Cowboys snatch Nate Livings from Bengals

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The Bengals entered free agency with nearly $50 million in cap space.  They haven’t spent much, if any, on other team’s players.

Or on their own.

The Cowboys, despite having at least $5 million in cap space stripped by the league on Monday, have signed Cincinnati guard Nate Livings to a five-year deal, according to a league source.

The contract, we’re told, has a base value of $19 million, with $6.2 million guaranteed.

Livings started every game for the Bengals in 2010 and 2011.

59 responses to “Cowboys snatch Nate Livings from Bengals

  1. The weakest link on the offensive line and it’s not even close. Thank you Dallas!!!

    Rucker and Fanene are MUCH bigger losses in FA thus far.

  2. As a die hard Cowboys fan for more than a decade. I’ve been waiting for an off season like this forever. Someone gave Jerry Jones some GM lessons over the spring or something. Cause he’s really shocking me right now.

    Now that he’s filled almost every hole in the team. He can do what he LOVES to in the draft, and that’s draft the best talent on the board instead of what the Cowboys need. Cause right now, they don’t need too much. Their team is looking great.

    Hopefully whoever taught Jerry how to GM, also taught Jason Garrett a few things too.

  3. The Bengals have joined the Manning hunt…. Per team sources, Bengals willing to offer Manning league minimum! Stay tuned…..<ike brown feels "comfortable" that the deal will be finalized today

  4. It’s a miracle!!! Somehow, the worst player on our team, who clearly had dirt on the coaches (why else would he start over Evan Mathis for years?), gets bought away from us. Mr. Jones, we, as Bengal fans, give you our deepest thanks. Hell, I’ll even send you five bucks to help you pay for him.

  5. Bengals fans weren’t all that enthused about keeping Livings, much less at that price to be honest.

    Having said that, we need to get us some guards! Starting to wonder if BOTH first round picks go to guards this year.


  6. hahahahaha, nice signing chumps!

    This was the 1 guy I was really hoping some other team would take off our hands….let alone overpay.

    Cowboy fans, you will HATE this guy by game 3

  7. How is it possible to “Snatch” Nate Livings when he was one of the worst offensive lineman in a Bengals uniform in recent memory. Thats saying something…we had Stacy Andrews too. The Cowboys would be better off buying a blocking dummy to put in his place because all the guy does is take up space.

  8. Jerry Jones is proving yet again why he is an incompetent GM. In 2 years he’ll be cutting these guys because he will have to create cap space again.

  9. 50 million in cap space? Have no idea if he’s the type of player who the Bengals should have resigned, but it sure does seem like they’re not even trying sometimes….

  10. Lifelong Cowboys fan here…….

    Can anyone give me some info. on this guy? I believe that he started every game for the past two years for the Bengals, but most Cincinnati fans seem to not like him.

    Depth signing…? But at that salary?

    Does he have potential?

  11. My boys have suddenly gotten better and younger. We get to target the best available player in the draft with most of our holes filled. D-Murray will be a top 5 RB in 2012….you heard it here first. Cowboys 13-3 in 2012!!!!!!

  12. Don’t know much about this dude, but I hope it’s a good moves. The Boys have been making smart moves so far, no need to doubt them now.

  13. Either Livings is putrid or he was totally unsuited for the OL scheme the Bengals play. Bengals fans are CHEERING for this “loss”. They wanted him gone a year or two ago.

  14. Idiot Cowboys. Follow the Redskins example. You should know by now the OLine doesn’t matter.

    (for those of you who are irony-challenged that was meant as lame humor by one of the few posters on the redskins blog who knows the opposite is true)

  15. Im a Steelers fan and I am just amazed that the Bengals are doing nothing !!! I mean absolutely NOTHING and I would be pissed as hell…. I dont understand having so much cap spacce, not signing niether your own players or going after any ” elite” players to patch up some holes. Cmon guys… I am almost thinking that maybe they are going to give the Steelers a first round pick and sign Wallace away from us just so they can say may be did/doing something. lol

  16. it does appear that the cowboys are making some nice moves. as a giants fan however, with jerry’s track record, im going to sit back and see how the season plays out before i start getting concerned.

  17. cwt123 says:
    Mar 16, 2012 2:07 PM
    Lifelong Cowboys fan here…….

    Can anyone give me some info. on this guy? I believe that he started every game for the past two years for the Bengals, but most Cincinnati fans seem to not like him.

    Depth signing…? But at that salary?

    Does he have potential?

    He’s awful. Not 1 Fan wanted him back with the team…there is no reason he should be a starting Gaurd on any NFL team. He routinely gets bullrushed straight into the QB, is “innefective” as a pass blocker and routinely misses simple blocking assignments.
    Initially i’d say this is a depth signing, but at that salary, he’ll be expected to start.
    Potential? Yes, he has the potential to ruin the interior of your O-Line, and the potential to get either a RB or QB hurt, very very badly.

    but hey, this probably means you wont draft DeCastro @ #14…but we will at #17 or #21 so double thanks Jerruh!

  18. He’s really bad. We’ve hated him ever since he started his first game. Honestly sometimes he is decent, but almost zero potential, no consistency, suffice it to say. You really didn’t not want to sign this guy. I thought any good GM would stay the hell away. Unless he’s a backup in that case he’s a good backup, but that’s way too much to pay a backup.

  19. I like how the Beagles fans come in here bashing the Cowboys. Although arch rivals of my Redskins, at least they have won superbowls. Same can be said about the Redskins, and the Giants, and the ….wait for ittt, NOT THE EAGLES. Child please win something and then do the sh*t talking on FA news concerning the Redskins, Giants, and Cowboys. Your QB is one hit away from the IR

  20. cwt123:

    Bengal fan here with some info for you.

    Livings is a marginal run blocker and a TERRIBLE pass blocker. You will be hard pressed to find a Bengals fan who wanted to keep him. Addition by substraction for us. And the criticism is not because he’s gone. He’s terrible. Rucker, Fanene are gone too. Those were good, solid, players and difference makers.

    You and the rest of the Cowboys fans will learn to hate Livings, his ole blocking and false starts.

  21. Lifelong Cowboys fan here…….

    Can anyone give me some info. on this guy? I believe that he started every game for the past two years for the Bengals, but most Cincinnati fans seem to not like him.

    Depth signing…? But at that salary?

    Does he have potential?



    Bengals’ O-line coach Paul Alexander is well regarded and clearly liked this kid, which is why he’s been starting. Last year Evan Mathis — suddenly a hot commodity — rode the pine behind this guy. Alexander once referred to Livings as “nasty.”

    Bengals fans, on the other hand, don’t see anything special from this guy and are incensed he’s been in the starting lineup.

    Maybe it’s just massive potential that Alexander has seen from him, but he hasn’t seemed to put it all together quite yet. Who knows, maybe the change will do him good, as they say.

  22. the only team at the bottom of the nfc east are the eagles with there empty superbowl trophy case. the rest of the nfc are laughing at you!

  23. sorry skinsdag .

    mini-raged there a bit…thought u were an eagles fan.

    kinda makes it funnier that your getting your panties in a bunch over FA news- that about the only thing being a Redskins fan qualifies you for.

    you sound like a Steeler fan- always living in the past

  24. As a die hard Bengal fan going back to the days of Virgil Carter, I am not the least bit concerned about losing Nate Livings. The guy was a turnstile for the Bengals.

    The part that is pissing me off is that there were a number of talented people that the Bengals could have added to the fold that they didn’t even fly in. One can only wonder what Andy Dalton is thinking.

    My cats are going to have to build through the draft…..which…if you play back the pick of AJ Green last year, you’ll see a look of “Bleep my life!” look come over or All Pro rookie’s face.
    Yes, getting drafted by the Bengals is akin to being sent to a third world country without your wallet or any I.D.

    -JCioffi 1485….Cause 14 (Kenny Anderson)+ 85(Isaac Curtis) = 6

  25. You heard it right Cowboy fans, this guy is horrid.

    At first I thought he was inconsistent; then, I wanted him benched; then, I wanted him cut; then, finally, in 2010 he did usual “ole” move in allowing an opposing player to kill the QB, and the camera caught something that made me want this guy to not only get cut, but never see a field again: he smiled. A big, fat, crap-eating grin.

    That’s what you’re getting Cowboy fans.

  26. These Bengals fans think its so fun to rip off on the Cowboys for picking this guy up to be a BACKUP…let me repeat this, BENGALS FANS…

  27. True COWBOYS fan and I love the fact that we can be on others minds even when we have down years it’s really really flattering. Just to know that you guys can have us in your minds whether we are winning or losing. I really can’t wait to see what livings can do coming of the bench, he was really signed for depth!

  28. @kyleburt:

    Hey, some Cowboy fans were sincerely asking what to expect from this guy. That’s what to expect. Most of the posts are actually saying “thank you Jerry Jones”, so if you take that personally we can’t help you.

    Moreover, I don’t think anyone is seriously “ripping off” on the Cowboys, but we do think Jones and his staff are idiots to sign the guy… but to sign for $4 mill per as a *backup*? They should all be committed if that’s the plan.

    I doubt you’re right, though, because you can get a backup for peanuts.

  29. “These Bengals fans think its so fun to rip off on the Cowboys for picking this guy up to be a BACKUP”

    You dont give 19 million dollar 5 year deals to backup Olinemen …

  30. The good news for the Cowboy fans….they now have someone else to blame besides Romo…..

  31. If he was picked up to be a BACKUP as you say, then it’s even funnier. $19 M for a backup guard? If you’re expecting a savior on the offensive line we’re laughing at you. If you’re paying a guy 19M to be a backup, we’re laughing at you.

    The Bengals offensive line has been much maligned by Cincinnati fans since the loss of Richie Braham and Eric Steinbach. Lots of fans won’t know an average guard from a terrible one, it depends on how many times the announcers point out a guy getting beat. Teams will look at a lot more on tape and obviously this guy wasn’t terrible or no one would be paying him anything. That said, I think not many people here wanted him back and are hoping for some good guards in the draft.

  32. I should have stuck with football through college if being a back up guard (and not a good one at that) can net me 19 million.

    Get real. That is starter money or just horrid use of money

  33. Well, since Cincy has been dragging the bottom of Dallas’ barrell for years (Roy Williams, Pacman, T.O., Tank Johnson, etc.), we feel it is not right to take one off of your hands. And it gets better. Word on the street is you guys might be signing Terrance “torch” Newman. Good luck with that one. LMAO.

  34. Cowboys fans should look closely at the photo accompanying this story and get used to that look from Nate Livings. You will see it multiple times per game after Livings gets blown up, or jumps offsides on 3 & 1. The potential upside for the Cowboys is that you actually have RBs who can make somebody miss, so Livings might not look so horrid as he did when Ced Benson was running up his back two yards deep in the backfield.

  35. @skinsdag
    We’re not bashing the Cowboys, we’re expressing gratitude that they signed Livings. Would’ve thanked any other team in the league if they did the same.


  36. “According to, Livings has allowed only 3.5 sacks in the last two years. He was flagged for seven penalties in 2011 and only two in 2010. ”

    Why did so many of Cincy fans want him out. Looks like a good deal for the Boys.

    GM Jerry should get a pat on the back. it won’t happen.

  37. I have yet to see the bang-glebrains do anything right. I’m sure this will prove to be no different.

  38. Its funny seeing all the Cincy fans coming in here complaining about ALL the penalties and how Romo is going to get hurt very very badly due to this guy. heres a stat line I don’t mind seeing –

    “According to, Livings has allowed only 3.5 sacks in the last two years. He was flagged for seven penalties in 2011 and only two in 2010.”

    Complain all you want Cincy fans but from the sounds of your whining it was the facts are in black and white. Didn’t Andy Dalton have a stellar year while being protected by this guy? No? Hmm must have been a differeny Bengals team I kept seeing all those highlights from. K bye now.

  39. According to, Livings has allowed only 3.5 sacks in the last two years. He was flagged for seven penalties in 2011 and only two in 2010.

    If these stats are correct it is not as bad a signing as most posts suggest. Then again I have never seen him play.

  40. Not sure why a “skins fan” would be happy about us getting better. but then again you area Skins so seeing a team improve themselves is a pretty foreign thing to you.

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