Colt McCoy now favored to remain the Browns’ starting quarterback


Browns President Mike Holmgren makes no secret that he wanted to draft Robert Griffin III and was disappointed that the Rams rejected his trade offer. But now that the Griffin ship has sailed, the Browns appear to be favoring another year with Colt McCoy as the starter.

Holmgren said Thursday that he trusts in the system the Browns have in place and believes McCoy has plenty of room for growth in that system, especially with a full offseason this year.

We will stick with our system,” Holmgren said, via the News-Herald. “The big thing is learning the system. I think in the second year of the system you will see more productivity from the offense. We’re not going to change it, but it takes times to get good at it. If you can stick with your quarterback and you stick with the system and you stick with the coaches in the program, it works. You just have to trust me on that.”

Browns General Manager Tom Heckert is also talking up McCoy.

“We do think Colt has a big ceiling,” Heckert said. “It’s my job to get better players surrounding him. After the season, we said we have to protect him better. We have to be able to run the football, which we did at times last year. If you look at the games when we ran well and protected well, Colt played very well. Colt has proven he can play in this league. As Coach Holmgren said, another year in the system and we get him better players, he has a chance to be really good.”

Of course, if the Browns really believed McCoy was a future elite quarterback, they wouldn’t have tried so hard to move up and draft Griffin. All the talk about McCoy’s high ceiling may be more about the Browns now resigning themselves to the fact that McCoy is the best they can do this year, after the Redskins out-maneuvered them for Griffin.

There are other options: There’s been talk of drafting Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill at No. 4 overall. The idea of drafting Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden with the 22nd overall pick has also been floated, although Weeden is three years older than McCoy, so unless the Browns’ brass is blatantly lying when they say they think McCoy has a lot of room to grow, it’s hard to see why the Browns would think Weeden has a better future than McCoy does.

Giving McCoy another year as the starter would be less a statement that the team believes in him as the long-term answer than a statement that the team has no better answer. But until they come up with a better answer, someone has to be the starter in Cleveland. And right now it’s looking like that someone, for 2012, will be McCoy.

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  1. Seriously???????????

    I mean, they couldn’t come up with even ONE better solution? McCoy is THAT good?????

  2. Nothing like getting a starting job by default. Holmgren gave Colt a huge vote of confidence by crying about not getting the #2 pick.

  3. Wow, give Colt a chance to succeed. The kid is still learning how to play the game at the NFL level. If the fans keep bashing him, and the front office continues to show no faith, he will be a mental mess. He needs the Browns to build a team around him. Use your 2 first round picks wisely.

  4. Heckert keeps talking about being able to run the football. Interpret that to mean Trent Richardson @ #4, then Weeden @ #22.

  5. Yeah, now that you’ve stomped all over your young QB’s ego and have no better alternatives he’ll have to do. Maybe restructure his contract and give him a couple mil more like the Jets did Sanchez…..that’ll make him feel better.

  6. We do think Colt has a big ceiling,” Heckert said. “It’s my job to get better players surrounding him……….

    Love to get paid millions and not do my job…

    Just Sayin”…Go Brownies!!!

  7. Holm needs to learn how to just shut his mouth. Now he’s trying to back track. You can’t take back whats said and the rift he’s creating.

    Regardless, the Browns are smart for not making the trade. 3 1st rounders and a 2nd is a lot to give up for an unknown. They need all the pics to better themselves. That being said, those picks won’t help them if they keep dropping the ball and not drafting well (J Jones)

  8. Ohh suuuure, now that the RGIII ship has sailed, you have a “system in place in which McCoy has plenty of room for growth”.

    Hey, I broke up with my girlfriend a couple months ago and told her it was because I was trying to nail this much hotter chick, but when I tried I couldn’t nail the hotter chick. Do you think my ex-girlfriend will take me back?? I mean, she’s the one I wanted all along.

  9. Why because a guy who plays with the worst offense isn’t producing? Give McCoy some credit, he made them look a lot better than they were and are just a year ago, I’m not even a browns fan, but if they could bring some more talent around him he might flourish a little more….little is a beast btw

  10. Run better??…we lost Peyton Hillis
    Protect better??…we’ve actually lost offensive linemen and signed NONE
    More weapons??…we’ve decidied it’s not wise to add any WR’s in free agency


  11. Even Vince Young knows the system now. Or at least he was on a team with the same system last year. I can’t confirm that he knows it

  12. If Kolb or Hasselbach get free, the Browns have to go after them.

    They both know the WCO. Neither the fans nor the team can take another year of a young, inexperienced so-so QB making mistakes on the field as he learns the system and learns to read NFL defenses. It’s been going on in Cleveland since the Browns returned in 1999.

    McCoy can learn behind Hasselbach the same way Rodgers learned behind Favre, and Flynn learned behind Rodgers.

    spellingcops is correct. The Browns have to learn to WIN. This is the problem with the Indians and Cavs as well. Cleveland teams are always developing players, not trying to win. The end result is that when some good players develop, they have to play out their options force a trade to a good team that is a playoff contender, The Cleveland teams get some young prospects back, and the cycle continues – rinse, repeat. It goes on for decades at a time.

  13. Are the Browns even trying at this point? It just looks like they’re a team that has given up. Mediocre acquisitions, sticking with players whose results have been underwhelming. What gives?

  14. Imo it was a blessing for the Browns that they didn’t move up. The Browns are more than just a QB away from winning their division. This is regarded as a deep draft and the Browns have several early picks. Use those picks to put some talent on the roster. Give those players a year in the league and then worry about a QB.

  15. They really look like such AHoles. I can/have accepted the losing, but all the other BS has me fed up. They really are embarrasing. I know Holmgren is reading this so I just want him to know he is FAILING. Stop blaming everyone else.

  16. McCoy has a big ceiling hahahaha. Maybe they should trade away all their draft picks to get old man weeden in the seventh round. Holgram is a genius.

  17. Holmgren said, ” If you can stick with your quarterback and you stick with the system and you stick with the coaches in the program, it works. You just have to trust me on that.”


    Didn’t stick with Mangini. Tried like heck to dump McCoy and grab Griffin at number 2. Me think Mike speak with forked tongue.

  18. Didn’t the Titans say they believe that Locker is their future? I don’t see you saying “of course if they really thought that then why would they go after a QB in the off season”

    By the way……”Giving McCoy another year as the starter would be less a statement that the team believes in him as the long-term answer than a statement that the team has no better answer”……what?

    Maybe I am bias, but I think giving a QB the full reins is saying they have confidence in them.

  19. If that’s what you believe, give him the Sanchez extension. So that his teammates know he’s the leader. 🙂

  20. If Peyton signs with Tennessee, wouldn’t that free up a veteran qb who know’s Holmgren’s system?

  21. Not to make excuses for Colt, but I am about to…here is the reality of what the Browns surrounded him with last year offensively:

    1. A shaky o-line with a right tackle who played with a ruptured tendon in his foot all year.

    2. Practice squad running backs for most of the year (Ogbannaya is not an NFL feature back on any other team)

    3. A receiving corp that led the NFL in drops, that was lead by a rookie WR who hadn’t played football in over a year.

    4. A first year head coach who couldn’t tell his a$$ from a hole in the ground.

    5. A new offensive system and play book, with new personnel, and no offseason to prepare.

    -I’m not saying Colt is a super bowl, or even a playoff caliber QB, but I’m willing to give him one more year with some more talent around him.

  22. how bout you go out and get some recievers for mccoy Greg little josh cribbs Jordan modelled mohammed massiquoi? those guys are not #1’s or 2’s in any system you gotta help the qb and they haven’t done that although cribbs is an excellent return man

  23. “Yeah, Colt, you’re our guy. You’ve always been our guy. We’re sure you would have beaten RG3 out for the starting job if we could have drafted him.” Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    (sarcasm off)

    I used to think the Indians were the most mismanaged franchise in Cleveland. Looks like they have been passed by the Browns…

  24. I think this is a smart move give colt one more yr. I mean how many quarterbacks have we gone through since 99 it’s not going to hurt us to give him another shot plus full off season to practice and if we can grab Trent Richardson with the fourth pick and a receiver at 22 or early second round pick we should be in good shape

  25. The Browns should instate a policy, where a “wha-whaaaaa” sound follow all of there press releases. Nobody can REALLY picture RG3 in a Browns Uni could they? No.

  26. BS alarm is blaring! These guys have no idea what they want! The proverbial kids in the candy store. Grow up. Plan ahead. You’re Cleveland! That means you better nail every draft pick for the next 2 to 3 years just to be competitive. The factory of sadness indeed. Speaking of sad….. What this I’m hearing about Holmgren whining the Rams not wanting to play with him…. C’mon Man!

  27. Holmgren says this and then:
    “Going from 4-12 to 6-10 isn’t good enough and that’s been conveyed,” said Holmgren. “I believe we are going to be better than that. In fact, we are going to be a lot better than that.”
    With Colt?
    This guys football brain is in the past: We run an offense from the 80’s, we approach players like its the 80’s. Hey Mike we were good in the 80’s

  28. “If you can stick with your quarterback and you stick with the system and you stick with the coaches in the program, it works. You just have to trust me on that.”

    Especially if your QB is named Brett Favre………….

  29. I can’t wait till next year and watch holmgren sitting in is box seat crying at the Cleveland redskin game. ” I gave up just as much for griffen” That’s what you get for trying to low ball them. Deal with it.

  30. For those suggesting to give Colt another year with more talent around him, there are two problems with that idea. First, no matter how much talent you put around Colt, it doesn’t improve his arm strength, and that’s the main problem — defenses crowd the line of scrimmage against him, taking away the running game and the short passing routes, because they know he can’t beat them deep. And secondly, how do you figure that the Browns are putting more talent around him? They’ve been cutting people on the offensive side while adding NOBODY. The reality is, the Browns’ brass is committed to a long, slow rebuild of maybe five years or so, and Colt McCoy is just a placeholder for a team that won’t be ready to win for a long time.

  31. McCoy is not the problem. No one worthwhile on the right side of the O-line for years, being comfortable with Cribbs, MoMass, Robo, Norwood, Mitchell, and a rookie as a receiving corp over the last two years, (no one higher than a #3 there), having to stumble upon Hillis as a feature back, then letting him walk for 3 million when that’s what you just gave to a back-up defensive end, letting a first year head coach call plays without a coordinator in a year with no offseason, and worst of all, nine out of the ten times this year when I went to get a hot pretzel at the concession stand, they had none. (three times with hot chocolate, too! This is Cleveland)
    But I already re-upped my season tickets, so the Kool-Aid is still flowin’ in Cleveland!!!

  32. Tannehill is likely a 3rd rounder, and Weeden is a 6th rounder at best…but Tom Brady went in the 6th

  33. Look at the comments posted and see the ‘thumbs up’…

    Conclusion: Holmgren is an idiot who has lost more than a step.

    Should we hope the Bengals get a sophmore QB jinx…. doubt it… two losses..

    Should we think Steelers have lost another step… doubt it… two losses…

    and Ravens… going backwards… doubt it..

    6 losses….

    Well… Lerner… what else u got planned for your franchise…

    I got 14 starting QB jerseys… piled in my garage for washing cars now as it is

  34. Put Blackmon (#4) and Lamar Miller (#22) in this offense and McCoy looks a LOT better than ’11. Trade #37 for a lower 2 and a 3 and load-up on offensive linemen. Sounds pretty easy to make this a decent offense.

  35. I’d like to join the Colt bashing, but he’s on a team with very few weapons and he hasn’t had much time in the system. What impresses me most about Colt is he is football 24/7 and more than anything he wants to win. That’s a quality every team needs in their QB. We all learned about Colt’s toughness this year, esp in those divisional games. I think he will be much better this year (He will have an offseason).
    -Not a Brown fan.

  36. I agree with you Tom. We do need more talent around Colt. That’s why it was smart to let Hillis walk for the money you paid a 12 yr backup DL for Philly and cut one of our few quality players in Steinbach. At least you replaced them with talent…oh wait

  37. McCoy’s ego will be fine for anyone who has ever followed him. He gets that RGIII was a very special talent with unparralled athletic ability. This will only serve as motivation for him (if you knew ANYTHING about him).

    Get him some weapons and all you nay sayers will see he is a very good QB. He had nothing to work with last year…note the one game Green Bay didn’t protect Rogers and he looked pedestrian…think about Colt getting battered EVERY week last year…. it will be WR/RB/OT in some order with the first three picks.

    What confuses me to death is why with all this cap room (and growing by cutting people like Steinbach) they aren’t going after a quality O-lineman and WR.

  38. Colt is a back up QB at best. I am tired of the give the guy a chance argument. Really?? Tom Brady only had one chance and he took advantage of the opportunity like it was his last.

  39. if colt a had TEAM around him and I mean a good team o line good receivers they would be good. I predict whether its in the land or somewhere else he will eventually will flourish.

  40. They’ve been saying all along that they still believe in McCoy. Believing one player has a lot of potential doesn’t mean you have to pass up the chance to get a player at the same position who you think has elite potential. There’s no backtracking or sour grapes here. Tennessee drafted Locker early in the 1st last year. Doors their courtship of Manning mean they’ve given up on him? No, just that they think Manning is better. Colt is no dummy – he can see the RGIII tape, & see that the kid from Baylor has more athleticism, arm strength, & flash. That doesn’t somehow take ability or potential away from McCoy, & the staff repeating their belief in him doesn’t mean they think he’s going to be better than Griffin.

    As a Browns fan, I’d rather have Griffin than McCoy, but I do think that McCoy will play better in 2012 than he did in 2011, after a real offseason (& hopefully, an improved o-line in front of him).

  41. Colt’s not the problem? So much so that they wanted to give up 3 no.1’s for a QB…. Then tried to get Flynn who laughed us off, said no way. Then we went to SPIN CONTROL…….. Yeah they think COLT is AWESOME. Shoveling it on thick and its sad there are you that are STILL drinking the Kool-aid.

  42. Yes and he can hardly wait to go out there on the field and do it all to thank his coach and gm for all the support and faith they have in him.

    If it was me I’d toss a ton o interceptions to get benched, then traded, then light it up to show the GM just what they missed by screwing with me.

  43. Colt McCoy is a winner… give him a chance. Get some WRs, an RT and a decent RB… No one wins without weapons.

  44. Siiiggghhh. I was prepared for this. Right now, unless they got Flynn somehow, or MAYBE Kolb, I say sure, start him and surround him w/ more talent. But if they pick friggin’ Tannehill anywhere in the first round I’ll be ticked. If they take him at pick #4 I might have to visit an emergency room . . .

  45. I like the move… it’s hard to say what McCoy really is at this point. He’s young and has played for an awful team. Give him some weapons and see what he can do. He might fail, but at least give him a chance… what else does Cleveland have to lose???

  46. As a Steelers fan I actually feel bad for Cleveland. It used to be a fun rivalry back in the 80’s and early to mid 90’s. The Browns are as bad as the Pirates.

  47. Home games: Pitt, Bal, Cin, Den, KC, Phil, Wash, Buff.
    Home misery 0-8

    Away games: Pitt, Bal, Cin, S.D., OAK, Dal, NYG, Indy.
    Away suckage: 1-7

    Winning football team? Not (Y)ours

  48. one more thing…to the person that said Brady seized his opportunity when he got it…sometimes some people just get lucky or have the team videotaping others signals so you know, he could already know what was coming. Who is to say spygate didn’t happen sooner? I chalk it up to luck and yes, Brady has made the most ever since and love him or hate him (which I definitely don’t like him) he will end up in the HOF with an asterisk or not, who knows. He is actually a great QB, kind of like Manning, as much as I can’t stand him either.

    We all should know it takes two-three full seasons for most QBs to “get it” and become a “franchise QB”, and that is if they can get lucky to stay in the same system, same coaching staff etc, and if the team does like Heckert says here that they will do…put talent around them!

  49. “Why would he want to remain the qb?

    He knows they do not want him.”

    Maybe because Cleveland is the only place in the NFL where he has a shot at starting?

  50. they will draft T Rich over Blackmon, and then suck for another year…then grab some WR’s next year…and suck again. I’d say 3rd season from this one, we’ll have to actually start maaaaybe taking the Browns seriously.

    But by then, they’ll probably be on their 2nd QB after McCoy and fresh into the “rebuilding” mode they are so efficient at.

  51. As a lifelong Browns fan I am fed up with my beloved Browns. They have no QB, no Rb no WR and no rush defense……………hmmm

    Lets just trade and sign a bunch of backups?????

    Maybe ownership needs to change because the Lerhner family has been pitiful as far as putting a good product on the field. My beloved Browns are pitiful and getting worse by the day.

  52. McCoy’s only been with them for two seasons, yet now they were hoping to use yet another first round pick on yet another QB of the future?

  53. Mccoy will lead the Browns to the playoffs this season. Richardson will rush for ove 1000 yds as a rookie. The Browns defense will rank in the top of the nfl. Book this!

  54. Last time I checked the Browns were not the only team trying to add a new QB! There were lots of teams trying to add new ones and have failed. You think if Denver misses out of Manning they wont have some Tebow wounds to attend to? And for all you wanna be front office noobs yeah they passed on Julio and moved back but they still have another player coming for that trade(#22) and will have to combine Phil Taylor and that pick together to compair. Odds are we will get the better end of that deal

  55. I love the fact that Colt McCoy completed most of his passes while in the process of being put flat on his back yet a team would consider replacing him. There are QB’s in the NFL that can’t complete passes while upright.

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