Chris Myers stays with the Texans

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Houston fans have been getting a little nervous this week.  Between tackle Eric Winston and fullback Lawrence Vickers being cut and linebacker Mario Williams and guard Mike Briesel signing elsewhere, a sense had developed that the franchise that finally made it to the playoffs was now moving in the wrong direction.

A step in the right direction (or at least not another one in the wrong direction) arrived Friday night, when center Chris Myers agreed to terms on a four-year deal.  A league source tells PFT that Myers will receive $14 million fully guaranteed on the $25 million contract.

Myers had said he wanted to stay in Houston, but he also wanted to hit the open market.  Myers adrew interest from the Titans, but nothing from the Packers after the market opened.  (Three weeks ago, it was reported that Green Bay had been communicating with Myers’ agent, which would have been a clear violation of the tampering rules.)

The move leaves the Titans at 0-2 in their quest for a new guy who would snap the ball to Peyton Manning, if Manning comes to Tennessee.  Scott Wells recently opted to join the Rams.

Of course, the Titans always could sign Jeff Saturday.

19 responses to “Chris Myers stays with the Texans

  1. Credit the Texans for being smart about who to try and sign, and who to let go.

    They’ll fill the rest of the gaps with the draft and UFA’s.

    They may have one one playoff game – ever. But they are really being smart about building this franchise.

  2. He’s 30 years old….but O-line seems to play well into their 30s. Packers will probably draft one mid round for the future but as for right now I hope Ted Thompson knows what he’s doing.

    By the way, wish you could click on a name and have it pop up in a new window instead of going off of PFT.

  3. Agree with jsratx, they’ll sign some UFA’s probably after the frenzied period simmers down.Need to try and sign Joel Dressen next.Don’t care about Rackers,sign Bullock from Texas A&M to kick FG’s.

  4. Way to go Texans! Keep your center & thwart Ted Thompson from getting his hooks into Myers. Hey Ted go get a street FA. That’s why we don’t have a competent Linebacker across from Clay…………Doofus!……….all offense last year……nice!

  5. pretty soft market for centres… he is easily worth 7-7.5 a year. This man is the biggest reason for the success of arian foster.

  6. You lose your center and your entire line goes the way he does. Retain this kind of player and you improve even more from the leadership he brings.

    Great job keeping the anchor!

  7. The number 1 guy we had to sign (after we signed Foster), so glad the Texans got this done!!!

  8. Bud Adams ran the price up, I continue to hate this guy more and more. He’s paid for pennies his entire career, he deserved it. Good call Rick! Now draft some more monsters in the first 3 rounds like you’re good at.

  9. Good job Rick Smith. Caldwell can take over right guard and Rashad Butler will take over right tackle. Our line is gonna be just fine

  10. Last year, he may have been the top center in the AFC.

    I mean, I’m a Pittsburgh fan, and I completely acknowledge that Pouncey probably shouldn’t have made the pro-bowl above Myers.

    It’s hard to tell because Myers has a better supporting cast. But from what I saw, Myers was the best in the AFC.

    Smart move signing him.

  11. They’re a team on the verge of big success, now can Matt Schaub make it through an entire season??

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