Dolphins exit Peyton chase

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It should have been obvious when reports emerged on Thursday that the Dolphins plan to make an aggressive move for quarterback Matt Flynn.  Miami’s apathy toward Flynn has evaporated because the team knows that Peyton Manning wouldn’t be taking his talents to his South Beach condo.

On Thursday, Manning told the Dolphins they are out of the Peyton chase, according to Jeff Darlington of NFL Network.  (And, eventually, owner Stephen Ross will likely say the Dolphins “passed” on Peyton.)

The next team to go could be the Cardinals, who have to decide by 4:00 p.m. ET whether to cut quarterback Kevin Kolb or owe him a $7 million roster bonus as of Saturday.

So it indeed appears that the universe has reduced to two teams, the Titans and the Broncos.  Just as it was on the first Friday of 2011 free agency, when it appeared that either the Cowboys or the Jets would land cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

And then the Eagles swooped in and grabbed him.

Though there’s no reason to think another team will make a similar move now, it makes sense to at least be aware of the possibility that, say, the 49ers will finally realize that Peyton would push them over the top.

Until Manning or Alex Smith sign a contract, it can’t be completely ruled out.

25 responses to “Dolphins exit Peyton chase

  1. 36 years old, declining numbers and multiple neck surgeries. Wait till it drops to 30 below in October in denver. This guy and farce need to go off in the sunset

  2. Good go gut someone else’s roster by sucking up $20 mill in cap space. Flynn is a better fit, our D is better through FA and well positioned in draft. Dark horse in AFC east no matter what the talking heads say!

  3. That leaves the Cardinals and Broncos…and what is interestiig about that, aside from the 7 mil roster bonus is. The Cardinals went to the Super Bowl before with a veteran QB (Kurt Warner), and Peyton will have a true no. 1 (maybe the best in the game, other than Megatron) – Card fans, you may just be in this thing – dont know about the Niners, but that is a remote, remote possibility as well

  4. Lots of fins fans were boasting of the sure thing that was Manning to Miami. What’s your story now?


    Patriots (14-2)
    Bills (10-6)
    Jets (7-9)
    Dolphins (6-10)

  5. Blessing in disguise. Miami needs to develop a QB not shoot for a guy who wouldn’t give them the time of day. The team (minus Ross) deserves better and with a dedicated QB they will be a force they showed it at the end of last season.

  6. As of right now, the 9ers are $18 mil under the cap and are looking for more pieces than 1 QB.

    Pay-me-a-ton wants phat cake so it will never happen. The 9ers FO isn’t going to mortgage the franchise’s future on a guy who wants tons of money and control and won’t throw for anybody (or will on his terms only).

    9ers have passed already and will continue to do so and it’s the right thing to do. If Manning shows some arm strength and is cleared to play and will play for an incentive laden contract than that’s something to consider.

    Let him dictate terms to other franchises; I like the way the 9ers operate now and no one holds them hostage.

  7. No way the Niners sniff this. They will not gamble $18-$20M/year on a 36 year old QB with neck injury concerns.

    You bring in Manning, kiss your system good bye and woe be the day he goes down and the next guy in line can’t run the offense.

    Alex Smith, while improved but still un-sexy, is young and heading into his strongest offseason with a head coach who did wonders for him last year WITHOUT an offseason.

    Nope, the 49ers are patient and prudent and they know they’ll eventually need to replace Smith: when the right time comes.

  8. PS comment on the Niners – They can afford to be patient and bide their time because they have good coaching. They don’t need A1 talent to get A1 results.

  9. Stop with all this “another team will swoop in” stuff….yes, you want to be able to say “I told you so”.

    It’s like a bad conspiracy theory and it’s not going to happen.

  10. First: There has been nothing about this vetting process that suggests Manning could suddenly be had by another mystery team. It’s clear that at the very least a meeting would have to happen.

    Secondly: Asomugha and Manning’s situation couldn’t be more different in terms of team’s interested, age, and oh yeah…position played.

    Third: Thanks in advance for deleting this comment. Real classy joint you got here.

  11. rethinklogic says:
    Mar 16, 2012 11:09 AM
    36 years old, declining numbers and multiple neck surgeries. Wait till it drops to 30 below in October in denver. This guy and farce need to go off in the sunset.

    Denver rarely gets down to zero, and almost never drops below. Certainly not in October. Average game time temp in Denver in DECEMBER is 44 degrees. Denver is not a “cold-weather” city. Thank Buddha that Manning’s old buddy Todd Helton has lived here for quite some time and can clear up any such misconceptions for Manning. Brandon Stokley too.

  12. Rofl now it’s time to over pay for a guy that isn’t even half as good as the starter from last year alllllllllllll rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhttttt Miami

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