays him $24 million fully guaranteed on signing.  With $3 million in 2014 salary becoming fully guaranteed within days after the next Super Bowl, some would say that, as a practical matter, Finnegan has $27 million fully guaranteed.

And to the extent anyone doesn’t think agents have oversized antennae when it comes to apples-to-apples contractual comparisons, the fully guaranteed money paid to cornerback Brandon Carr by the Cowboys precisely splits the difference between $24 million and $27 million.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Carr will receive $25.5 million in fully guaranteed money from the Cowboys.  The payment comes from a $10 million signing bonus, a fully-guaranteed $1.2 million base salary in 2012, and a whopping — and fully guaranteed — base salary of $14.3 million in 2013.  (It’ll make Carr’s cap number $16.3 million in 2013; don’t be surprised if he restructures next year to convert large chunk of that salary to a signing bonus and drive the cap number down.)

Also, $1 million of Carr’s base salary for 2014 is guaranteed for injury only on signing, and it becomes fully guaranteed on the first day of the 2014 league year.  That would move the total guarantee to $26.5 million, just south of Finnegan.

The remainder of the payments to Carr under the five-year, $50.1 million contract (which barely passes Finnegan’s total value of five years and $50 million) comes from base salaries of $7.5 million, $8 million, and $9.1 million in 2014, 2015, and 2016, respectively.

Both guys got paid, a lot.  Some would say too much.  But the proliferation of passing offenses requires defenses to beef up the two positions most likely to disrupt the act of throwing and catching the football — defensive end and cornerback.

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  1. Sad to see Carr leave KC, but you don’t pay your #2 corner that kind of scratch. Good luck in Dallas.

  2. Expensive free Agency is for chumps. You HAVE to overpay for guys who were allowed to walk for a reason from their previous team.

    If I was in the NFL, free agency is the place to get flat out paid homee.

  3. Hey I see the Dallas Haters and so called Football geniuses are out in full force. When you sign a player in FA your going to overpay you idiots. Carr was paid to Finnegan in comparison – I would take Carr any day of the week because of age and playing history. Finnegan is 2 years older and has been dinged up physcially. And actually Dallas has been the most prudent in FA then any other team – which amazes me becuase apparently Stephen Jones and Garrett and really taking over the front office this year – the draft will really be the factor to see if they are really taking over the personnel decisions.

    Nice job Boys – keep it up!

  4. I like Carr but Flowers is way better than he is and no way the Chiefs should have paid him that much and am glad they didn’t. He was hell bent on leaving after he got tendered last year. Good luck Carr but you’re way overrated.

  5. Go watch the tape of him playing against Green Bay. I like what I saw. Any fool thinks he isn’t going to help didn’t watch Terrence Newman play last year. Newman was a target that every QB looked for.
    All you have to do is watch him let Victor Cruz take a simple 1 route and go 80 yards. It isn’t happening with Carr covering him.

  6. man i have been watching my boys get ate up by passing offenses. isnt this guy better than nothing?because that is what they had.

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