Cowboys to cut Kyle Kosier

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Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas reports that the Cowboys have decided to release offensive guard Kyle Kosier.

The move will end Kosier’s six-year run in Dallas and save $1.55 million against the cap. The 33-year-old Kosier was due a base salary of $2.25 million.

The Cowboys plan to start newly acquired Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau at guard. Tyron Smith and Doug Free will be the tackles. Phil Costa is the incumbent center, though he’s likely ticketed for training camp competition.

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  1. Cowboys fan here…he made Tyron and Free better players when he was lined up next to them. Let’s hope the new guys can have a similar effect.

    Nothing but respect for Kyle Kosier in Dallas.

  2. When Kosier is out, you definitely notice his absence. I just think the injuries are starting to add up and they need for one of the younger guys to step up. Management won’t say it publicly but they are rebuilding. If we draft well and follow that up with another good off-season next year this team will be able to get some some post season wins.

  3. If we draft well and follow that up with another good off-season next year this team will be able to get some some post season wins.

    I think the emphasis should be on getting regular season wins first.

  4. I’m a Carolina panther fan and I’m am going to tell you know that Mackenzy Bernadeu is not the answer he couldn’t be beat out an undrafted free agent here he gave up sack after sack when ever he was in the game

  5. For all you Romo haters, trade him straight up for Alex Smith. SF will take Romo…nothing but respect for that Week 2 loss he handed the niners with broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

  6. The current projected starters due not make for a strong OL. Let’s just hope DeCastro is there when they pick. I don’t think he will be, so please keep shopping.

  7. Last year Laurant Robinson couldnt make the Chargers squad after camp, and we all saw how well he worked out. I’ll leave talent evaluations to talent evaluators.

  8. I am a Cowboy fan and love all the signings this year EXCEPT the two guards. WTF?!?! All one has to do is go to their last teams website message boards to see how these players were regarded. Both ex-teams hated these two guys. I hope new OL Coach Callahan knows what he is doing here…

  9. although I like alot of the moves management has made thus far, I must say this…… this starting offensive line, will not get it done….period. Bernadeau and Livings are not suited to be starters on a team with championship aspirations. Livings contract makes him a starter by default, but OG needs to be addressed in the draft or it will be another long year. My feeling is Jerruh addressed the positions of need via FA, so he can focus on what he really loves to do with the draft and that is take the best player available.

  10. The person writing this is making a huge assumption thy these two newly signed linemen are starting. I assur you that these two signings were strictly for depth purposes. These two will not be starting. Again author of this article was just making far reaching assumptions with no credible source for the comment. Should be written correctly and not as a personal assumption. That’s not journalism.

  11. Most of you guys seem to think the two guards won’t pan out. If these two are not that good…think about the jokes we had last year including Costa. Great value signings.

  12. The best O-lines in the NFL play at least 3 to 4 years together for unity and cohesion.

    JJ just doesn’t get the fact that if you keep making changes the O-line will never play with consistency

  13. Kosier is a great OG but he was hurt a lot in recent years. They should definitely get another solid guard though. I was hoping they’d get Grubbs as he’s probably better so it oh well.

  14. I think it’s incorrect to say that the 2 guards the Cowboys just signed are penciled in starters. They both will be lucky to make the team. Nate Livings has the best chance of starting butBernadeau will be a long shot to make the team. This team now has like 6 guards under contract and they will keep 4. Star-Telegram out of Dallas says that Dallas is hoping that DeCastro is there in the 1st.

  15. This is strickly about age and his nagging injuries. He had lots of great years in Dallas, and I wish him well. Also I wouldn’t guarantee the 2 new guys are GUARANTEED starting posistions. There is still Nagy, Arkin, Kowalski…not to mention the draft.

  16. After the 2 oline pick up letting Kosier go was a forgone conclusion. To the poster that mentioned that the players that where picked up where not well regarded. All I have to say is I looked up there stats, sacks allowed, penalties, and games played and they are as a good a quality as we had if not better. The other team complain about them only because they are going to the Cowboys. If Dallas signed Mario Williams, Calvin Johnson, Darell Revis, and Adrian Peterson, they would all say they are trash because they are going to the Cowboys.

    Also yes saving 1.55 million is of alot of significance especially if you are going after a possible back up TE. This article is absolutely assuming all these pick ups are our starters. It also doen’t take into consideration that Free and Tyron are switching sides this year, however I’m not sure how that might effect the starting line up.

  17. Dallas just had $5 million of their cap space unjustly stripped by the league.

    So that will indeed force them to do somethings to clear space.

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