Chargers release Volek after bringing back Whitehurst

The San Diego Chargers announced Friday that they have released longtime backup quarterback Billy Volek.

Per Adam Caplan, Volek was scheduled for a $750,000 roster bonus on March 22. He also had a $2.75 million base salary.

Caplan confirms that Volek’s release saves $3.5 million in cap space.

The Chargers appear poised to move forward with Charlie Whitehurst as Philip Rivers’ primary backup. They will likely also use a mid- to late-round pick on a quarterback.

Whitehurst returned to San Diego on a two-year deal Friday night.

13 responses to “Chargers release Volek after bringing back Whitehurst

  1. I just dont get why Billy Volek never got a starting job.
    He is better than Vick, Bradfod, any jaguars QB, Mccoy, Alex Amith.. I would say he is better than half of the starting nfl QBS!

  2. I don’t know why they ever let Scott Tolzien go. He was looking pretty good for them.

    Bolts fans better pray nothing happens to Rivers.

  3. Volek got was suppose to start for the Titans during VY’s rookie year, but they signed Collins and then traded him too the Bolts where he’s been ever sense…. always wondered what he would do as a starter

  4. I’m not comfortable with Whitehurst aka “clipboard jesus” being our backup.. He didn’t step up when he had his chance in seattle.. hope the chargers draft a Qb or maybe take a look at Brady Quinn.

  5. The Titans signed Collins because Volek did something to piss off Jeff Fisher. He never elaborated on what that was exactly, just that Volek had lied to him about something. Way to blow your chance.

  6. Billy Volek did something that Charlie Whitehurst could never do. Win a playoff game. Billy Volek is a solid guy that will push guys who are starters to play at a higher level.

  7. Volek deserves his chance at being a starter. If Volek ends up signing with Denver, he probably will be the starter at some point in the season. I have a feeling Manning isn’t going to last the whole season. I don’t wish him any bad luck, just seems likely with the neck injury and surgeries he’s had. As for Jeff Fisher, isn’t he the one that called for what amounted to a career-ending hit on Merriman? I’m still waiting for a play to accidently roll into him on the sidelines! 😡

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