Dolphins had to enlist Marino just to get a meeting with Manning

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In another sign that Peyton Manning was never high on the Dolphins, a report out today says that Manning wasn’t even willing to talk to the Dolphins until one of his childhood heroes, Dan Marino, intervened on his old team’s behalf.

We noted last week that Marino said he didn’t plan to call Manning but that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross might ask Marino to make the call, and it turns out that’s exactly what happened: Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post reports that in the first few days after the Colts cut Manning, the Dolphins grew frustrated because they hadn’t reached Manning directly and hadn’t even been able to get his agent to agree to a meeting. That’s when they asked Marino to call Manning personally, and it was only after the two of them talked that Manning agreed to meet with the Dolphins on Monday.

Even when Manning agreed to that meeting, it was clear that Manning wasn’t as interested in the Dolphins as he was in the Broncos, Cardinals and Titans. With those teams, Manning went to the team facility and met with all the key players. With the Dolphins, Manning said they’d have to come to him in Indianapolis, and that only members of the coaching staff — not Ross, not G.M. Jeff Ireland — could attend.

Manning has long expressed admiration for Marino, saying he grew up loving to watch Marino play and still fashions himself after Marino as a passer. So it’s not surprising that when Marino called, Manning decided to do him the courtesy of giving the Dolphins the meeting that Marino requested.

But from all indications, the meeting wasn’t much more than a courtesy. It appears that the Dolphins were, at best, Manning’s fourth choice.

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  1. And somewhere in Seattle there is Matt Flynn who must be grinning from ear to ear…

    Can you say leverage?

  2. I would probably make a terrible football executive, because if I was trying to get a guy to come in for a meeting, and the guy didn’t want to, I wouldn’t keep trying. I’d tell him to screw off and keep his head on a swivel when my team comes to town next season.

  3. Can’t the commissioner step in and just take the team away from Stephen Ross. He’s such an embarrassment. It’s really hard to keep rooting for this team with such an imbecile for an owner. This must be what it feels like to be a Mets fan.

  4. Hilarious at all the so called “Dolphins” fans were flooding there boards chanting for Manning. Where were you guys the last 4 years? You were in the exact same place as all the Heat and now Marlins fans.

    You were cheering for somebody else. Checkmate.

  5. Manning needs to get this done. It was fun at first but now he’s entering a “Favre-esque” level of annoyance.

  6. And I thought the Bengals had a hard time getting players to want to play for them (*cough*Carson*cough*quitter). Dolphins are acting like a 40 year old woman desperate to get pregnant, but looks more like Sara Jessica Parker than J Lo.

  7. Classic con with Archie pulling the strings. You rebuff the suitor, making the deal seem even more desirable. He falls all over himself without even performing his due diligence. There’s a reason the Swamp Boy hasn’t thrown for anyone.

    My Latin teacher, Sister Dulcilia says “Cavaeat emptor”.

  8. Lol dolphins are getting desperate. This is what aso did to the jets last yr only to join a team no even mentioned to be a consideration

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..what happened Dolphin fans? I kept hearing from you how Manning was a lock to play in Miami? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….who in their right mind would want to play for that pathetic franchise.


    Go Pats.

  10. Meandering Manning can’t make a decision?
    The next coming of Brett Favre?
    He turned his nose up at quite a few teams…good thing they are putting an end to the bounty system!
    Flynn to the Dolphins all the Way!

  11. It’s only reaching a level of annoyance because of the media coverage. He needs to take the time to make sure he lands in the right spot. It does suck for the fans of those teams, but the management should be signing free agents either way.

    The Broncos should be doing everything possible to sign Dallas Clark and use him as a recruiting tool. Each team should be signing free agents to lure him to their team. I think the main reason it is hard for him to decide is the fact that even though each team will be better if he is in good shape, he still won’t have that familiarity with the offense.

  12. As the information was locked down, I seriously wondered why Marino and/or Shula weren’t recruited to help bring in Peyton.

    Given the fact that Dan has a Statue and a street named after him at Dolphin stadium, I am glad he was involved.

    Peyton or not I feel better that Dan will still go to bat for his old team even with Steve Ross at the helm.
    BTW: I have a hard time believing a 6 hour meeting a “courtesey”. That is a painfully long courtesey.

  13. Even though Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, and a few other celebs are just minority owners, imagine them bumping into Manning and telling him “You know you work for me, dont you?” EEEK! If I was Manning the only way I would sign is if I got to take home the dolphin Snowflake from Ace Ventura.

  14. I think a lot of us grew up wanting to be like Dan Marino. As a Hootie and the Blowfish fan, I was more than thrilled that he was in the music video for Only Wanna be with You. I was glad that Marino was also in Ace Ventura Pet Detective. I believe after the NFL caught wind of the Dolphins making Darius Rucker cry they decided there needed to be a franchise in Carolina.

  15. Give up, Steve Ross, you’re a joke to the NFL. Just move the team to LA to show everyone who is really in charge after you continually embarrass all Dolphin fans.

  16. clintonportisheadd says: Mar 16, 2012 9:25 AM

    And somewhere in Seattle there is Matt Flynn who must be grinning from ear to ear…

    Can you say leverage?

    – Can you say Matt Moore? T Jack? Flynns market is soft. I doubt he’s grinning from ear to ear having gone from potential starter $, to back up $.

  17. Are any of you surprised by this? Manning is a narcissist supreme, maybe he still has what it takes to be a great qb and maybe he doesn’t, but either way I wouldn’t want him with his “I’m above everyone else ” attitude…go ahead all you manning lovers and blast me now, but deep down you see it too.

  18. Nobody that is a somebody wants to be a part of the Dolphins organization.

    I pity all Fins fans!

  19. When you have an owner like Stephen Ross and a general manager like Jeff Ireland, there’s not a lot to love about the organization. Sorry, Dolphins fans, but treating your coaching staff like crap and then setting them up for failure does not bode well in the NFL.

  20. Not suprising, like I’ve said Manning is not coming, that much is obvious.

    Thank god for Marino, at least we were able to make an attempt.

  21. I know this sounds like sour grapes but it’s not. I’m quite thankful that Manning has saved the Dolphins organization from acquiring another short term stop gap player. manning was only good (IF he’s healthy enough) for another 3-4 yrs. I’m excited about Flynn as he’s young, familiar with Philbin, ready to play a West Coast style, and excited to be a starter long term.

  22. This is shocking to me!

    I’ve been reading a lot of comments on here from people in Miami about how much Manning wanted to go there, and how he was a lock.

    I always thought that Miami was a front-running, terrible sports town. I guess Peyton knows it too. After all, he has a condo there.

  23. Was this the same report that stated Harbaugh was the new HC for the Dolphins last year?

    I just read a report that stated Manning will be going to New England to replace Brady and Brady will be a Dolphin by Monday.

    Yep, that’s right. And it was a report so it must be true.

  24. Peyton is the man. Balls in his court. He can do whatever he wants and he deserves to do so. Miami is garbage, even more so w/out B. Marshall.

  25. To some Dolphin fans this is great news. Some of us have been calling for Matt Flynn knowing he would become a free agent.

    Not to take ANYTHING away from a future HOF but Manning was not the answer in Miami. He would have been a band aid to a deep wound.

    Just like Fischer choosing the Rams was a blessing in disguise Manning not choosing to sign with the Dolphins is a blessing in disguise (as long as Miami walks away with Flynn.)

    If you look at the three teams that are left in the Manning hunt they are 3 teams in horrible divisions. Does anyone honestly think Manning wanted to go up against Brady twice a year?

    He is making a smart move because his career is coming to an end and Brady is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  26. At least they got after it. Good try. Nothing ventured is nothing gained. At least they got a meeting which is better than the other hopefuls who didnt even get a sniff. Thank you to Dan Jeff Joe and Mr Ross for having the nads and making the effort to try.

    Time now to install Philbins offense and the players that can make it go.

  27. If the Phins can sign Flynn it would be their BEST move. Manning never was a good fit for the Dolphins, this was a QB at the end of his career, injured and desperately looking for a team with all the soldiers ready to go needing only the Field General to take them there. The Phins never where that team. I think the combination of Philbin and Flynn would be a perfect fit for the Phins. Mr. Ross needs to be a bit patient and let the system work. Philbin will make the Dolphins significant again.

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