Cap space as of March 15

[Editor’s note:  Many of you have asked for an updated snapshot of team-by-team cap space.  Here are the most recent numbers, as of March 15.  These are not PFT calculations or estimates, but information regarding the official cap space obtained from a source with knowledge of the numbers.  Transactions since Thursday will affect the numbers, obviously.]

Broncos:  $40.0 million.

Bengals:  $38.9 million.

Seahawks:  $28.6 million.

Titans:  $26.2 million.

Jaguars:  $24.8 million.

49ers:  $23.5 million.

Eagles:  $22.3 million.

Bills:  $22.2 million.

Browns:  $21.6 million.

Chiefs:  $21.4 million.

Buccaneers:  $17.9 million.

Vikings:  $18.8 million.

Rams:  $14.6 million.

Chargers:  $14.5 million.

Dolphins:  $14.3 million.

Colts:  $14.3 million.

Patriots:  $13.6 million.

Lions:  $13.3 million.

Bears:  $12.8 million.

Jets:  $12.7 million.

Redskins:  $11.3 million.

Texans:  $8.7 million.

Packers:  $7.2 million.

Falcons:  $6.0 million.

Steelers:  $5.8 million.

Cowboys:  $5.5 million.

Raiders:  $5.0 million.

Ravens:  $4.7 million.

Panthers:  $3.1 million.

Saints:  $3.0 million.

Giants:  $2.3 million.

Cardinals:  $448,000.

20 responses to “Cap space as of March 15

  1. Cardinals restructured Kolb today and waived stucky, they have 7-8 million in space now.

  2. The Cardinals were trying to get Manning with less than $10 million in cap space…?

  3. How could the Saints have possibly only spent 2 million in cap space? If I remember right they had about 5 mil and since signing Colston and Grubbs without releasing anyone dropped to just 3 mil??

  4. Sure hope Manning doesn’t go to S.F. since that means the 49-ers could still steal Wallace from Pitts and only give up the 30th overall pick. 🙂

  5. I see how the Jags are still up there, but WoW, “keeping your own” will put a dent on your cap. We only signed WR Robinson & QB Henne, so I’m guessing they must’ve front-loaded most of the contracts to be down 20 mill from where they were.

  6. Should one of the teams like Denver sign Manning, I’d love to see an updated version of this after Manning signs.. He should account for 15-20 mill with ease, but then the possibility of trading Tebow makes it even more intriguing.

  7. I am really confused…

    I swore I just read on this site at the beginning of Free Agency that the Ravens had something like $16-17M in space.

    They make ONE move (re-sign Birk). Which was today and apparently those aren’t counted in the ‘updated’ numbers, and all of the sudden they have under $5M in space.

    I have no idea why this is such a ‘secret’. Can’t there be some sort of ‘official’ listing from the NFL?

  8. my bills still have A LOT of space after the mario deal. thats how you do business for once. we can sign the rest of our guys who will come up next year!!

  9. Maybe the reason the Bengals are a joke is that that they refuse to spend money to pick up talent. they could have went after Mario WIlliams and Manningham or others WRs and still have cap space.. NOt doing good business and I would be very mad if I were a fan

  10. mnlittle says:
    Mar 16, 2012 10:08 PM
    How do the Iggles have 22 mil after what they did last year??


    Its pretty easy actually. They signed a bunch of 1 year contracts, and only 2 large deals. Vick, and Asomugha.

    A bunch of fans that arent very bright, overreacted to Vince Youngs “dream team” statement, and somehow think the Eagles tried to buy a Super Bowl.

    But, as your surprise shows, the Eagles didnt spend as much as you apparently think they did. The hate for the Eagles, and their fans, however, is very strong on this site. And that is regardless of facts.

  11. “Why is Arizone out of cap space? They have not done that much so far.”

    Fitz just got a huge contract and do i really need to say Kolb?

  12. Glad to see the Saints with less cap space than the Panthers, although Tolbert just took a chunk of that space. I’m counting on us stealing the Saints playoff spot once the bounty penalties and the disgruntlement of Brees take root..

  13. boytom feeedrs,,,,,,,,,,,,,holdouts to thinking there gong t get the big contract at The last second ans some drop but some ASL;0so get to try their new musk on the waiver wired,,,,, then you ha be no shots to call
    l, there,.,,

  14. So with a bunch of teams trimming cap space to the bare minimum, how much do they have to allocate to the upcoming rookie class??

    For example, the Ravens website says they had 4.6million before signing 4 players, which used up most of that. So will they have to cut salary in order to fit in the rookie class??

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